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by Janeen Mason,Geoff Swinney

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by Geoff Swinney & illustrated by Janeen Mason. While the rather advanced vocabulary and biology that Swinney delves into mark this as a book for older readers, younger ones can certainly enjoy both the illustrations and the occasional factoid. Mason’s artwork is both painstakingly detailed and realistically colored, even down to the muting effect that water has on colors. Few books come close to this one’s inclusiveness. A list of questions at the end serves cleverly as an index.

Personal Name: Swinney, Geoff. Personal Name: Mason, Janeen I. Rubrics: Fishes Miscellanea. Download now Fish facts by Geoff Swinney ; illustrated by Janeen Mason. Download PDF book format. Download DOC book format.

Geoff Swinney, Janeen Mason.

It is hard to fault the facts presented. some of the material will. Geoff Swinney, Janeen Mason. It is hard to fault the facts presented. some of the material will appeal even to the hardened fish biologist. Journal of Fish Biology.

Author of Fish facts, Partying in the Museum, Fish facts. Partying in the Museum

Author of Fish facts, Partying in the Museum, Fish facts. Partying in the Museum.

Author and artist Janeen Mason's colorful work has appeared in zoos and museums nationwide

Author and artist Janeen Mason's colorful work has appeared in zoos and museums nationwide. She is the author and illustrator of Pelican's Gift of the Magpie, Ocean Commotion: Sea Turtles, and Ocean Commotion: Life on the Reef and illustrator of Pelican's Fish Facts; Kissimmee Pete and the Hurricane; Kissimmee Pete, Cracker Cow Hunter; The Pirate, Pink; Pirate Pink and Treasures of the Reef; and The World's Greatest Explorer. Janeen Mason's work has appeared in art galleries, on puzzles and clay tiles, and as fine-art prints. She is a member of the Florida Council on Arts and Culture and the Children's Book Council.

Janet Fish (born May 18, 1938) is a contemporary American realist artist. She paints still life paintings, some of light bouncing off reflective surfaces, such as plastic wrap containing solid objects and empty or partially filled glassware. DC Moore Gallery in New York City represents Janet Fish. Janet Isobel Fish was born on May 18, 1938 in Boston, Massachusetts, and was raised in Bermuda, where her family moved when she was ten years old. She came from a very artistic family

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Find nearly any book by Geoff Swinney. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Fish Facts: ISBN 9781589809086 (978-1-589808-6) Hardcover, Pelican Publishing, 2011. Founded in 1997, BookFinder. Learn More at LibraryThing. Geoff Swinney at LibraryThing.

Geoff Swinney of National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh. Through a case study approach those acts of assembling, juxtaposing and exhibiting collections of objects, which constitute the western museum, are analysed as artistic processes which produce the museum as a form of ‘public art’

This book is an entertaining guide for children to fish of all shapes, sizes, and habits. It provides all the basic information on classes, orders, and genera of fish as well as their breeding, feeding, and mating habits. This vibrantly illustrated book is a great addition to any classroom and gift for anyone who wants to learn about the creatures that inhabit much of our world.

This was a gift for my grandson who loves fish. I never got any feedback, but I'm sure he'll pick it up and look at it at some point.
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First, a confession...I am a fish enthusiast. In fact, I've had "pet" fish all my life and at one point, had over 50 fish tanks, raised and even showed (yes, I took my little fishies to fish shows) Betta splendens (most people know them as "Siamese Fighting Fish"). I even won some trophies with my home-raised fish. So I am a fish geek, which is why I was so happy to receive a review copy of Fish Facts.

Fish Facts is a bright and colorful book that is absolutely teeming with facts about both fresh and salt-water fish. It's a veritable smorgasbord of information on everything and anything "fishy" and is a real treat for the young fish enthusiast. The author, a research curator of lower vertebrates and mollusca for the National Museums of Scotland, obviously has a deep love for the creatures of the sea and presents page after page of facts in an interesting and engaging way.

The young reader will first read a brief overview of the various types of fish, from the tiny, tiny, less than 10mm, Goby to the enormous 59 foot whale shark (accompanied by drawings of the Goby on the tip of a human finger and the whale shark swimming next to a diver to help the young reader visualize the difference). Next up are various fish topics - the role of fins, food for fish, male or female - and a page or two of information on each subject.

Fish Facts answers such questions as what is a fish, what is not a fish (is a dolphin a fish? what about an octopus?), to reproduction and if some fish really fly. The book also addresses some topics many people have likely pondered such as do fish drink and how deep down in the sea do fish go? At the back of the book are two pages where all these questions are listed, in alphabetical order, along with the corresponding page number where the answer is given.

Toward the back of the book are several pages that break down the classifications of fish and what is unique about each one. With its abundance of information and kid-friendly presentation, this book is perfect for the student working on a fish-related research project. Finally, no review of Fish Facts would be complete without mention of the wonderful illustrations. The drawings are vibrant and accurate and truly add a measure of delight that draws the eye to each and every page.
Fish Facts ebook
Janeen Mason,Geoff Swinney
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