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Theodore Taylor wrote several award-winning books, including The Cay, which won the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award and was made into a movie. He began his writing career at the age of thirteen and continued on from there-books, articles, scripts-often several projects at once. He passed away in 2006 surrounded by his family, his books, and years of wonderful memories.

Probably the light began to fail for him longbefore the alarming day when he raced after some cats and crashed through the screen door, apparently never seeing it.

Theodore Taylor effectively I read this book with my students when I was a 5th grade teacher in Virginia. However, I don't remember enjoying the book as much then as I did this year. Besides Stew Cat, his only The Cay, written by Theodore Taylor, is a story set in 1942 during World War II. Phillip Enright, the 11 year-old main character, is excited when the Germans invade the small island of Curaçao.

Praise for The Cay: Mr. Taylor has provided an exciting stor. he idea that all humanity would benefit from this special form of color blindness permeates the whole boo. he result is a story with a high ethical purpose but no sermon.

THEODORE TAYLOR (1921-2006), an award-winning author of many books for young people, was particularly known for fast-paced, exciting adventure novels

THEODORE TAYLOR (1921-2006), an award-winning author of many books for young people, was particularly known for fast-paced, exciting adventure novels. His books include the bestseller The Cay, Timothy of the Cay, The Bomb, Air Raid-Pearl Harbor!, Ice Drift, The Maldonado Miracle, and The Weirdo, an Edgar Award winner for Best Young Adult Mystery.

In bestselling author Theodore Taylor's novel, a 16 year-old boy must take care of his family's wildlife preserve, while handling the kidnapping of one of the most dangerous tigers known to ma. hen a half-eaten body is found inside a locked jaguar cage, Air Raid-Pearl Harbor!: The Story of December 7, 1941.

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He was making a hut of dried palm fronds. I sat near him under a palm. Now that we were on shore, I again began to think about what had happened to my mother. Somehow, I felt she was safe. I even thought about Henrik van Boven and what a story I would have to tell when I saw him again. I tried not to think about my eyes, sitting there under the palm, listening to Timothy hum as he made the camp

I think this book is a masterpiece.

I think this book is a masterpiece. And I'll tell you why. We think we know the issues which surround racial prejudice so well, that it is difficult to be persuaded to think afresh. Theodore Taylor will make you do that. He takes the plain statement that we are all the same under the skin and illustrates it with a devastatingly simple story. It is 1942, Phillip is twelve years old and lives with his parents on the island of Curacao, off Venezuela, though he is in fact American.

I read this book as a boy 38 years ago and recently read it with my son, and regretfully the story today is still valid of the suspicions and fears white people have of black people, no matter how charming and helpful black people are. I was hoping this story would be read as historical hindsight, but sadly very little, if anything, has changed. I highly recommended it as a lesson in how and why to give up prejudice and see people as they are and not what unfounded suspicions and fears dictate.
I remember reading this in the sixth grade and absolutely loving this book. It is a very touching story about survival, friendship and faith. I highly recommend this book.
Whew! This book was sooo good! I had to read it with my daughter for school and each night, as we read farther and farther I got more and more involved. I was a blubbering mess at the end. It was a great coming of age story and we highly recommend it.
You know there are some sloppy book that get printed in mass "book order" production. Ha, who cares..they're for kids, right?! Well, if it doesn't bother you..the odd feeling pages and the almost typewriter over inked print..then this book will do. Obviously story is a classic for kids! Has mystery, suspense, friendship and golden message...just quality is reflective of the price point. My 6th grader won't mind..he just HAS to read for class!
Billy Granson
Loved it as a boy, loved reading it to my kids at bedtime. The plot moves quickly enough for the young ones and the themes are valuable for all ages.
A boy who is raised around people who are racists is shipwrecked at sea with an elderly Jamaican man. He has to confront internally what he was raised to believe as his eyes and ears are gradually opened to the reality. Superficially this is a story of survival at sea and on a deserted island as well as dealing with dangerous storms. That makes for a great adventure. But the real significance is the boy's overcoming prejudice and embracing the old man who teaches him so much. My 8 year old loved it. It opened up frank conversations about the bad old days when black people were treated badly and how people still wrestle with their embedded prejudices.
Excellent book! Used it in my homeschool literature class of 5th and 6h grade students. Enjoyed the pace of the story, as well as the themes running throughout. Takes place during WW II and tells of the friendship of Timothy and Philip, who find themselves stranded after an explosion on the boat carrying them away to safety.
This book is a "must read" for kids and adults. It illustrates unconscious racial prejudice and the strength of friendship, love and sacrifice. There are few books that I agree are modern classics but this is definitely one. Fit this in among the Warrior Cats nonsense that is questionable in its value as literature. I laughed and cried during this book. It shows how boundaries and difficulties can be overcome with love and loyalty.
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