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Let. It. Go.: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith ebook

by New York Times Bestselling Author Candace Cameron Bure,Karen Ehman

Many women are wired to control. You’re the ones who make sure the house is clean, the meals are prepared, the beds are made, the children are dressed, and everyone gets to work, school, and other activities on time.

But trying to control everything can be exhausting, and it can also cause friction with your friends and family.

This humorous, yet thought-provoking book guides you as you discover for yourself the freedom and reward of living a life “out of control,” in which you allow God to be seated in the rightful place in your life. Armed with relevant biblical and current examples (both to emulate and to avoid), doable ideas, new thought patterns, and practical tools to implement, Let. It. Go. will gently lead you out of the land of over-control and into a place of quiet trust.

A companion video-based study for small groups is also available.

I came across this book while searching for a book by another author, but as soon as I read the title, I knew it was a book I needed to read. I, like so many other women I know, struggle with letting go. With so much to do and so many responsibilities resting squarely on our shoulders, we women often act as if the entire world would crumble if we were to give up a single ounce of control. Besides, we're not doing such a bad job with this balancing act we call life. . . or are we? When we're stressed and frazzled, gloomy and grumpy, there's definitely a problem, and the problem is that we're trying to do everything, which simply isn't possible.

With a dash of wit and a sprinkle of personal experience, Karen Ehman tells it like it is in Let. It. Go.: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith. She confesses to being a card-carrying member of Control Freaks Anonymous (an organization I know all too well) and explains how the Lord has taught her to let go and let God. I could relate to many of the situations Ehman referred to and learned some valuable lessons on how to release my white-knuckled grip on life and its many circumstances. Several things truly hit home with me, so much so that I jotted them down in my devotional journal so that I could remember and meditate on them. But I think the thing that hit me the most was this paragraph: "When we women try to be so on top of things--around the house, at work, in our marriages, in our parenting, and in community ventures--we think we're only taking our jobs seriously, performing our tasks with care, and carrying out the duties of our roles in a way that is excellent and thorough. So give us a break. We really are just trying to please God, right? I thought so. Sometimes I still think so. However, I happened upon a thought just a year or two ago that makes me wonder this: In attempting to be in command and control, are we trying to be godly or are we trying to be God?"

That statement was definitely an eye-opener for me because I was playing the "godly" card on a regular basis. I chalked up my overly-controlling habits to a strict adherence to the verse, "God is not the author of confusion." But, Ehman has a point--a point that will stick with me for years to come.

I definitely enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to any woman who struggles to let go of the control button and simply enjoy life.
We studied Let It Go in our last small home group women's study. It was wonderful, so thought provoking. The study was a little hard to put together. You need both the book and study guide. The DVD was a review of the book and I'm not sure you need it. Just toward the end of the study I finally was able to create some sort of flow for the group. That's the only reason I gave it 4 stars. The women felt that it was one of the best studies they've done.
I just purchased Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman for the next study.
This author rarely uses scripture.
I am currently in a Bible study using this book and I find it we don't have much depth to pull from.
Well I certainly agree with the concept that we should let things go and let God run the show of life, this author is average at her approach.
She even used a previous authors quote and didn't cite her????
I'm not impressed
My small group Bible study bought this book to read, as well the video and study book.

Karen Ehman does a good job of making you ask yourself, "Does this REALLY matter? Will this affect eternity?" The best chapter in the book to me was the one about how we talk to our children and to others; when we're trying to control a situation and how our words can affect others.

Her conversational style of writing makes this book an easy read and very relatable.

I do not, however, recommend the video sessions or the study book that go with this text - they're kind of redundant. The book alone is great by itself.
Love Me
Great book, but if you're a working professional woman with no children, it may be hard to connect with the whole thing. I stopped about half way through because I just couldn't connected with the writer.
Karen does a wonderful job intertwining scripture and God's desires with the fight of letting him be in charge. I am so thankful for books like this! Through them I have hope and courage to try and try again to become the woman God wants me to be and that woman is a little more out of control.
I'm a Russian Occupant
This was a great study for our life group. We were able to explore and understand our need to control. Since the beginning of time with our sister (Eve) women have a need to control. We are learning to give GOD His job back!
My wife really liked this book. She has always had this type of problem and never knew how to change it. She now does understand it and has made many positive changes already that will last the rest of her life. She also loves the Christian perspective.
Let. It. Go.: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith ebook
New York Times Bestselling Author Candace Cameron Bure,Karen Ehman
Christian Living
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