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The Mystery on the Mississippi (Trixie Belden) ebook

by Kathryn Kenny

Trixie Belden is one of the many young detectives whose adventures I followed when I was young. Trixie finds some important papers in their hotel room before they get on the boat.

Trixie Belden is one of the many young detectives whose adventures I followed when I was young. She takes them with her, even though she thinks they are of no impo Trixie Belden and the Mystery on the Mississippi is book number fifteen in the Trixie Belden mystery series.

The Mystery on the Mississippi (Trixie Belden). I've got to confess, it's been a few years since I read any of the Trixie Belden books. I changed that by picking up The Mystery of the Missing Heiress, the sixteenth book in this series for kids.

Trixie Belden is a series of 'girl detective' mysteries written between 1948 and 1986. The first six books were written by Julie Campbell Tatham. The following titles were written by various in-house writers of Western Publishing under the. The following titles were written by various in-house writers of Western Publishing under the pseudonym "Kathryn Kenny. In 2003, Random House re-issued the first four books of the series. he Secret of the Mansion (1948).

In this book The BobWhites of the Glenn are taken on vacation by Mr. Wheeler to St. Louis, Missouri; In an unforgetable six days Trixie and the rest of the gang become entangled in a major conspiracy. This story is probably the best written of all the Trixie Belden books. It leads you through an exciting and dangerous mystery without seeming at all contrived. Trixie fans and anyone who loves to read a good story will love this book! An intriging, mysterious book. Published by Thriftbooks.

1944 Hardbound Mystery Novel - The House of Cobwebs by Mary Reisner.

Title: Trixie Belden and the Mystery on the Mississippi by Kathryn Kenny, Status: SOLD, Category: Vintage Collectibles:Books:Childrens, Shop: Colemans Collectibles, Description: Trixie Belden and the Mystery on the Mississippi, written by Kathryn Kenny with illustrations by Hairs Petie. 1944 Hardbound Mystery Novel - The House of Cobwebs by Mary Reisner. A Golden Book of 365 Stories By Kathryn Jackson Illustrated by Richard Scarry. Victoria's Purrrrfect Treasures.

The Mystery on the Mississippi. by Kathryn Kenny · Michael Koelsch · Haris Petie. Trixie Belden 3-Book Set (Trixie Belden. Spunky tomboy Trixie Belden can't stay out of trouble. It's anchors away for Trixie as she travels down the Mississippi River. Trixie Belden 3-Book Set (Trixie Belden by Julie Campbell · Michael Koelsch · Mary Stevens. The Mysterious Visitor (Trixie Belden, by Julie Campbell · Michael Koelsch · Mary Stevens.

trixie belden books- loved reading these! Vintage Nancy Drew & Other Series Books For Sale. I thought this would make a great inside pocket for my purse. Girls Series Book Tv Book Series Popular Books Cozy Mysteries Reading Time Book Collection Cover Style Vintage Books. What others are saying.

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In the childrens novel, Trixie Belden and the Mystery on Cobbetts Island the Bob-Whites arrive on. .This book is in great shape for its age with no rips or tears. The pages are yellowed with age, which is typical for these books. The previous owner wrote a name in pen on the inside cover.

In the childrens novel, Trixie Belden and the Mystery on Cobbetts Island the Bob-Whites arrive on Cobbetts Island for vacation. Trixie finds a mysterious letter that reveals a fortune hidden many years ago. However, the clues in the letter are hard for Trixie to understand. Is this a treasure hunt. Please scroll in and view pictures. This mystery book is an excellent addition to your Trixie Beldon collection or home library. Please use pictures as a guide. Have any questions or need more pictures, just ask.

Trixie is turning 21, and she's about to get a real surprise-visitors from Crabapple Farm descend on the California Beldens. Fragility by Maeve of Winter for kristophine. Fandoms: The Trixie Belden Mysteries - Julie Campbell Tatham & Kathryn Kenny. Bobby isn't thrilled with the idea of going, but events are about to change his mind. No Archive Warnings Apply.

It's anchors away for Trixie as she travels down the Mississippi River. No, it’s not on the old-fashioned paddle-wheel steamship she always dreamed of, but the trip is still more exciting than she ever imagined. Someone is shadowing her every move, trying to steal to the mysterious graph papers Trixie found in a trash can in her hotel room in Memphis. Why are the papers so important? Could there be more to the childish drawings than meets the eye?
The book was received and is what I expected the correct publishing company as listed. I am very happy.
Mr. Wheeler is taking a business trip to St. Louis, and he's invited the Bob-Whites to come along. Naturally, they are all thrilled at the chance to take a trip. Even Dan gets to come this time around, while poor Diana is left out of the fun.

They've just arrived at their hotel when the trouble starts, however. The previous occupant of Trixie and Honey's room, Pierre Lontard, left behind a briefcase and some papers. When he returns, he snatches up the briefcase but leaves behind the papers in the trashcan. Trixie is convinced they are important, so sticks them in her purse.

The Bob-Whites have a full itinerary planned for their few days in the area. They want to take a cruise on the Mississippi and can't miss visiting Mark Twain country just up the road in Hannibal. But wherever they go, danger seems to follow. There's a suspicious new cook on the boat with them. They get stranded in Cairo, Missouri. And Trixie faces danger in a pool. Is Lontard following them? What do the mysterious symbols on the papers really mean?

I must admit to having mixed reactions to this book. Part of me still considers it a favorite. It was my introduction to Trixie and her friends, a series I am still reading and rereading almost 20 years later. The friendships are strong and the characters great fun to be around. And the constant danger appealed to the 13 year old who first read this book. I couldn't put it down, devouring it in a day or two thanks to the easy to read writing style. Even now, knowing the full story, it grips me.

But when I set nostalgia aside, I can recognize the flaws. Mr. Wheeler acts completely irresponsible. I don't know any adult who would continue to let these kids be in constant danger like this. The characters are not well rounded like they are in other books in the series. Here, they sometimes come off as whiney brats, which is probably a more accurate portrayal of teens then the others first characters they usually are. Finally, while the fast paced plot appealed to a teenage boy, it could easily frighten the intended audience of pre-teen girls. While ultimately there is a happy ending, this is easily one of the darker and more harrowing books in the series.

Originally written in 1965, this book does show its age. The famous St. Louis Arch hadn't been built yet, so naturally the Bob-Whites don't visit it. Space exploration was a huge topic, so that and airplane development are mentioned several times in the book. While I did notice the absence of the Arch as a kid, I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary with the other stuff. Ultimately, it should hold up just fine today.

Even with the long list of faults, I can't help but like this book. While not the strongest in the series, it is entertaining.
I have been buying these for my wife. She read them when she was a girl. They are a very fast read.
greed style
Great series that I read over 40 years ago and thrilled to see it available now for younger family members.
Zeus Wooden
Updating a series of books written in the 1950's & 1960's so kids today can "relate"? Then why not update The Little House series, Tom Sawyer and Little Women? While were at it, how about Judy Blume books? Have you read some of her books lately? Dated yes, but still relevant YES!
I read Trixie Belden books as a young reader in the 1980's and was not at all confused or put off by the way they spoke, acted or used the phone. If you want to label it historical fiction, so be it. God forbid our children learn about history.
It gave me chill. I had to keep reading on it was so mysterious. It's clearly one of the best.
Honeys' father takes Trixie and the Bob-Whites with him on a business trip to Missouri, where they will be visiting the space center. Whilst in the hotel room, Trixie finds some papers in the waste basket that look like illegal plans, and a mysterious man tries to demand them back. The man follows Trixie and the gang on a journey on the Mississippi and through Tom Sawyer territory. Again it has plenty of references to American history from an earlier perspective.
This book is fabulous. This is one of my favorite Trixie Belden books
The Mystery on the Mississippi (Trixie Belden) ebook
Kathryn Kenny
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