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Elliot Digs for Treasure (An Elliot Moose Story) ebook

by Andrea Beck

Elliot Digs for Treasure book. Elliot discovers a "treasure map" and decides to get his shovel and find that treasure for himself.

Elliot Digs for Treasure book. When Elliot finds a map with a mysterious X, he knows that. Several of his friends join in the digging fun. They soon discover that if you're going to dig a big hole, you'd better think ahead about how you're going to get out of it. Sweet (almost unbearably so) illustrations. Shelves: digging, treasure-hunt, maps. Elliot is off on his latest escapade  .

An Elliot book for children. reS-Gr 1-Intrigued by what he believes to be a treasure map, Elliot Moose and his stuffed-animal friends dig a very deep hole. About the Author: Andrea Beck is a writer and illustrator. She lives in Unionville, Ontario. From School Library Journal: reS-Gr 1-Intrigued by what he believes to be a treasure map, Elliot Moose and his stuffed-animal friends dig a very deep hole. All are discouraged when they discover that the map simply shows the location where his friend Lionel plans to plant a new tree.

Elliot digs for treasure. Elliot and his friends are digging in the garden for treasure. An Elliot Moose story" - Cover. No page number in the book. by. Beck, Andrea, 1956-. Now they've dug the hole so deep, they're trapped with no escape" Cf. Our choice, 2002. An Elliot Moose story"-p. Part of the Elliot Moose Series). Elliot Moose SeriesAndrea Beck. Elliot's Bath (An Elliot Moose Story). But things aren't so funny when Elliot realizes they've dug the hole so deep they're trapped with no escape.

Elliot - A moose plushy. He is very playful and cares a lot about his friends. Elliot Digs For Treasure (2001). Elliot Gets Stuck (2002). Socks - A monkey plushy with sock-like arms and legs. She is Elliot's best friend. She becomes a permanent purple colour in "Elliot's Bath". Beaverton - A beaver plushy. Elliot's friend and mentor. Amy - An anteater plushy. Loves to join Elliot outdoors. Elliot's Noisy Night (2002).

Author and illustrator: Andrea Beck. Published: Toronto : Kids Can Press, c2001. Genre: Ages: 3-8. Summary: "Elliot and his friends are digging in the garden for treasure. Now they've dug the hole so deep, they're trapped with no escape".

Elliot Moose is a series of children's picture books, written and illustrated by Andrea Beck. In 1998, they were adapted into a television series of the same name. Elliot - A moose plushy. Socks - A sock monkey.

For the current event at :NyamrianWorkshop: Elliot is helping Sandre (Who belongs to Alisenokmice) find treasure, this time on the beach. I tried something new with the water and I'm pretty pleased with the results. BURIED TREASURE!!!!! Love this one you really captured the different levels of depth well and I love how you did the water. PhoenixRemixed Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018 Hobbyist Digital Artist. He's great at finding treasure XD. Thanks a lot! Reply.

An Elliot book for children
Steamy Ibis
I fell in love with this Canadian Moose the first time I read my Grandson the story book from the library.
I only have 5 Elliot books in this series, so my recommendation is based on that.

1) Elliot Gets Stuck - "Spring is here!" and Elliot is in haste to get outside to enjoy it. I fell in love with Elliot, when he got stuck in the door's mail slot. His friends come to his rescue and try to pull and push and then seek help.
2) Elliot's Bath - Elliot and his friend Socks get splattered with paint and the solution is a bath. When Socks is able to get out of the bath, I noticed that her fabric has changed color. The friends have to unite once again to assist Elliot in this delightful story.
3) Elliot's Emergency - is dear to my heart, as my grandchildren are always bringing to me their stuffed friends to be mended up. Elliot has his friends once again to aide him when they find him whimpering, imagining himself as "an empty shell of fur". You will get to know the other friends as they one, by one try a different method to resolve this issue.
4) Elliot Digs For Treasure - This time we find the adventure no one wants to be on. Elliot and friends have dug a hole - way too deep - in order to find the treasure. Not realizing until too late that they have no way of getting out of the hole. They are in another pickle and use all their imaginations possible to find a way to get out.
5) Elliot Bakes A Cake - You will learn from a child's point of view how it seems to be baking a cake without understanding the terms involved. I found this funny and yet victorious as in the end they have accomplished baking a surprise Birthday cake for Lionel. There is included Elliot's recipe for the cake. Be prepared to take time out to bake a cake with your little one after you've introduced them to this book.

These 5 books are full of situations that a child might similarly get into. Friends rally around and they are able to rescue one another when the situation arises. Delightful stories, nothing nasty in them; everything is in a positive light.

Andrea Beck, a Canadian author, has done a lovely job of bringing adventures to our children. The illustrations are bright and not over done with the pages full of `too' much for the little ones to enjoy.
This story, as are all in this series, is so fun, sweet, and charming! We love the way these stories show the friends helping each other out, never disdaining! Always beautifully illustrated, we love to enjoy them!
My 2 year old son loves all the Elliot Moose and friend's stories (since we started reading them to him when he was a few months old). He loves to have us read them to him over and over. Recently, he started "reading" them to us! Elliot is such a loving character, that has fun adventures with his friends. These books also have wonderful illustrations we use to teach our son, and have him point out things he knows and learn new words.
Elliot Digs for Treasure (An Elliot Moose Story) ebook
Andrea Beck
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Kids Can Press (August 1, 2001)
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