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by Donald E. Baack,Kenneth E. Clow

Integrated Marketing Advertising & Promotion .

Integrated Marketing Advertising & Promotion. Kenneth E. Clow I would like to dedicate my efforts and contributions to the book to my wife, Pam; children, Jessica, Daniel, and David; and grandchildren, Danielle, Rile, Andy, Emilee, Jason, Damon, and Tatum. Donald Baack To my parents, for teaching me to love learning; to my children, who give me the reason to pass it on; and to Elinor, who supports me always.

Kenneth E. Clow, Donald Baack. The book has plenty of examples and pictures of adverts to elaborately explain everything

Kenneth E. Examine advertising and promotions through the lens of integrated marketing communications. Dec 05, 2012 Lisa rated it it was amazing. Recommends it for: Marketing instructors and students. Recommended to Lisa by: Assigned reading for professional certificate course. The book has plenty of examples and pictures of adverts to elaborately explain everything. The chapters are also very well segmented for a beginner's guide.

Автор: Clow Kenneth . Baack Donald E. Название: Integrated .

This book includes many case examples drawn from major international campaigns to illustrate the power of advertising to portray brand & in terms that resonate with consumers across many cultures

Donald E. Baack is the author of Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and . See if your friends have read any of Donald E. Baack's books. Clow, Donald E. Baack.

See if your friends have read any of Donald E. Donald E. Baack’s Followers (3). Baack’s books.

The best way to teach integrated advertising, promotions, and marketing communication is with an integrated .

The best way to teach integrated advertising, promotions, and marketing communication is with an integrated teaching package. We wrote this book and created the supplements because we thought the current teaching and learning materials fall short of the integration that is paramount with this course. Teaching supplements sometimes work with the text the student has, which is progress. But what about the student?

Donald E Baack, Kenneth E Clow. Kenneth E Clow, Donald E Baack.

Donald E Baack, Kenneth E Clow. Donald E Baack, Kenneth E Clow. Join Chegg Study and get: Guided textbook solutions created by Chegg experts.

Summary Marketing Communication.

Integrated Advertising Promotion and Marketing Communications. Summary Marketing Communication. Samenvatting integrated advertising promotion and marketing communications college 1 t/m 10. 3. 14/15.

Books co-authored by Professor Clow include Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications . Donald Baack holds the rank of University Professor of management at Pittsburg (Kansas) State University, where he has taught since 1988.

Donald Baack holds the rank of University Professor of management at Pittsburg (Kansas) State University, where he has taught since 1988.

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Home . Details for: Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications . By: Clow, Kenneth E. Contributor(s): Baack, Donald. Subject(s): Advertising Communication in marketing BAEPS, Business Administration September2015 August2015DDC classification: 65. Tags from this library: No tags from this library for this title.

Provides a strong foundation in the basic principles of advertising and promotion and gives readers an integrated learning experience. It incorporates Internet exercises and a Building an IMC Campaign project, with free Advertising Plan Pro software in every copy.
This is a digest edition of the full textbook, so the fluff has been cut out for the sake of saving space and paper to make the core information cheaper to distribute and more affordable for students. The lessons to be learned are good and valuable, but it does seems weird to have black-and-white pictures of all of the advertising examples in the book. Also, there seems to be at least a handful of typos in each chapter: missing words, strange punctuation or a complete lack thereof, and incorrect word usage in a few places. This is unacceptable in a textbook.

So, buy this book with a grain of salt.
While not necessarily a fault of the seller, this book is way overpriced. It looks like someone made copies at Staples, punched holes for a 3 ring binder, and wrapped it in cellophane. The least the publisher could have done was to include a 3-ring binder.
interactive man
Let's be real - you're buying this for a class, it's a required text, you don't actually get a say in the quality.

That said, this is a mediocre marketing textbook at best. The content is pretty haphazardly organized, the examples aren't terribly relevant, and enough of the concepts are poorly explained that even our professor admitted it.

If you're okay with reading textbooks electronically I do recommend that, since the ebook version lets you search, bookmark, and highlight content, allowing you to quickly review specific concepts without having to flip through pages and potentially miss something.
"Economy Edition" translates into "We do not want to tell or show you it is really Indian Subcontinent version". Meaning it is intended for circulation in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Having said that, luckily for myself and I'm sure many others, I have not come across any important differences. Just unethical business practice of hiding that fact (will not state so before purchase, and upon arrival stickers were placed over publication's statements of it). Bought from LOW COST_FAST SHIP
I have enjoyed this book. In most cases I can skim the sections I know, skipping examples, and do well on the tests so it is very well structured. There are lots of excellent examples flushing out contents for the total newbie. A lot of thought went into the projects and case studies. If you are looking for a good overview of markting concepts and have a solid instructor to lead discussions about them, this is a great textbook.

That's the good.

The bad is that a number of examples are quite dated. For example, the book claims that Nintendo owns something like 82% of the video game market. How many years ago was this written and how would Sony and Mircrosoft respond? Intel's partnership with Gateway is mentioned in co-branding whereas the modern example would be Dell. Intel actually pays for 2/3 of Dell's advertising as part of the Intel Inside promotion.

Furthermore, the book makes no mention of Account Planning, and increasingly important field in advertising. One would think we still lived in 1992 when the Account Executive was asked to handle all strategic decicisions.

The book needs an overhaul in these ways but the essence is still very solid.
If you need to buy this textbook, buy it early, and make sure you get the CD. If you don't, send it back.
You probably don't have a choice about buying this--it's a required text. Good news, it's a good text and a worthy read for someone looking for an overview of marketing communications. You'll need some other business education to get through it easily.

The authors believe it's very important that businesses be allowed to market directly to 4-year-olds. So they're ruthless, MBA sharks. But they know their stuff and they know how to convey it.
This book had useful information, unfortunately it contains a lot of grammar and spelling errors. I feel as if this should have been corrected by the end the tenth edition, but there is no way to change this now.
Bought for class, hardly used.
Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications ebook
Donald E. Baack,Kenneth E. Clow
Marketing & Sales
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Prentice Hall; Har/Cdr edition (January 15, 2002)
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