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by Richard Bartlett,Tim Parsons,Tucker Tuck,Wang Teale

Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett was born in Seattle, Washington. He wanted to grow up to be either an artist or a secret agent, but became an animator instead. He moved to Los Angeles in 1987 to direct the Penny cartoons for PeeWee's Playhouse

Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett was born in Seattle, Washington. He moved to Los Angeles in 1987 to direct the Penny cartoons for PeeWee's Playhouse. Craig stayed to write and direct on the first season of Rugrats, which introduced him to his friends at Nickelodeon. He premiered his first episode of Hey Arnold! on Nick in 1996, and has since made 100 episodes

There were nine Hey Arnold! books published: eight chapter books, and the novelization of the movie. They were all illustrated by Tim Parsons, with covers by Tuck Tucker, Kenji Notani, and Teale Wang.

There were nine Hey Arnold! books published: eight chapter books, and the novelization of the movie. NEW HA! Stories From Craiog Bartlett!!, by kcheetah999.

Arnold for President is the first Hey Arnold! chapter book. It was written by Craig Bartlett, illustrated by Tim Parsons, with cover by Tuck Tucker and Teale Wang.

Arnold for President (Hey Arnold) Paperback. in Books Children's Books Humor.

Arnold for President book. The 1st chapter book of eight based on Nickelodeon's hit TV show, Hey Arnold! by Craig Bartlett.

Craig Bartlett, Richard Bartlett. Illustrated by. Tucker Tuck, Wang Teale, Tim Parsons. I bought this product because I'm a Hey Arnold! fan and I've always wanted to own the books and since some of them are not based on actual episodes, but are original stories I figured what the heck? I love everything about this product! When I opened the packaging I was very pleased. It is in very good condition! Reading this book was like watching an episode it was that realistic and stuck true to the cartoon and the characters. Even though it only had one picture for each chapter and they were in black and white I just didn't care.

Tuck Tucker is an American writer, artist, animator, songwriter, and director best known for SpongeBob SquarePants. Tuck Tucker was born in Lynchburg, Virginia, with a Hokie dad. While in school, he wasn't doing so well in school so his parents put him into a private school. He would spend his time at home watching cartoons with his father as a very special thing.

Hey Arnold! Return of the Sewer King: Craig Bartlett, Tim Parsons . What others are saying. Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle by Richard Bartlett. Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold! The most adorable Hey Arnold fan comic ever created.

Return of the Sewer King. Something very strange is happening on the corner of Ninth Street and Bermuda Street. Kids are getting into bizarre accidents, groceries are vanishing into thin. i just realized i spent a ton of time making this and it& kind of. arnold& pickin up helga for prom.

Arnold for President (Hey Arnold! Chapter Books) by Richard Bartlett, Tim Parsons, Tucker Tuck, Wang Teale, Craig Bartlett Paperback, 64 Pages, Published 2000 by Simon Spotlight ISBN-13: 978-0-689-83361-8, ISBN: 0-689-83361-X.

When Arnold and Helga challenge each other for the position of fourth grade class president, they both desperately want to win, but they soon realize that there can be only one president.
It's time for Mr Simmons' class to elect their class president. The nominees are Helga, Rhonda, Curly, and Arnold. But with Helga's unfair tactics clashing with her feelings for Arnold, Arnold's innovative ideas, Rhonda's belief in appearances and nothing else, and Curly's disturbed persona, who will win?
The characters stay completely true to the cartoon the book is based on, which is a good thing. It's especially enjoyable to read about Curly's plans to turn the school into a moose preserve, or write his name in the sky before freeing all the animals from the zoo. Helga is apparently onto her fifteenth Arnold Shrine. Gerald has to convince Arnold before he agrees to run for class president. Rhonda says that a vote for her is a vote for tastefulness.
Interestingly enough, there is an episode of the show which talks about class president which clashes with this story. In "Cool Party", Rhonda puts Gerald on her "Geek List" because he ran against her for class president and won. If I was to believe this book, Curly won the election because a vote for him was a vote for free ice cream.
Worth a read, even though it's short.
Arrived swiftly, great for any Hey Arnold fan! Great insight of the characters in this story!!!
loved it thanks
Love the pictures! Though this wasn't an actual episode, reading it felt like it should have been.
great book Arnold I vote fot you Helga loses Arnold wins
Love hey arnold! so i loved these little minny stories/episodes. they were super fun to read! as well as look at the fun art.
pretty good book,very interesting and nice to have rare hey arnold stuff
Arnold for President (Hey Arnold) ebook
Richard Bartlett,Tim Parsons,Tucker Tuck,Wang Teale
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Simon Spotlight (September 1, 2000)
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