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by Robin Moore

It is followed by the 1975 book The Set Up (also known as The Set Up: The Shocking Aftermath to the French Connection).

The book in good condition with some damage. The used good books may have notes and highlight sentences on pages from previous use. But still in readable condition and perfect working. May include 'From the library of' labels.

A book of this grade is generally well kept and is in good shape to read and store. Sturdy spine, all pages intact physically. French Connection, The: The World's Most Crucial Narcotics Investigation.

The French Connection book. the french connection" is basicly a blow-by-blow description of a police investigation of the heroin trade that took place in the early 70's. it reads like a police report

The French Connection book. With a new introduction by the author  . it reads like a police report. books aren't supposed to be written like a police report, they're supposed to be INTERESTING, not TEDIOUS.

Moore, Robin, 1925-2008. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by loader-ElisaR on February 8, 2010.

Ernest Tidyman (screenplay by), Robin Moore (based on the book by.

The French Connection (book). For other uses, see The French Connection (disambiguation). The French Connection. It is followed by the book The Setup. The book was adapted to film in 1971 as The French Connection, written by Ernest Tidyman and directed by William Friedkin.

Robin Moore is the bestselling author of The French Connection and The Hunt for Bin Laden, as well as more than thirty other novels and nonfiction books. He is the only civilian ever to go through the Special Forces Qualification ( Q ) course. Библиографические данные. The Green Berets: The Amazing Story of the U. S. Army's Elite Special Forces Unit.

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1970(May), Bantam Books; Mass Market Paperback Edition, 5th Printing; Not movie tie-in, perhaps the last printing before the movie was released.
The movie was basically a standard 1970's cookie-cutter police-based action flick. The book showed the 1962 case as it actually was. No car chase, no shootouts, just plain vanilla police work and how it was done.

The actual story had two police partners on their day off at the Copacabana club in New York City, and they happen to notice a customer there getting paid large sums by known local gangsters. They follow the man to learn he runs a small eating establishment. Also, they learn of a "heroin panic" in the city where supplies are drying up. They put two and two together and investigate this man further, and learn of a possible shipment of heroin coming to the city.

It is a standard police procedural, where luck is a factor but most of it is basic hard work. Elements from this book do find their way into the movie-the umbrella handle used to trick a policeman into leaving a subway car, several people from France being involved-including a French television star, and an automobile making its way from outside the USA being accidentally found by the police.

This is no actioner, but very interesting history.
Engaging tale about Eddie 'Popeye' Egan and Sonny Grosso as they are at The Copacabana in NYC in the Fall of 1961 when they see a guy by the name of Patsy Fuca spreading $ around with hard looking fellows. They wonder who he is and what is going on so they decide to follow him and see where he goes.

Turns out he owns a diner, they wonder how he could generate that kind of $ with a little shop. Following some information gathering they are able to get a wire tap and begin to listen in on Patsy. There is a hospital actoss the street from his diner so they watch him from there and visit his shop to eat and see what is going on. One time they even pose as a UPS driver so they get to see his house.

They end up in a bit of a chase that turns up a 1960 Buick Invicta that has Canada plates. They are baffled by that.

They continue to watch him and learn that there is supposed to be a big heroin shipment from Paris to New York. A French TV host is going to bring over his 1960 Buick and it has 112 pounds of heroin stuffed into its fender wells, it seems that the way the car is assembled that there is a lot of space within the frame and fenders. The street value of the heroin is $32 million It is the biggest ever attempted.

With much tracking, which eventually gets tiresome to read, they are able to figure out what all is happening. Ther are some maps at the front of the book to help.

They are able to capture the baddies and locate the heroin. But they realize that there is more, so they go on a stakeout with wild results. Eddie wonders if he should sell the junk back to the mob for a million $ and be set for life.

When it is time to go to court they learn that a hit man has been hired to go after them and so they get protection. An engaging read. I do not know what the picture on the front represents as there was no mention of gun play in the story. It mentions they have girl friends in passing. Swearing throughout.
I have a friend who visited NYC once, then came back and talked about all the different places he went, what subway stops he used, which direction he turned to cross an intersection, etc. It was one of the most boring conversations I've ever experienced. That's what a lot of this book is like.

The story is very good, but it gets bogged down by having to read hundreds of pages about who is standing on what side of the street, which street they headed down next, the side street that met up with this other street, and how that street was tricky because then it went to a totally different street. It got so boring. That must be why they had a car chase in the movie - that way you could see all of these important streets, but in a really fast way.

Gene Hackman was good in it, though. (The movie. He's not in the book.)
I haven't even finished half of this book and now I am ready to review it. What a fantastic detective story. I dont live in NYC and wouldn't want to either but I can almost sense what it would be like. The author gives great geographical descriptions and also intense character descriptions which is what makes this book/story to me a good read. I literally lost interest in other things and read this book cover to cover without stopping. Try to find a hardbound edition because this is a story you will want to read over and over.
Book could have been written in fifteen pages if it left out every exact street the suspects turned on for a period of months.
French Connection ebook
Robin Moore
True Crime
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