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The Fulfillment Principle: Experiencing Pure Joy in Your Life ebook

by Bob Westfall

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The Fulfillment Principle book.

Simple principles that can have a far-reaching affect on your life as well as on all the people in your sphere of influence. Mr. Kemski has apparently made a career of teaching these principles, which might lead you consider that the book is another infomercial. I didn’t find that to be the case, however. In my opinion, he is simply expressing some classical truths that have helped people through the ages, usually incorporated into one or another religious or philosophical system.

Principle 2: A fulfilling experience is something that you’d include in your life story because it is deeply . Principle 6: A fulfilling experience makes you lose track of time in a good way and focuses your attention on something deeply satisfying and meaningful to you. People

Principle 2: A fulfilling experience is something that you’d include in your life story because it is deeply meaningful to you. Completeness. People. There are several relationships here to consider when it comes to the people in our lives.

It offers a complete system of relating, assimilating, and embodying empowered, joy-filled, extraordinary living. The Little Book of Big Potentials is about much more than recasting thoughts or beliefs to change reality. This book is about commanding the power of the unified heart and information fields that shape the experience of reality.

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Book One. Life Principles. The first book tells the story of Dalio’s career and explains his overarching approach to life using principles that affect everything he does-most importantly, how he pursues meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Book Two. Work Principles. The second book explains the unusual way Dalio ran Bridgewater Associates for over 40 years, and how the firm’s unique approach to working together led to its unique results.

Pine and Gilmore argue that businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers, and that memory itself becomes the product: the "experience".

Drawing on the challenge of one of Jesus most powerful parables, The Fulfillment Principle is packed with stories, encouragement, and motivation to help readers discover and pursue their God-given gifts in order to experience the joy of a lifetime for a lifetime.

Asking readers, ''Are you ready to dream God s Dream?'' Bob Westfall invites those who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled to realize this simple but profound truth: ''When you use the gifts God gives you to live out the dream He has birthed in you, then you experience the joy of fulfillment that comes straight from heaven.''

Through real-life stories, readers will see practical examples of people who are using their God-given gifts to live in fulfillment. They will also see the extraordinary impact individuals can have when they use their gifts instead of burying them.

Bob Westfall talks to readers about realizing unceasing joy, the embedded nature of God-given talents, and making ''Your life . . . well spent'' a reality. Fulfillment isn't impossible or unreachable. It starts with the understanding that God created each of us with a glorious dream for who we are.

Still In Mind
I stumbled upon the Fulfillment Principle when I was interviewing for a position with the Westfall Group. It was one of those books that you just can't put down. The questions at the end of the chapters really cause you to ponder your life. I shared excerpts from the book and discussed the thought-provoking questions with my friends while on a road trip. We were all very intrigued and thought about our lives differently because of the way Bob brought the parable of the talents to life. It inspired me to step out in faith and leave a secure and mediocre job I had been at for 12 years, to go explore my passions and do something meaningful. I was determined not to waste my talents doing something unfulfilling when God has so much more for us if we just trust Him! The book is relevant to every age group and phase of life. I highly recommend this small book with a big message!
I have read hundreds of books about life choices, creating the "good life", discovering one's own passions, etc. Some of those books have been pretty good, some not, and I usually forget them immediately.
Bob Westfall has given me something hearty and transformative to chew on in THE FULFILLMENT PRINCIPLE, and I don't plan to put it away in my stack of books and forget about it.
He convincingly, powerfully shows us the simple path to joy. And after laying out his passionate point in every chapter, he asks the reader to answer a few questions. The answers to those questions are a powerful message to the reader, because they speak to the heart, from the heart.
Want to know how to live the good life? Read this book.
Read the first 50 pages this a.m. & am loving it & it really resonates within me! I think I have found & have been operating in my main gifts...for some years...& even moreso as I grow older & God seems to reshape it a bit to go with aging. From my recent Ministry Update:

"The older I get, now nearly 74, more and more the desire grows in me to practice a simple ministry of presence in others' lives. It is sometimes difficult not to have plans, but I wonder more and more if the first thing shouldn't be to know people by name, to eat and drink with them, to listen to their stories and to tell your own to let them know with words, handshakes, and hugs that you do not simply like them but you truly love them. For in any case we both know that God has a plan for us & works it out, hopefully for His glory alone, year after year...and it never looks quite the same. PTL!"

I feel that God made me sort of a Barnabas. I love people...they know it...I'm an encourager...they KNOW it...and that's basically it, now!

I'll keep reading & thanks for WRITING!!! I'll comment more as I go.

P.S. Agrees completely with the basic premise of the best seller, Purpose Driven Life!

Michael Darby...former stockbroker (30 yrs)called to ministry in 1991
Reading this book came at the perfect time in my life when I have had this nagging need to find out what I am suppose to do with the next chapter. Enjoying a wonderful career, and never taking time to think about talent(s), this book has given me the direction and hope that there is still much out there for me to acomplish. With prayer and an open eager mind to investigate options, God will show the way. Finally a little book that is encouraging, easy to understand, and will be a great "coach" as I pursue this joy that is waiting for me to find!!
This book really challenged me to examine the important things in life and recognize that I am already well situated to serve.
I just received my copy of The Fulfillment Principal and finished it the same day. I was blessed by the deep and meaningful messages in the book. It really does help you to gain a perspective on life that we need to maintain. I was encouraged by reading Bob's book and would encourage you to read it. I'm actually going to go back now and use it as a daily devotional read.
White gold
Today was a dark, rainy, too long, depressing, very bad day. Fortunately, I picked up a little book, The Fulfillment Principle, that proved to be a great encouragement. Soak in these words from author/speaker Bob Westfall . . .

"There's something you want, we all want. In fact, our hearts ache for it. Some of us realize it sooner than others. Unfortunately, some of us never realize it at all.

It's joy. It's fulfillment.

It's pleasure and contentment and peace--an unending spring of living water--that runs deep within our very being. Do you have it?

Books have been written about going from `good to great' and from `success to significance.' But this little book is different. It's intentionally written not to give you a temporary high or take you on a mountaintop experience, only to let you fall back to reality again, unchanged, trying in your flesh to cling to the concepts of some manual.

The 100-proof fulfillment principle conveyed through the stories and scriptures in this book is bulletproof. Fears arise, uncertainty looms, storms hit, but the joy is there, inside you--a rock that can't be rolled, a fire that can't be quenched, a contentment that can't be contaminated."

So what's the secret Bob shares in the book? You can find it in the Parable of the Talents, especially Matthew 25:21, where Jesus says, "Well, done, good and faithful slave; you were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things, enter into the joy of your Master."

Each story and example focuses on identifying what talents--what treasures, abilities, passions or skills--the Lord has given us and then making an all-out effort to invest them for His kingdom. Bob says the ROT or "return on talent" God promises is JOY! He shares a quote from Erma Bombeck that sums up what our goal should be . . .

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, `I used everything You gave me.'"
The Fulfillment Principle: Experiencing Pure Joy in Your Life ebook
Bob Westfall
Christian Living
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Leafwood Publishers (July 5, 2011)
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