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Vigilance: A Defence of British Liberty ebook

by Ashley Mote

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Ultimately, it is about British liberty. The book also paints a vivid picture of the thriving, wealthy, confident and outward-looking Britain that will quickly emerge from the ruins of the EU disaster. The EU issue is of monumental proportions. Ultimately, it is about British liberty.

This led to his book Vigilance - A Defence of British Liberty. Recently Ashley Mote has written two pamphlets, thousands of which have been circulated all over the world. Vigilance is one of the fastest-selling books about the EU ever published. His second political book, OverCrowded Britain is about the UK's immigration crisis, and was published in 2003. was published in 2007, and We Want Our Country Back at the end of 2008

Signed by the author. and We Want Our Country Back. Download Vigilance: A Defence of British Liberty by Ashley Mote free.

Signed by the author. Vigilance: A Defence of British Liberty by Ashley Mote fb2 DOWNLOAD FREE. Ashley Wood’s Art Of Metal Gear Solid. The Forest Where Ashley Lives.

Vigilance : A Defence of British Liberty. By (author) Ashley Mote. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. ISBN13:9780954012403. Release Date:March 2001.

Vigilance: A Defence of British Liberty - by Ashley Mote. On Liberty - by John Stuart Mill. It is the most complete and authoritative treatise ever produced on Laetrile. OverCrowded Britain: Our Immigration Crisis Exposed - by Ashley Mote. The Road to Serfdom (Routledge Classics) - by . Watermelons: How the Environmentalis ts are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing Your Children's Future - by James Delingpole. It explains the theory by which Laetrile is believed to work. Case histories are included. I also recommend this video.

His books have included Vigilance - A Defence of British Liberty (2001) about the European Union, and .

His books have included Vigilance - A Defence of British Liberty (2001) about the European Union, and OverCrowded Britain: Our Immigration Crisis.

"Signed by the author. Bonus - two free pamphlets by Ashley Mote with each order - J'Accuse...! and We Want Our Country Back."

I became aware of the book from a website I visited.
I ordered it and it arrived within seven days from Great Britain to Ohio in the United States
It interested me because I 've read some and know some of the European . Union and know that whatever effects Mr. Ashley Mote feels Europe is going through good or bad is a future warning to North American contient because we will be next and to know the effects of what is happening in Europe may be a forwarning for American continent when they try to promote the unification of North American continent. which is a known part of the One World plan.
Mr. Mote is interesting to read as it is not a technical book, but should be as interesting to read as watching a program on a television or listening to someone explain the European Union effects of the European union on what will eventually happen to the whole world.
Ashley Mote, in this passionately written book, makes a very persuasive case against our staying in the EU. He addresses themes - democracy and sovereignty - that our trade unions should take up. We can learn from writers on the EU like Mote, Christopher Booker and Lindsay Jenkins, though of course they could learn a lot from us in the labour movement about economic and industrial reality!
Workers' patriotism and democratic self-government are not abstract notions. As Mote observes, if we lose sovereignty, we will lose our North Sea oil: the Maastricht Treaty's Preamble 8, Title 2, described our oil as a `shared resource'. (SNP please note!) Already, the Government unpatriotically backs foreign firms at the expense of British industry, as when the Ministry of Defence ordered army uniforms from a German firm.
Mote asks how democratic the EU is. In the European Parliament, absentee MEPs are counted as having voted for the resolution. This practice encourages these overpaid gentlemen to do even less for their lolly. Members of Europol, the EU police force, are above the law: the Amsterdam Treaty's Article 8 makes them `immune from legal process of any kind for acts performed ... in the exercise of their official functions'. The same Treaty referred to `bringing about the legal termination of the independence, sovereignty and right to self-government for all time'.
But surely we gain economically from our EU membership? Strangely, no British Government has ever done a cost/benefit analysis; however the Institute of Directors estimates that it costs us £15 billion net a year. If we chose to join the euro, it would cost us £36 billion, £650 each. The Bank of England says that then staying in the euro would cost us another £9 billion a year. As for the future, we could be lumbered with paying for the unfunded pension liabilities of EU countries: Delors said, "EMU means, for instance, that the EU recognises the debts of all countries in EMU."
Interestingly, Switzerland, not a member, but trading with the EU, has Europe's lowest unemployment and highest wages.
Vigilance: A Defence of British Liberty ebook
Ashley Mote
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Tanner Publishing (April 7, 2001)
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