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Making a Miracle book. Hunter Tylo has one of the most fascinating and tragic lives, and she writes all about it in this very very honest autobiography. She is not afraid to make herself sound bad in this book, and that makes for a very juicy and ultimately uplifting book.

In Making A Miracle, Tylo goes beyond the glamour of stardom and celebrity to bring you the honest, touching story of a woman whose grace and class are an inspiration to us al. Pages displayed by permission of Simon and Schuster.

Hunter is known as an advocate for working mothers.

Hunter Tylo (born Deborah Jo Hunter, July 3, 1962) is an American actress, author and former model. She is best known for her role as Taylor Hayes (1990–2002, 2004, 2005–13, 2014, 2018–) on The Bold and the Beautiful. Tylo was born Deborah Jo Hunter. Tylo was born Deborah Jo Hunter in Fort Worth, Texas, the daughter of Jo Anne and Morris Jabez Hunter. She is of Cherokee Native American descent on her mother's side. She has an older brother Jay, who died August 29, 2018, and a younger brother named Cliff

Actress Hunter Tylo, who portrays Taylor Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful has released an autobiography titled, Making A Miracle. Fans will understand who actress Hunter Tylo really is after reading this book. It’s a must have for all die hard fans! Tylo was born in Fort Worth, Texas.

Actress Hunter Tylo, who portrays Taylor Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful has released an autobiography titled, Making A Miracle. The book gives the reader an intimate look at her experience with life, love and fame. She originally joined the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful in 1990, and has been on and off since then. Her most recent return to the show was in 2005. Currently she is at the center of a major storyline in which she hit and killed her sister-in-law with a car (after she had been drinking).

Biography and booking information for Hunter Tylo, Renowned Soap Opera Actress and Child Activist. Contact All American Speakers Bureau to inquire about speaking fees and availability, and book the best keynote speaker for your next event. Starred in ABC's "All My Children" (1985-1987) and CBS's "The Bold and The Beautiful" (1990-2002); Was the Pantene Girl, Cover Girl, and Lux Girl during her modeling career; Author of autobiography, Making a Miracle, which rose to No. 35 on the New York Times Best-Sellers List; Founder and president of non-profit organization Hunter's Chosen. Child; Twice named one of People magazine’s "50 Most Beautiful People".

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Twice chosen for People magazine's "The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World" feature, and widely hailed as the most captivating actress on daytime television, Hunter Tylo may seem untouchable, a star out of our orbit. Nothing, as she reveals in this candid autobiography, could be further from the truth. This is the story of a down-to-earth woman -- mother, wife, and friend -- whose grace and class in the face of extraordinary challenges are an inspiration. Meet the real Hunter Tylo and get to know a remarkable person. As Dr. Taylor Hayes, the sexy psychiatrist of CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful -- seen by 350 million daily viewers worldwide -- Hunter brings to life a complex character whose "compassion can sometimes turn to passion, " as the actress describes her; it is this quality that exemplifies Hunter's life as well: she has emerged as a woman whose understated strength turns obstacles into triumphs. Here at last, Hunter tells the complete story of her successful court battle against the producers of Melrose Place, who had fired her before she appeared in a single episode because she became pregnant. But Hunter's motherhood odyssey has taken dramatic twists more heart-wrenching than any television drama. For the first time, Hunter tells the story of her infant daughter Katya's rare eye cancer -- and how her deeply rooted Christian faith has seen her through the ordeal. With honesty and without pretension, Hunter Tylo also takes chances in Making A Miracle -- by revealing much that her millions of fans do not yet know, including a personal crisis that left her to make a choice no woman should have to make. Reading these candid revelations, you may come to see Hunter Tylo in a new light -- and perhaps understand more of who she is and what forces motivate her every day. Beyond the glamour of stardom and celebrity, Making A Miracle is a story about motherhood; for Hunter Tylo, it is the role of a lifetime.
I am a fan of The Bold and The Beautiful and enjoy the talented Hunter Tylo. When I first learned that she was writing a book about her lawsuit against Aaron Spelling and her daughter's eye surgery, I was intrigued. The book was originally written in the mid 90's and includes many scenes of her life in the soap world and the marriage of her (now divorced from) husband, Michael Tylo. Since the publication of her book, Ms. Tylo suffered the worst heartbreak ever, the death of her beloved son. She is still working at BB and her storyline is growing stronger daily. Ms. Tylo is a kind person whose strength of God continues to help her through the years.
For relevance's sake: the only thing tying this book to anything current is that she was apparently best friends with Kimberlin Brown, aka, one of the speakers of the 2016 Republican National Convention endorsing Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential Candidate. That's as far as it is relevant to anyone in the 21st century.

As for the stories within, Hunter Tylo was, as of the late 1990s when this book was written, an actress who acts like an impetus teenager, complete with bad boyfriends, horrible decision making, and horrible friends. She was already one divorce and one kid in when she met the apparently hot-tempered Michael Tylo, but instead of steering clear, she embarked on a 20-ish year marriage with this guy. Every fight is met with alcohol and threats of divorce; she details the money they wasted with every aborted divorce filing. It really does seem like they were trying to put their lawyers' kids through college. Every time they made up, she wanted another kid. Even when she details cheating on him in India with a married actor there, she describes trying to adopt a kid there! Michael Tylo was apparently no saint in the fidelity department, either, and kept indulging her whims to keep having more kids, two of them after she cheated. I'm not even going to go into the descriptions of wasted money on real estate due to their on-again-off-again marriage, or bad career moves.

The selling point was, in the 1990s when this book was published, twofold. One was suing Spelling Productions for firing her when she was pregnant. The other, as it was presented to her Christian fans, was her conversion to Christianity. Let me save you the purchase price: She won the lawsuit against Aaron Spelling, mostly because his own production people were so stupid, they made allowances for other actresses' pregnancies after they let Tylo go. And her supposed Christianity ends up being just another whim, with her using her daughter's cancer as an object lesson on faith, rather than her own spiritual journey or enlightenment.

To be honest, I was so angry by the time I finished this book, I considered applying here for a refund. But it's not the seller's fault that Hunter Tylo is a bad human being.

However, I completely believe it when I see it's "by Hunter Tylo". A proper ghostwriter wouldn't have written such a poorly produced book. My head hurts just thinking about this book.
A very interesting read about Hunter's contract with Spelling Productions and how her pregnancy became a legal battle of her continuing to work or not on her Soap
Arabella V.
This book is the inspirational story of Bold and the Beautiful star Hunter Tylo, once classed as being amongst the most 50 beautiful women in the world. Unfortunately plastic surgery has changed that. She tells of her early life and her struggles at dealing with the "STAR" system in hollywood and of her legal case with Spelling Productions which she won. It also details her daughters fight with eye cancer and the amazing outcome which she attributes to her profound religious beliefs. An interesting and moving biography.
I have just read Hunter Tylo's book, and I applaud her for her direct and honest storytelling. I was Supervising Producer on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL during the time all those harrowing incidents took place. I remember them well. It takes great courage for a person to confront his or her own trials and tribulations. It takes even greater courage to share them with the public. Hunter has done that effectively in this book, and I applaud her effort.
It was a sad story of how she abused her husband. She is evil!
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