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by Sidney Kirkpatrick

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A Cast of Killers (Hardcover). Published June 30th 1986 by Dutton Books. Published December 31st 1987 by G. K. Hall & Company. Large Print, Hardcover, 323 pages. Author(s): Sidney D.

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Despite an intensive investigation, no killer was ever found, although the cast of suspects was impressive indeed. What Vidor discovered was so explosive, he never revealed the identity of the killer.

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hardcover with dust jacket
The Sinners from Mitar
First off, the reason I gave this book two stars is because half way through this book, the author makes it perfectly clear based on one short (and very spurious sounding) conversation Vidor had and alot of his own convoluted conjecture that William Desmond Taylor was a child molester who would send his servant out to go procure young boys for him to sleep with. To me it is very upsetting and to accuse a William Desmond Taylor who had been dead 40 years at that point of when this book was written who has no opportunity to defend himself and charge him with such a horrendous crime of being a pedophile based on conclusions that mostly were cooked up in Vidor's head.

From what I have read and accounts by Taylor's contemporaries Taylor was known to be a very upstanding, caring, generous and cultured individual who cared sometimes more for the interests of others (such as Mabel Normand with her drug habit) then he did for himself.

I am going to say that I enjoyed reading this book. As a detective novel/piece of fiction, I think it's a great bit of writing and does hold the reader on the edge of his/her seat. That being said,the more and more I read this book, the less I took it seriously. I had done a nice bit of research before reading this novel so I had a lot of background info going in, reading through things stuck out to me which did not seem "quite right."

One of the major problems I had was all the conversations Vidor had with the people he interviewed presented in novel like diolouge, to get this kind of detail, Kirkpatrick would have actually to have recordings Vidor made during these interviews, which he did not which can only lead me to believe these conversations were in part the imagination of the writer.

There are other inconsistencies which, about 170 of which are documented on the highly credible Taylorology Website, I read this after I read the book and it cleared up a lot of doubts I had.

The two stars were given because Vidor and Kirkpatrick in writing this book seemed to be on a mission to prove that William Desmond Taylor was gay, despite him being married, engaged and deeply in love and caring a lot about Mabel Normand and possibly Mary Miles Minter. I guess we will really never know what his orietation is, but to just assume he was gay based on such flimsy speculation is not right.
The book is a one sitting read; it holds your attention from start to finish
and as you blaze through it you constantly anticipate what the next character is going to divulge. As a lifelong movie buff I found the conversations between Vidor and those who had been there and done that absolutely fascinating. And that is the problem. At times it reads like a Chandler novel and I was left wondering how the author constructed the book. Did he take Vidor's papers and take license to put words in the mouths of those interviewed or did he write verbatim from the notes? Other reviewers have noted there are no citations or bibliography and I find this unsettling as well. I would love to see an addition to the book showing examples of Vidor's papers and an explanation by the author as to how he went about putting it together. I, for one, have no
doubt about the conclusions drawn: the lawsuits filed by Shelby, Minter, and especially Minter's sister Margaret,
are public record. The next edition should include testimony from those proceedings with proper citations
for all the author's sources. Quite simply, I loved the book as it gives us an insight into an American
art form that has all but vanished from our consciousness.
Centering on one of the all-time most notorious and until now unsolved murders in Hollywood history (the 1922 killing of William Desmond Taylor), this book is a page turner. I could not put it down! Based on a true story of how the great director, King Vidor who knew Taylor and other principal players involved in the Desmond case (most notably Mabel Normand and Mary Miles Minter) decides to solve the case and turn the infamous case into a film in the 1960's---40 years after the murder. The likable aging Vidor along with his old paramour and current business partner Colleen Moore set out to answer the question, "Who killed William Desmond Taylor?"
Little do they know that even 40 years after the fact there are still many people including a ruthless and powerful District Attorney along with old school L.A.P.D., famous silent stars and others who do not want that question answered!
King Vidor eventually finds himself caught in a web of intrigue dating back 40 years which includes not only murder, but false identities, the gay seen in early Hollywood, blackmail, obsession, and more...
This true to life mystery had me on the edge of my seat. Look for the scene where Vidor locates the once beautiful Mary Miles Mintner living all alone (or is she?) His visit to her 40 years after the murder is CHILLING!!! Mystery fans are in for a wild ride and film buffs will love this book...
I had read about this case in Hollywood Babylon. But I am now taking a night class about silent movies. The teacher recommended this book but would not reveal King Vidor's conclusions. I have been riveted to this book ever since I started reading it. Great book!
The book is a great read. Even if you don't know anything about Taylor and early Hollywood, this book is fascinating. It's a who-done-it, as well as why- and how-done-it. The people are really interesting and the story moves at a good clip.

Totally readable.

Kirkpatrick has updated the old edition, correcting errors and incorporating new info. Even if you read the first edition, it's worth your while to read this updated edition.

I wish he had more photos, but that's my only criticism.
Cast of Killers (G K Hall Large Print Book Series) ebook
Sidney Kirkpatrick
Arts & Literature
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