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Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training ebook

by Karen Pryor

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Don't Shoot the Dog! book.

Karen Pryors Don't Shoot the Dog is more about the concept of training anything. I found it very interesting and well written, with lots of real life situations. It has made things much clearer for me and helped me already with some issues for training my Spaniel. Deep down inside I have always thought there is 'better' ways to train (. reinforce the behavior you want - not reprimand the behaviour you don't want) but have always been 'talked into' conventional training. This book has given me confidence to follow my original thoughts.

DON'T SHOOT THE DOG Karen Pryor To my mother, Sally Ondeck; my stepmother, Ricky Wylie; and Winifred Sturley, my teacher and friend

DON'T SHOOT THE DOG Karen Pryor To my mother, Sally Ondeck; my stepmother, Ricky Wylie; and Winifred Sturley, my teacher and friend. Parlor games for trainers. Notes on killer whales, Nim Chimpsky Zen, Gregory Bateson, the Brearley School, why cats get stuck in trees, and how to train a chicken.

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Karen Pryor has been a pioneer. don't shoot the dog! A Bantam Book, Published. by arrangement with Simon.

Digitized by the Internet Archive. Don't Shoot the Dog! "Pry or explains. Karen Pryor has been a pioneer. anyone who wants to be more effective in rearing children, teaching, or managing his or her own behavior will find her book very useful. A wealth of relevant anecdotes. Pryor's treatment of ten situations by each of eight methods is a perfect. illustration of behavior modification.

He has tested these concepts with 200.

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Karen Pryor's clear and entertaining explanation of behavioral training methods made Don't Shoot the Dog! a bestselling classic. A groundbreaking behavioral scientist and dynamic animal trainer, Karen Pryor is a powerful proponent of the principles and practical uses of positive reinforcement in teaching new behaviors.

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"Whatever the task, whether keeping a  four-year-old quiet in public, housebreaking a puppy,  coaching a team, or memorizing a poem, it will go  fast, and better, and be more fun, if you know how  to use reinforcement."--Karen  Pryor.Now Karen Pryor clearly explains the  underlying principles of behavioral training and through  numerous fascinating examples reveals how this art  can be applied to virtually any common situation.  And best of all, she tells how to do it without  yelling threats, force, punishment, guilt trips--or  shooting the dog. 8 methods for putting an end to  all kinds of undesirable behavior. The 10 laws of  "shaping" behavior--for results without strain  or pain through "affection training."  How to combat your own addictions to alcohol,  drugs, cigarettes, overheating or whatever, how to deal  with such difficult problems as a moody spouse, an  impossible teen, or an aged parent. Plus. .  .House training the dog, improving your tennis game,  keeping the cat off the table, and much more!
As a professional zoo animal trainer, I have given and recommended this book to dozens of people. In the zoo community we train animals with this method of operant conditioning, which is more ethical and effective than the traditional training that the vast majority of dog and horse trainers use. This book is one of the gold standards. It is very easy to read and understand, and covers a lot of ground. It does delve into some of the quirks and harder parts of animal training, but in an accessible way. It also provides examples of training a behavior using different methods. For anyone wanting to train their pets, or understand a positive reinforcement system of training for animals or even humans, this is a must-read.
My friend who's a police & service dog trainer recommended this & Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson to me after I told her I'm getting my first dog. I'm glad I read this book before I read Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson! Karen Pryor did an excellent job explaining learning theory & behaviorism to a complete novice like me. I even started applying some of her ideas in my daily life in trying not to be so hard on myself when I'm sucking at sports.

I would highly recommend this to everyone, not just dog people.
I bought as I heard it applies to humans as well, and parts do, but this book is mostly for training dogs. I wish people could be clicker trained! That said, it is full of wisdom and interesting stories, and if you want to train a dog, it is even better. I am sure I will use it when I get my next dog but I bought for working with people. One thing she writes that I immediately adopted was to praise people as soon as they do good, just as you would a dog. I used to wait and tell them, or send a nice email, or even a snail mail note. Now I know it is most impactful and will grow more good behavior if expressed immediately.
Here's what I knew about this book: Pryor originally wrote it as a self-help book, but partly because of the title and partly because of Pryor's reputation, it exploded in animal behavior and training circles. Btw, Pryor is pretty much THE NAME in clicker training. So, of course I had to read it.

Love it! It's not as explanatory as Donaldson's "The Culture Clash," but it's a great how-to novel. I read this book and am now clicker training my dog, my horse and my betta fish. All are doing fabulously.
This is the third time I've ordered this book... I have one at home, one at work,... and the rest I keep giving away. One friend read it in her graduate cognitive behavioral therapy coursework, another during her PhD for clinical psychology, another in an upper level seminar during psychiatry residency. Karen Pryor puts it rather directly -- aren't we all always trying to get other people (or ourselves) to do something, to act in a particular way? Pryor offers many compelling and accessible examples of how positive reinforcement is the most effective way to do this. Additionally, using positive reinforcement builds the relationship -- affection, love, connection -- pick your term -- rather than distance and resentment and hurt feelings that often happens when the older/former methods are used. So more than the five stars I have awarded above, I will continue to order copies to share around...
It is a quick easy read. I am using it to train my dog, my work colleagues and my kids because I tend to be a push over and typically get little compliance from others as a result. These techniques are effective without having to feel like you are being overly aggressive, selfish or inconsiderate.
It's so easy
A previous coworker recommended this book, among many others, when I was coming into my interest in canine behavior and training and it's definitely a worthwhile read, or reference book, for those interested in training anything, or anyone.

Karen Pryor created an easy to read book breaking down positive reinforcement training, as well as other types of training and how they can be applied not only to animals, but to the people around us, within our work and school environment and pretty much in our day to day life. She explains how positive reinforcement provides better results over alternative methods of training by making plenty of comparisons to punishment based training methods as well as negative reinforcement training methods. I loved the incorporation of her personal stories, and training sessions, in order to emphasis certain drawbacks to punishment, and specific benefits to positive reinforcement training.

There was plenty of material in this book that overlapped with the novice clicker training course that I had taken a month ago which it allowed me to breeze through some parts but enough new material to keep me engaged and actively reading till the end.

Overall, a worthwhile read for those interested in pursuing training of any kind (or are looking for healthier ways to improve the relationships in their lives).
Read Don't shoot the dog a couple a couple of times, then keep as a frequent reference. Also read Daisy's Gift by Claire Guest, and Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with The Science Dog by Linda p. Case (cover two dogs at end of pier). and download clickety Quick and clickety Dog apps to phone to become proficient BEFORE using a clicker on a real dog. Doing all this will result in super fast training, a tight bond and respect, and expand where you can go/travel with your pet.
Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training ebook
Karen Pryor
Management & Leadership
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