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by Paul F. Boller

Presidential Anecdotes. Some of the stories are spurious, as the book makes clear, but most of them have a solid basis in fact.

Presidential Anecdotes. Boller provides a sketch of each president, depicting his personality, temperament, life style, and central vision, and then goes on to tell stories about them that throw further light on their characters and personalities.

Boller has an uncanny instinct for finding stories that are fresh, offbeat, revealing and very funny-in short, all the stories that you should have heard in your college history course but didn't. -Dallas Morning News.

Presidential Anecdotes book. This is a collection of humorous stories about .

Format Paperback 468 pages.

This is a collection of humorous stories about . Presidents throughout history

This is a collection of humorous stories about . Good, but not quite as good as "Congressional anecdotes". Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 13 years ago. And that's through no fault of Boller's. First, with Congress, Boller had tens of thousands of MCs and their anecdotes from which to choose. This is a book of anecdotes about the forty-one Presidents of the United States, commencing with that aristocratic Virginian, George Washington, and ending with that amiable Arkansan, Bill Clinton. Presidential Anecdotes. By Paul F. Boller Jr. No cover image. Some of the anecdotes are dramatic in nature and a few are rather poignant. Most, however, are on the light side.

Xvi, 451 pages ; 22 cm. From the story of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree to Bill Clinton winging a speech to Congress, from Abraham Lincoln's homely tales to Ronald Reagan's one-liners. From the story of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree to Bill Clinton winging a speech to Congress, from Abraham Lincoln's homely tales to Ronald Reagan's one-liners, Presidential Anecdotes contains an abundance of stories about America's presidents. Arranged chronologically, the stories are based on passages appearing in autobiographies, letters, journals, and reminiscences of the presidents and their families, friends, and associates. Beyond their wisdom, skill, and statesmanship, presidents are also famous for their tendency to show off horrendous manners, procrastinate on world affairs, say nonsensical things, and get into wild scandals. Clearly, being onstage all the time has its challenges and nothing proves it better than these delightful anecdotes, abridged from the critically acclaimed compendium by Oxford University.

Author:Boller, Paul F. Book Binding:Hardback. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. Read full description. Presidential Anecdotes by Paul F. Boller (Hardback, 1981). Pre-owned: lowest price.

Gathers interesting and humorous stories about American presidents from Washington to Reagan and shows little-known aspects of each one's personality
Glad to get this updated edition; the earlier version literally fell apart, I read it so much. The updated stories were good to read, and it pulls no punches when it comes to history. This book is the reason John Quincy Adams became my favorite President; one of the few things Mr. Clinton and I agreed on. That aside, this book still makes me laugh, and it was good to see two more Presidents featured. Keep writing.
I certainly reccomend this book. I keep it on my coffee table because it is a fun "pick up and read" book. It shares the light hearted and funny storys regarding our nations leaders.
Great fun meeting the presidents as real people.
Hidden Winter
From George Washington to Bill Clinton, Presidential Anecdotes takes a more light-hearted view of the men to have been President of the United States. In this book, you will not find a serious or scholarly look at American history and how Presidents have had their effect on it. Instead, the book is filled with stories that say more about a President's personality. We learn about how Abraham Lincoln was probably the funniest and wittiest President or the surprisingly interesting Calvin Coolidge and his dead-pan, but hilarious, witticisms. Most of the stories and anecdotes are meant to be funny or just plain interesting.

I would recommend this book to those with an interest in U.S. Presidents.
Fun book. Good reading for smallest room in house. Great for trivia and party stories.
I got this updated version because I liked the older one. Found it to be interesting reading
Gift was welcomed.
Paul Boller's book tells funny stories about the Presidents of the United States from George Washington to Bill Clinton. Some stories show a president's quick wit and command of the situation. Others reveal presidential slips of tongue or of judgment. Most are funny, some are corny, and a small number just don't work. Judge for yourself.

My two favorite short shorts:

A reporter on Air Force One asks John F. Kennedy what would happen if the plane crashed. JFK answers: "Two things. First, tomorrow your name would be in the paper. Second, it would be in very small print."

In the middle of a debate over teenage birth control in California (when Reagan was the governor), a state senator charged "Illegitimate births to teen-aged mothers have increased alarmingly while Reagan has been in office." Reagan: "Thanks very much... I have never felt so young and virile."

This book is funny and a good invitation to learn about our presidents to anyone in the Jay Leno generation, who get most of their news secondhand from late-night comedians. The chapter of anecdotes for each president begins with an overview of the president's life and the major events of his administration. These summaries offer background that some readers will need to understand the anecdotes. And they are useful history lessons in their own right.

I first encountered an older edition in a used book store. But I recommend the most recent version for your Kindle or iPhone. The short anecdotes are the right format for interruptible DC metro reading. And without the most current version you would not read the humor of Bill Clinton's chapter. Not to be missed.
Presidential Anecdotes ebook
Paul F. Boller
Leaders & Notable People
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Oxford University Press (September 10, 1981)
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