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by Ann Burton

Abigail's Story by Ann Burton.

Abigail's Story by Ann Burton. Genres: Literature & Fiction General Contemporary.

Series: Center Point Christian Fiction (Large Print). It's so amazing how Wilson constructed this book to definitely complement the movie. Hardcover: 351 pages. It really centers on how Caleb struggled to save his marriage even if at first, he was doing a really lousy job at it. Admittedly, he really wasn't doing a good job at first and that's because he was doing it for the wrong reasons and the wrong motives. And his father was right.

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Abigail's Story (Women of the Bible). Published March 1st 2005 by Signet. Published May 31st 2006 by Center Point. Large Print, Hardcover, 254 pages. Author(s): Ann Burton. I didn't know what to expect when I picked up this book by Michael Landon's son. I hadn't read anything by him before and didn't know his style or take on things. Hardcover: 488 pages. This is a great story of a woman (Mary) forced to leave her abusive, cheating husband, with their handicapped son (Jack) in tow. It chronicles her travails as she tries to make it in Chicago during the Depression.

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Gabhart, Ann H. Angel Sister (Center Point Christian Fiction (Large Print)). ISBN 13: 9781611730036. Publisher: Center Point Pub, 2011.

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Before She Dies (Center Point Platinum Romance.

They were women of conviction and courage, whose stories inspire the faithful to this day. Now, Signet launches Women of the Bible, a compelling new series for fans of historical fiction and romance. This is the story of Abigail... To settle her brother's gambling debt, Abigail of Carmel convinces her boorish lord to marry her. Then exiled by him to the life of a shepherdess, she grows to love David, the warrior son of Jesse, who will come face-to-face with her husband in a senseless war-and destroy her hopes of peace.
Burton definitely adds to what we're told in the Bible and takes liberties with the few facts we are given, but in an engaging, believable, seamless way. I thoroughly enjoyed her idea of "what might have been." I especially appreciated the history lesson in Jewish tradition and learned much from the book's setting and the thinking/actions of the characters. It's hard for me to believe that Ms. Burton wrote only four books and believe "Ann Burton" may be using another name for writing these days. I wish I knew what it is because I would happily purchase more from this author.
Absolutely amazing. I love Abigail's story no matter who's telling it, but Ann Burton's version is incredible. It's too bad the Bible doesn't say how such a wise, courageous and gifted woman like Abigail ended up married to the likes of evil Laban. Ann does an amazing job filling in the rest of the story. Perhaps her version is close to how it really happened, or perhaps not, but either way it is a brilliant and captivating read.
Ms. Burton must have been ovulateing during the last part of her book. At 1st I was in love with her Abigail. It felt historically real. She even used Hebrew terms which took me back in time. I loved how it didn't seem to be stained with western romantic ideas of Marriage. But then it turned and became hot and steamy and made Abigail look kind of trashy and not the honorable wife at all that I assumed she was to her fool husband Nabal. At one point, when she was not being a good wife at all, David says she is a good wife. I didn't get it. It was an interuption that stopped her from sexual sin not her own self control and convictions. I found myself having impure thoughts and desires of my husband that I would get if I read a typical romance novel. Over all it was a good book. Easy read, not bad deal for the price. Just be warned only adults should read this book and with caution of mental temptation.
Great story of a Biblical character by a great author!
This story might give us a little bit of background of what her life might be like before Abigail became David's wife. The Buble did not say much about her except that she kept David from killing her household and after her husband died, then she joined him to be his wife. A little too sensual between her and David although.
Abigail's Story by Ann Burton may have a cultural and somewhat historical setting but is definitely not a good portrayal of the Biblical characters. The author takes a lot of liberties in imagining both Abigail and David. Abigail actually puts a curse on Nabal - really? I would not recommend it.
Ann Burton has again stepped forward to tell the story of one of the women mentioned in the Bible. For too long these women, many of whom were leaders in their time have been hidden or denied their stories. Keep them coming. We need to know these heros stories.
A real page turner. I was engrossed. It was like one of those people who shout at the tv to tell the star not to open a door but I was like that to the book covering my eyes when I need them to read what will happen next. Ann really gives unique personalities to her characters, the strong biblical women they are.
Abigail's Story (Center Point Large Print Christian Fiction) ebook
Ann Burton
Literature & Fiction
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Center Point Pub (January 5, 2006)
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