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by Lowell Cauffiel

Lowell Cauffiel is an American true crime author, novelist, and TV producer.

Lowell Cauffiel is an American true crime author, novelist, and TV producer. A native of Michigan, he was an award-winning reporter with the Detroit News and Detroit Monthly Magazine during the 1970s and 1980s. Cauffiel began his book-writing career in 1988 with Masquerade: A True Story of Seduction, Compulsion and Murder. That title and the 1997 New York Times bestseller House of Secrets have appeared on numerous critics’ lists of the best works in American true crime. In 2002, Cauffiel began writing and producing crime documentaries. Cauffiel is a surfer and motorcyclist.

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House Of Secrets book. The writing was excellent. Author Lowell Cauffiel did a very good job transporting the reader into the sick world of the Sexton family. My heart goes out to these innocent children whose lives were ruined by their parents. If you like true crime, this is a book for you.

Lowell Cauffiel's unsparing non-fiction thriller reveals a house of horrors Eddie Lee Sexton thought no one would ever see. Now updated, it shows how Sexton's sick genius ultimately dodged justice, and investigates the tragic aftermath of his victimized family. An odyssey into American pathology. -Publishers Weekly Cauffiel knows how to dramatize true crime. -Elmore Leonard Warning! Contains 16 pages of graphic photos. Nonfiction Thriller & Crime.

Kensington Publishing Corporation, 5 нояб. House of Secrets is probably the most twisted true crime book I've ever read. It's just such a sad case. It's even sadder when you realize that the social workers, police officers, and lawyers had.

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Eddie Lee Sexton is evil incarnate. Like Charles Manson, he exercised a cult-like mind control over others who did his dirty work. With terrifying detail, Cauffiel takes readers into a shocking world of abuse, incest, and family murder-a world ruled by psychopath Lee Sexton whose ability to manipulate his children produced one of the most sensational cases in true crime history.

House of Secrets" is a story of tragedy and dark horrors

House of Secrets" is a story of tragedy and dark horrors.

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Offers a disturbing look at the life of Eddie Lee Sexton, who convinced his daughter to suffocate her infant, had his son kill the baby's father, and committed other heinous crimes, such as physical and sexual abuse, extortion, incest, and more, and examines his wife's role in the insanity, violence, and evil. 50,000 first printing.
This book had one main drawback for this reader - the details!!! While I agreed details are necessary for the plot of the book but unfortunately the author goes on and on and on. I feel this book would rate five stars if the author would have condensed it in length. But enough said about the length, let's go over the book material itself. The story was interesting and disturbing at times, to read. To think this man and his wife could raise twelve children with such a twisted outlook on life, the beatings the children endured, not to even mention, the sexual abuse! It kept me reading on and on, but I confess I did 'skip read' a few pages now and then and was still able to understand the plot and circumstances taking place. The murders and sexual abuse was difficult to read, to think a father would 'marry' his own daughters and have children with them and also encourage them to murder some of the babies. Well like I said it is a difficult book and between us, there are a lot more true crime books that rate five stars, perhaps one should look into those first before tackling this book!
This was an unimaginable book of incest and control. It was an extremely huge family of decadent crime among themselves and marrying a gentle slow soul to cover an incestuous pregnancy and birth and then kill him without thought or mercy. The father, the main perpetrator, was a cruel and sick man and his wife was not much better. So sad that the victim did not get the justice I felt he deserved. The story itself was somewhat hard to follow due to the sheer number of the children in the family, their names and knick names made, and the different towns, places, and indecent act perpetrated by them all. But you still felt you had to continue to the end. I would recommend this book for those who try to understand the human mind and why a person chooses to do such things.
This is one of the most disturbing true crime books I have read. I found the beginning mildly confusing with all the different names. Later on, the mix of all the proper names and nicknames would occasionally lose me, along with the mix of geographical areas, fosters, extended family and law/social services personnel. What a tangle of stories for the authorities to try to weave their way through! To know this is on-going due to the vast physical, social and emotional trauma of the children and adults involved, is nothing short of a true-life horror story. I felt the author covered this story as well as anyone could. If you are looking for "fun" reading, this is not for you. I thought of quitting about 25% of the way in, but glad I stuck it out. From an educational standpoint, it was almost beyond what I was looking for, though (psychology). Be warned, there are some graphic black and white photos of crime scenes included.
definitely not for the faint of heart. This is a subject everyone must be, in some way, acquainted with...we know it happens but it's certainly uncomfortable conversation, so most avoid the topic for obvious reasons. The depth of depravity in this household, through no fault of the children, is unthinkable and so far from normal it's even difficult to discuss in a book review. Very well written, horrible can't help but feel sorrow for its victims.
Entertaining and informational. There were a great number of victims in this story, although only two or three that were actually innocent. And that number might be higher if other infant bodies are discovered.
I have no problem believing the depraved crimes were actually committed by (and to) this family. Toward the end I felt mentally and emotionally fatigued. Almost to a point of numbness.
I appreciate the staggering amount of research and assembly the author performed. But I don't feel this is a story I can stomach more than once.
I spent as much time reading the story of these monsters on the true crime sites on the internet as I did the book itself. Some complained a bit that this book was too detailed, but I disagree. The author covered this subject thoroughly throughout the book and it was needed to fully understand the evil of these folks. It scares me to think that this is just one family among many doing the same things. It's a wake up call for ordinary neighbors to pay attention and let someone know when things do not look good. For all of that the authorities were well aware that bad things were happening to the kids but were restrained by the laws of the State of Ohio and the child protective services as well as having to contend and failing to get the children to tell them what was happening.
After viewing a program on the Sexton family and hearing Mr. Cauffiel discuss this story I decided to learn more. I was both sickened and riveted by this book. I was also deeply moved by the compassion in which Mr. Cauffiel writes, reminiscent of Ann Rule. You are focused on the victims which are so often lost in true crime stories...not so here. The people who worked this case are Angels, courage beyond my understanding. The children, grandchildren, son in law....anyone abused by BOTH the Sextons are now in my prayers every night. God Bless those poor victims...and Mr. Cauffiel for bring this story to life.
House of Secrets ebook
Lowell Cauffiel
True Crime
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