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by Mark Silveira

The problem is it's ordinary.

And How To Avoid It Like The Plague, by Mark Silveira online on Bookmate – The problem with most advertising isn't that it's bad. The problem is it's ordinary. And while it may be perfectly fine for many things to be ordinary, (after all, most things are), it's not okay for advertising. Some valuable insights into the semiotics of advertising communications, the role of new media, the impact of media killers such as DVRs and the like, and since no book on the subject of advertising would be complete without it, a very scrutinizing examination of that much talked about, but little understood concept: Branding.

Because only extraordinary advertising attracts attention, makes a firm connection with its audience and returns great value for the money spent on it.

book by Mark Silveira.

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Because only extraordinary advertising attracts enormous attention, makes a firm connection with its audience and returns a value far in excess of the amount invested in it. So why isn't more advertising extraordinary? It's not because clients don't want it, or because there's a shortage o. . So why isn't more advertising extraordinary? It's not because clients don't want it, or because there's a shortage of people who can do it. It's because too few people involved in the selection of advertising have had much training in how to do so. Which is precisely what this book is meant to provide

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For Cindy, Jamey, Rose and Bridget without whose love and encouragement I'd have never survived this business let alone had the chance to write about it.
Incredible book. Well written. Everybody in marketing should read it. Thanks.
Mark Silveira may seem not to say anything new but he definitely says it in an original and authentic way. Being a very keen observer the book contains many insights on the advertising industry and the creative process. A must read.
This book is for anyone in business who believes there is great value to be had from advertising that rises above the pack. The author claims to be speaking primarily to the "clients" of advertising agencies, but I think there's much of interest here to anyone involved in the process.
Having spent over two decades in the ad agency and television commercial production area, I strongly believe Silveira has identified many of the cardinal principles that underlie all extraordinary advertising and are applicable to virtually any product or service. And even better, he does so in a fashion that makes for both an enjoyable read and an illuminating journey. He makes it sound like the development of extraordinary advertising is actually fun (which it is) and not much harder than the development of the ordinary variety (which it isn't).
And he gets my nomination for what I call the "Mark Twain Succinctness Award"-"Anyone can have ideas-the difficulty is to express them without squandering a quire of paper on an idea that ought to be reduced to one glittering paragraph."
I heartily recommend it.
I teach advertising concepting and copywriting at a professional development and portfolio school, and this book has joined Luke Sullivan's "Hey Whipple, Squeeze This" on the list of "must read" books for my students. Mark Silveira has told the story about why safe advertising is dangerous in a succinct, persuasive, and masterfully written way. It's rare that you come across a business book that goes into the couldn't-put-it-down category, but this is one for certain. If you are involved in the creation of advertising, you'll get a lot out of this quick read. Then, don't be surprised if you order a case of them to send on to your clients.
It is a good book but has more of a "hindsight is 20/20" aspect to it. Hard to believe that a copywriter and creative director came up with such an ordinary title and book cover. The book itself falls apart physically in a couple months. I think it is one of the print-on-demand books. Get a digital version if you can.
If your firm is looking to hire an ad agency, it would be hugely beneficial to read this book. It will allow you to better understand how these agencies work and how to get your money's worth.

Besides that, however, the book doesn't accomplish its goal of making it any easier to spot extraordinary advertising. The stories Mr. Silveira tells are fun and help put some fizz in the book. There are, however, no rules - hard or easy - that can predict what succeeds and what fails.
I wish everyone in the business would read this book. Armed with Silveira's insight, creative people might well find it easier to sell their best work. And, given his gift for exposing the flaws inherent in so many widely accepted methods of evaluation, clients can see clearly the dangers of the so-called "safe route."
Ordinary Advertising ebook
Mark Silveira
Marketing & Sales
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