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by Martin Evening

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Book for Digital Photographers (Voices That Matter). Inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2008, Martin Evening is an internationally renowned photographer.

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Book for Digital Photographers (Voices That Matter). Working principally on studio-based beauty photography, Martin uses Photoshop to retouch or manipulate to some degree nearly every image he produces. This regular everyday experience with the software has enabled him to gain extensive specialist knowledge of Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop . for Photographers bridges the differences and illustrates the connections between traditional, hands-on, chemically intensive photographic processing and manipulation and its computer-based alternative

Adobe Photoshop . for Photographers bridges the differences and illustrates the connections between traditional, hands-on, chemically intensive photographic processing and manipulation and its computer-based alternative. With its graphically rich examples and detailed diagrams of Photoshop . 's user interface, this book will easily transition users with an eye for images into the digital methodology. Adobe Photoshop . for Photographers makes no assumptions about the reader's level of proficiency with the popular software.

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Book for Digital Photographers (Voices That Matter)Paperback.

Adobe Photoshop 5. 0 For Photographers book. Adobe Photoshop for Photographers is a practical working manual designed to meet the needs of photographers. It begins with an introduction to working with digital images: from color management to file compression, proofing and output issues. Subsequent chapters act as practical tutorial sessions, leading the reader through a range of techniques that will enable him/her to get the best results from the software.

Martin Evening is a UK-based photographer and also th. .

Renowned Photographer and Photoshop hall-of-famer, Martin Evening returns with his comprehensive. nal spine . 6875" the Adobe®Photoshop® book for digital photographers. Adobe Master Class: Advanced Compositing in Adobe Photoshop CC: Bringing the Impossible to Reality. The Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® CC Book for Digital Photographers. 95 MB·4,597 Downloads.

In this acclaimed reference work, Martin covers everything from the core aspects of working in Photoshop to advanced techniques for professional results.

Photo Techniques "Martin Evenings 554 page Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers, offers outstanding information, techniques, examples from the author's professional photo assignments, and includes a CD with tutorials. It includes practical techniques, step-by-step tutorials, and is illustrated throughout with high-quality images, including real-life assignments.

Learn how to get the most from Philip Andrews, best-selling author, renowned photographer, Adobe Photoshop Elements Ambassador, professional photographer, accomplished teacher, best-selling international author, and alpha tester for Adobe. This book gives you everything you need to feel like a digital pro in no time at al. -Richard Coencas, Photoshop Elements Quality Engineer Lead, Adobe Systems "With Philip as your guide, you'll be using Elements like a pro and making great images in no time.

Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for Photographers has become a classic reference source written to deal directly with the needs of photographers. Whether you are an accomplished user or are just starting out, this book contains a wealth of practical advice, hints and tips to help you achieve professional looking results. The book begins with an introduction to working with digital images, providing essential information on everything from file compression to proofing and output issues. Practical workshops show you how to master the essential techniques, such as adjusting brightness, colour and contrast, toning a black and white image, advanced retouching techniques, adding filters and so on. Each technique is described in step by step detail, showing exactly which command to use, whether you're working with a Mac or PC.The book comes with a free tutorial CD-ROM with full multimedia walkthrough movies of the techniques described in the book. A unique interactive filter section allows you to try out the effects of different filters - saving you hours of time. Free tryout software includes a digital watermarking system that helps protect your images.If you are just beginning to work with digital images or are looking for new ideas, the best techniques and ways to improve the quality of your work - this is the book for you!Martin Evening is a professional photographer who has been working with digital images and Photoshop for many years. He works mainly in studio based beauty photography for PR and direct clients. The use of the computer has played a significant role in Martin's work, with nearly everything being retouched or manipluated in Photoshop. This is a regular everyday experience and one which has enabled him to gain an extensive, specialist knowledge of Photoshop.Martin writes regularly about digital imaging for leading photographic and computer magazines. He has presented seminars on Photoshop techniques in the UK and United States and acts as a digital imaging consultant for design and photographic studios. He is a founding member of the Digital Imaging Group, London and is co-listowner of the Prodig mailing list - a Photoshop discussion list on the web. practical techniques show how to master the essential functions: adjusting brightness, colour and contrast, advanced retouching techniques, toning a black and white image, adding filters etc.comes with a free tutorial CD-ROM with walk-through multimedia presentations of techniques described in the bookillustrated with stunning colour images throughout, including real-life assignments from leading professionals
This is the first book I've seen that is about Photoshop specifically from the photographer's point of view. I found this a great attraction in buying the book.
The book has a lot of information which I have found in no other place. The sections on color management in Photoshop are especially important and relevant. The sections on photographic image manipulation are well done and useful.
I would recommend the book to photographers who are serious about digital imaging, manipulation, and printing.
However, I do have some complaints about the book which annoyed me, and also may "put some others off". It is for these reasons that I think that this is not a "5-star" book.
1. The job of editing the book is poor. Not a small amount of the English used is oral-jargon, and as such, is much more difficult to read than it would have been to hear. It makes the reading quite confusing in places. The editors should have picked these usages up and corrected them.
2. Though the reporductions of dialog boxes, etc., are of good quality, many of them are reproduced in such a size as to make reading the contents very difficult. The effective type size in some of these boxes is less than about 6 pt. These illustrations needed to be much larger.
3. A lot of the magic process of digital imaging is done -- needs to be done, and should be done -- at the scanner level. Doing the same sorts of corrections in Photoshop is much less effective. The author (understandably; this is a book on Photoshop) gives scanning short shrift. In my opinion, he should not have done so.
4. Similarly, the issue of printing from Photoshop to ink-jet, sublimation, etc., printers is also given short shrift. The bias of the book is printing through bureaux. This is understandable, but the current stampede direction of users is in the direction of inexpensive, high-quality desktop printers, making this a serious omission.
I am finding this book to be extremely helpful. I have no idea what a previous reviewer was referring to as "oral jargon" but the use of "English" English can trip up American readers once in a while. The book does tend to be terse, I have had to re-read sections to truly understand what the author meant. Trying to use this book without a copy of Photoshop at hand to test techniques for yourself is a bad idea.
The illustrations are small but extremely clear and very readable. These small illustrations are usually limited to low-density information such as sample dialog boxes. The photographic examples are produced very well.
The emphasis is on using Photoshop to get photos ready for reproduction. As the author clearly states several times, correctly, very few people will ever see the original transparency or negative. They will see a print, a magazine, a calendar, etc. There is a short section on scanners but it is not complete. But then, I didn't buy the book hoping to learn about scanning techniques.
The emphasis on service bureaus is extremely relevant, even for amateurs such as myself who have no intention of getting into the business. Many of the techniques and considerations required for getting a digital file ready for a magazine are the same as printing to an Epson at home. Also, most serious amateurs will not be happy with limiting themselves to home ink-jet output. They will find themselves sending digital files off to service bureaus for vastly improved results. I'd rather know how to optimize a file for a Lightjet 5000 myself than rely on the personal tastes of the machine's operator.
All in all, a good job.
This is a GREAT book. I've read a lot of Photoshop books about levels and curves, but this was the first book to show me how to actually use them to color correct scanned images. The other books tell you how the levels and curves work, but this book showed my how to use them to evaluate an image and then correct the image. This is also the first book that really taught me how to use the measure tool to automatically rotate an image to a level position. It's full of tips like that. I keep a pile of my most frequently used reference books next to my computer, and this is the one that's usually on the top of the pile. This is not a photoshop beginners book, but I use tips from this book all the time on all of my images.
Firstly, Martin Evening is a Photoshop wizard. Unfortunately he has difficulty conveying his knowledge. Reading this book is a bit like listening to an expert mumbling away to himself about his field of expertise. You have to strain to glean the information, but it is there nevertheless. Furthermore, he has assumed an odd starting position of the reader. He assumes you have years of experience with commercial printing, and that you are familiar with older versions of Photoshop. He wastes too much space explaining how things used to work in previous versions. This book will not teach you Photoshop. Learn Photoshop (read the Adobe manual), become a power user, and then read this book (a few times to make sense of it).
I think this book is a wonderful overview of not only Photoshop techniques which directly apply to a photographer, but also a lot of information about the scanning,saving, and printing process. It makes the world of Digital Graphics real for a photographer. I recommend this book to photographers out there who are getting started with the digital processes. It clears the smoke.
I got this as a gift for my husband who has used it every time he works on pictures.
Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for Photographers ebook
Martin Evening
Photography & Video
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Focal Press (September 15, 1998)
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