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Ashleigh's Farewell (Thoroughbred Series #17) ebook

by Joanna Campbell

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Ashleigh's Farewell book.

Thoroughbred is a series of young-adult novels that revolves around Kentucky Thoroughbred racing and equestrianism.

She also wrote Battlecry Forever! and Star of Shadowbrook Farm, which were released as part of the "Ashleigh's Book Collection" series.

1996) (Book 17 in the Thoroughbred series) A novel by Karen Bentley and Joanna Campbell. Genre: Young Adult Fiction. Used availability for Joanna Campbell's Ashleigh's Farewell. October 1996 : USA Library Binding.

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Cindy Burke and her family search for a new jockey for their thoroughbred horse, Glory, as he faces the biggest race of his career. Original.
What a great book. I loved this book, but I thought it was really stupid that Ashliegh gave the Townsends half interest in Glory.
It was better than Glory In Danger, I'll give it that. However, there are little things in these books that just irk me. Firstly, what is with the vanning? Why on earth someone would van a horse with a injured leg halfway across the country I will never know. In the real world there are equine clinics in New York who take care of that sort of stuff there, for the sole purpose of not transporting the horse back to Lexington. Vanning an injured horse will only make the situation worse. Everyone knows that, I don't know why the author didn't get it. Secondly, why was Ashleigh even risking working Glory if she was pregnant? A fall could've resulted in losing the baby. She talked about the risk of working the horses while pregnant, well, she just risked it. Then, there is Cindy and Glory and the whole mess about who's going to ride him. Never have I seen any racehorse so picky about who is on his back. Plus, once they find Felipe, exactly why was Glory so taken with him and not the others? It was just, oh, by the way, Felipe is Glory's jockey now. No mention as to what was ever going on. Of course, then there's Cindy. It's tiring just thinking about her. If she could be more of a brat focused on winning and promoting how phenomenal her gray horse is I'd be surprised, but then again I've read Glory's Rival. The only thing that reminds one of the older Thoroughbred books is the Townsends and their sudden half-interest in Glory. Overall, this book was entertaining enough, but you can see how the plots are being stripped down to one common theme: a girl, a superhorse, one trivial problem, and a big shimmering trophy.
The Cindy and second generation eventing portions of the series were dark days for Thoroughbred. The plots have since switched back to racing and the newest few books have been exceptional. Just as we thought there was hope for the Thoroughbred series to be restored to its former glory Harper Collins has decided to end the series abruptly after #72. With such a dedicated following and online fan base with members from all over the world, this is a classic and beloved series that has inspired many people and provided horse fans with vicarious thrills and adventure. Ashleigh saved Wonder, now it's up to you to help save Thoroughbred. [...]
What can I say? The story kind of doesn't make sence. Like, if Ashleigh was pregnant, why did she ride Glory one day, fall off then suddenly not ride? My my mom was pregnant with me, she ride till she was 8 months along! Like come on!
Another thing about this book is that Glory feaks out with all the other riders. Sure, when I broke my arm and some of my friends rode my horse, he had to get used to there differnt(sp?) riding style, but gallop around and toss them this way and Never.
This book bearly got any stars from me, but I'll be nice cause I like Cindy and Glory *Sometimes*
Well, It was okay.. There was just one thing I don't get and this is it... In A Christmas Mirical Ashliegh has a baby... right? They don't mention Cindy at all! Now she's going to have another baby... and Cindys there!
i got excited too about Ashleigh's baby, but guess what it never comes. The books skip 10 years and the baby is never mentioned again. What is the point of this book if its not followed through. PUH-LEASE!
In Ashleighs Farewell, March To Glorys racing career is getting better by the second. He wins race after race after race nonstop. Watching Glory and his jockey Ashleigh Griffen run under Whitebrook colors puts pride and joy in Cindy heart. Whitebrook is a large thoroughbred training and breeding farm. Ashleigh griffen and her husband Mike Reese own Whitebrook farm and produced many winning thoroughbreds. Ashleigh Griffen is one of the best jockeys in the country. Winning races on Glory makes it even better. But durning a workout, Ashleigh falls off Glory but she and Mike where smiling. Then she tells everyone that she is pregnate. But that could only mean one thing, Ashleigh cant ride Glory in his races. Ashleigh has decided to quit riding for a while and help coach Cindy and the other excerise riders. But when Ashleigh puts up a new rider, Glory wont perform. In his next race, Glory loses his very first race by a neck. Cindy knows Glory wont perform well for any body but Ashleigh and her. But Cindy is too young to be a jockey. But when the Breeders Cup Classics a few weeks away and Glory entered in it, who will ride? Find out if Glory and his new rider wins or Glory falls back. Or email me at [email protected]
Ashleigh's Farewell (Thoroughbred Series #17) ebook
Joanna Campbell
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HarperCollins (September 12, 1996)
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