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11 The Bottom of the World. Other Books by Kenneth Oppel.

11 The Bottom of the World. 13 The Dead Zoo. 14 The Vivarium. The storm boiled above the Indian ocean, a dark, bristling wall of cloud, blocking our passage west. We were still twenty miles off, but its high winds had been giving us a shake for the past half hour.

Kenneth Oppel is the author of Skybreaker and Airborn (winner of the Governor General’s Award), as well as the Silverwing Saga (Silverwing, Sunwing and Firewing), which has sold over one million copies worldwide and has won numerous prizes, including the Mr. Christie’s Book. Christie’s Book Award and the CLA Book of the Year for Children Award, as well as.

When you finish a book lickity-split, you know it's good. Kenneth's Oppel second instalment to his Matt Cruse series/trilogy was about him, Kate De Vries (and a few others) finding the elusive ship Hyperion (if only the publisher was of the same name lol), rumoured to hold great secrets and great rewards.

know of any good books that are like kenneth/keneth oppel's airborne and skybreaker? kenneth/keneth oppel is famous for the silverwing series, however, i love his books about airships and whatnot, so, im looking for books that are like that, and are good, im a very serious reader, and difficulty is no matter a. .show more know of any good books

Аудиокнига "Airborn", Kenneth Oppel. Читает David Kelly и Full Cast

Аудиокнига "Airborn", Kenneth Oppel. Читает David Kelly и Full Cast. Мгновенный доступ к вашим любимым книгам без обязательной ежемесячной платы. Слушайте книги через Интернет и в офлайн-режиме на устройствах Android, iOS, Chromecast, а также с помощью Google Ассистента. In a swashbuckling adventure reminiscent of Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson, Kenneth Oppel, author of the best-selling Silverwing trilogy, creates an imagined world in which the air is populated by transcontinental voyagers, pirates, and beings never before dreamed of by the humans who sail the skies. Listen to the next book: Skybreaker.

I was aware of the vast bulk of the Hyperion’s stern hurtling alongside me, but I was faster and soon had left it behind. Instinctively I spread my arms wide and my wings opened. Instinctively I spread my arms wide and my wings opened powerful cross brace within them snap into place and hold. Instantly my fall slowed-so drastically that the Hyperion’s wreckage came plunging down straight towards me. I had but seconds. I tilted my wings, angling my feet to swing my tail rudder, and banked sharply.

Airborn is a 2004 young adult novel by Kenneth Oppel. The novel is set in an alternate history where the airplane has not been invented, and instead, airships are the primary form of air transportation. Additionally, the world contains fictional animal species such as flying creatures, which live their entire lives in the sky. The book takes place aboard a transoceanic luxury passenger airship, the Aurora, and is told from the perspective of its cabin boy, Matt Cruse.

Narrated by David Kelly. High in the sky, far above the normal lanes of travel, drifts a ghost ship carrying unbelievable treasure

Narrated by David Kelly. High in the sky, far above the normal lanes of travel, drifts a ghost ship carrying unbelievable treasure. Matt Cruse is on the trail of th.

KENNETH OPPEL wrote his first novel at age fourteen and hasn’t looked back

KENNETH OPPEL wrote his first novel at age fourteen and hasn’t looked back. His books include the Silverwing series, which has sold over a million copies around the world; Airborn, winner of a Governor General’s Award and the Michael L. Printz Award; and his latest, Inkling, which the New York Times called astonishing. Ken Oppel lives with his family in Toronto. You can find him online at kennethoppel. ca and on Twitter at ethoppel. Библиографические данные.

Город: Toronto, OntarioПодписчиков: 4 ты. себе: Bestselling author of Silverwing Airbo. себе: Bestselling author of Silverwing Airborn Half Brother This Dark Endeavour The Nest The Boundless Every Hidden Thing Inkling Bloom

The control car of the giant airship is almost entirely encased in ice, the ship’sname barely visible on her tattered skin: Hyperion. Can this really be the legendarylost craft, now a frozen mausoleum to a ghostly crew and a vast treasure? At20,000 feet, aboard a decrepit training ship, Matt Cruse is almost unconsciousfrom the altitude, but of all the oxygen-starved crew, he alone remembers theHyperion’s coordinates—and suddenly everyone is after them. Kate de Vries,Matt’s rich, young lady friend, has her reasons. But what about the strange gypsygirl and the handsome captain? In an adventure that will test his courage, skilland heart, Matt is about to take off on the ride of his life. . . .

Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! Even better than the first! Sadly, I am a latecomer to this wonderful series by Kenneth Oppel. I found AIRBORN at the library, checked it out and couldn't put it down. I was hooked. And I just finished reading SKYBREAKER last night and man oh man! What a thrilling ride! It's like the Empire Strikes Back of the series! Better, more fleshed out story and characters. Simply breathtaking stuff! Although, I thought the ending could've been just a little better. It would've been nice to know Nadira's and Hal's reaction to the gold bricks found in the cargo hold on the orinthopter. Plus, I would much rather have seen a Matt/Nadira romance that lasted more than a few pages! Nadira is WAAAAAYYYY much more alluring and interesting than petulant and tiresome Kate. And a whole lot nicer! Oh well. Can't have everything.
Many people would probably call Kenneth Oppel's" Matt Cruse" series a steampunk tale, after all it has airships! But calling this series steampunk is doing it a disservice, while Oppel does borrow from modern steampunk, what starts to become apparent to me, with this the second book in series, is that what he has actually done is simply continue the "golden" era of pulps into the thirties and forties as if the first and second world wars had never happened. In a word, it is "Brilliant".

All three of these books read like any number of Edgar Rice Burrows tales and each one seems to me to fit a specific subgenre in early pulps, in book two, which is the one I qualify as the most "Action/Adventure "of the trilogy, Matt joins an expedition to the unheard of altitude of 30,000 feet to recover a lost luxury liner where he finds a cold airless wasteland and fantastical creatures of the unexplored heights! This series is just plain old fashion fun and I highly recommend it to everyone but most especially to anyone who grew up reading pulps or wants a glimpse back to what people imagined in a time when a great deal of our own planet was still one full of mysteries galore.
I loved Oppel's Airborn. I describe it as shades of Titanic (in the air) with a touch of Mysterious Island and Pirates of the Carribean thrown in. In this sequel, Oppel takes us back to the world of graceful hydrium ships and into a search for gold.

As a Paris Airship Academy cadet, Matt Cruse is serving on a rust bucket freighter when the crew sights a long-vanished phantom ship, the Hyperion. Like the Flying Dutchmen of shiplore; the Hyperion is more rumor than fact. The ship is at an unreachable altitude but Matt's captain is foolishly determined to capture it. As the crew falls victim to the crushing altitude, Matt is able to save their lives by disobeying a direct order from his captain.

Back in Paris after this episode Matt is wondering if he has a future at the Academy or with the lovely Kate de Vries. Kate wants to prepare an expedition to find the Hyperion though she is more interested in scientific discoveries than the legendary treasure.

Matt alone knows the the ship's last position and others want his knowledge. Should he let the dream of wealth overtake him and join in the hunt for the Hyperion or should he plug away at his studies and forget the whole thing?

Like treasure hunters searching for Spanish galleons at impossible ocean depths, the team will have to break the sky in their quest. A beautiful gypsy girl, a privateer with questionable motives, a prim governess, brilliant Kate and brave but confused Matt make up the party and are in for the flight of their lives.

As Kate suspects, there are other lethal creatures in the sky besides cloud cats. The other presence in the story is the Captain Nemo/Howard Hughes-type eccentric who built the Hyperion so many years ago. Is his spirit ready to part with the secrets of the ghost ship?

Horation Hornblower meets Jules Verne -- this is a cracking read. I hope Oppel will visit this world again. His fascination with bats continues by the way.
Book arrived earlier than expected and in good condition.
The book itself is one of my all time favorites! Kenneth Oppel knows how to pull you into his world and you're right there with Matt and company soaring high above the earth. Crafted for all ages to enjoy in a magnificent tale that will be sure to keep you on your toes. Started reading it out to my friends on a long car ride and got them hooked. This is one book I know I will keep coming back to. So many beloved characters and adventure around every corner.
Skybreaker is my favorite of his trilogy (that might be due to the fact I picked this one up first, not knowing there was a first).
I would highly recommend this book to anyone!! Please go read it for yourself and don't take my word for it :)
I was so eager to get to SKYBREAKER after AIRBORN I ordered it from the bookstore, started it and five hours later was done. I couldn't put it down. After AIRBORN I had no idea what else could happen to Matt and Kate, but Oppell continues to surprise and astound you with his vivid imagination and talent to bring his story to life. As I read about their adventures in obtaining a mystical, ghost-like air-ship in the sky, I felt as if I was seeing the movie in my head. His attention to detail and ability to bring the characters to life leave you wanting more. You also find yourself cheering on Matt and Kate, and a few other new characters, as they try to obtain what everyone else has failed at...the elusive HYPERION. Now, I'm am anxiously awaiting a 3rd book! This second book was just as good as the first, similar to Harry Potter in nature this book will appeal to all kinds of adults and children. I would recommend reading AIRBORN before reading this one to get the full background on our hero, Matt Cruse!
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