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A Time to Dance (Women of Faith Fiction #1) ebook

by Karen Kingsbury

The Women of Faith Fiction Club presents.

The Women of Faith Fiction Club presents. Dancing the dance of life, swaying to the sound of crickets and creaking boards long after the kids were asleep on nights when summer seemed like it might last forever. No matter how he’d betrayed her, no matter what happened next, there would never be a better father for her children than John Reynolds.

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When you see the words Women of Faith Fiction on a novel, you’re guaranteed a reading experience that will capture your imagination and inspire your faith. Karen Kingsbury, A Time to Dance.

Karen Kingsbury Название. A Time to Dance Women of Faith Women of faith fiction.

They celebrated their love with a dance. But will it end in divorce? John and Abby Reynolds were the perfect couple, sharing a love born of childhood friendship and deep family ties. I really enjoyed this book which clearly showed how complacency can set in when a couple have been maried for a long time. The protagonists are just about to announce they are getting a divorce when. Пользовательский отзыв - SherylHendrix - LibraryThing.

Book in the Timeless Love Series). This is the book that made me love Karen Kingsbury's books

Book in the Timeless Love Series). This is the book that made me love Karen Kingsbury's books. I had never read any of her books before, and, to be perfectly honest, the only reason I wanted to read her books was because the covers looked awesome. I was soon to be going on a trip and I needed to "re-stock" on my books so I could read in the car(yes, my family was driving).

Her first inspirational fiction novel was Where Yesterday Lives. Библиографические данные. A Time to Dance Women of faith.

John and Abby Reynolds were the perfect couple, sharing a love born of childhood friendship and deep family ties. Her first inspirational fiction novel was Where Yesterday Lives. Popular series she has penned include the Redemption, Firstborn, Sunrise, and Angels Walking series, and she has also written the nonfiction Miracle Books collection, gift books, and children's books. She has won several Retailer's Choice Awards, plus 2005 and 2007 Gold Medallions for Oceans Apart and Ever After, respectively.

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Published October 31, 2006 by Thomas Nelson About the Book. After twenty-one years, John and Abby Reynolds are back together and feeling like newlyweds. Together they are convinced they can handle the issues of their past, the questions from their children, and even the high-school politics that drain the joy from John's coaching career. the type of tragedy John and Abby never expected. The squeal of brakes and the crunch of metal changes everything. Suddenly devastation tears at the heart of their family, and the depth of their existence.

Ben Hall is joined by Karen Kingsbury, one of New York Times Bestselling Christian fiction authors.

A Time to Dance (Women of Faith Fiction (Westbow)). Separate tags with commas, spaces are allowed. Use tags to describe a product . for a movie Themes heist, drugs, kidnapping, coming of age Genre drama, parody, sci-fi, comedy Locations paris, submarine, new york.

by. Kingsbury, Karen; Women of Faith (Organization). Word Pub. Collection. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

They celebrated their love with a dance. But will it end in divorce?

John and Abby Reynolds were the perfect couple, sharing a love born of childhood friendship and deep family ties. They are envied by their friends, cherished by their children, admired by their peers. But John and Abbey are about to lose it all. On the verge of having an affair, John is no more the man Abby married than she is the long-ago girl of his dreams. They are strangers whose days of dancing seem gone forever.

They gather their three children to announce their plans, but before they can speak, their daughter makes an announcement of her own; she's getting married in the summer.

Abby and John determine not to ruin their daughter's season of happiness, but as the wedding nears they are haunted by questions. Is the decision they've made irreversible? Are there times when marriage--even the marriage between two people of faith--is truly beyond repair? And is it possible, alone in the moonlight on an old wooden pier, to once more find...a time to dance?

Discover the resiliency of boundless love, the power of commitment, and the amazing faithfulness of God in A Time to Dance.

Karen Kingsbury's, A Time to Dance, is the emotional story of a couple having to come to terms with their failing marriage, the consequences of their choices, and their dying faith. I have heard so much about Karen Kingsbury that I was excited to read one of her books. I was told that she is great at realistically capturing the emotions of individuals in real-life struggles. A Time to Dance didn't fail in this aspect. The story was realistic and really showed the couples struggle and pain. I think their emotional struggle is what kept me reading. I was rooting for the couple, gripped by their pain, and hurting for them.

Unfortunately, I was also skimming the story. The story was page after page of inner thoughts and flashbacks. What made it worse was that these thoughts and flashbacks echoed.

"I can make sure no one ever finds one ever finds one ever finds out."

I did finish the book and I loved the message. However, the way it was written made the storyline drag.
I loved the story but more than the story, I loved the lessons I learned as I examined my own marriage and faced some major realities in my life. On the critical side, there was a huge number of errors in this Karen Kingsbury book. There were several incomplete sentences and the punctuation and spacing at the end of sentences was terrible at times. I have read many books but none with the number of obvious errors that were in this book.
As good as the story line was, I was tempted to put the book down without finishing it because of my frustration with the errors. Was this book proofed and edited? I have to wonder. My rating of 4 stars was based solely on story content and life lessons learned with a plea to the author to rethink her editing and proofreading process.
I can't give the book a 5 star rating because the proofreading was so horribly done. There are a LOT of missing apostrophes, commas, spaces, etc. The actual story was very good. Sometimes the poor grammar got in the way. Karen Kingsbury is a wonderful writer and this story line was very good. The old adage "it takes two to tango" is relevant in this story because the issues with the marriage were not due to just one person. I highly recommend the story; maybe just a different version (the actual book).
This book was so realistic in telling the story of a marriage in trouble that I found myself yelling at the characters! Having been through some rough times in my own marriage and seeing what John and Abby are doing to each other and themselves, it is hard to take a times. But Karen Kingsbury does her usual masterful job of bringing the plot along to a believable and great conclusion. It is so good to be reminded in fiction, just as in real life, that God is faithful and rescues us from ourselves with grace and mercy. This is a wonderful departure (for me) from stories of much younger couples who are in the first bloom of love. It shows how even storybook romances can take too many hits and be sinking. I love how the daughter's own romance and impending wedding are part of the healing journey.
Karen Kingsbury's A Time To Dance was a book I could not put down. I kept rooting for Abby and John Reynolds to stay together, for their love to survive. Abby thinks her husband John, the high school football coach may be having an affair with a new teacher at the school, who is very manipulative and would like to help this marriage fail.

The marriage is on shaky ground even before the arrival of the provocative new teacher. They've simply grown apart over the years, each interested in their own lives and careers. Abby is actually practically having an online romance with her book editor. They decide to announce they are getting a divorce at a family meeting but their daughter beats them to it announcing first that she's getting married. So as not to cast a pall over their daughter's wedding, the couple decides to put off telling their three children about the divorce until after the wedding ceremony.

Abby is forced to look at wedding gowns and get into scrapbooking with her daughter's overly chatty mother-in-law to be. The scrapbooking and other things the family does in preparation for the wedding make Abby feel things she doesn't want to feel, such as deep bitterness toward her husband, but it also makes her wonder if the marriage can be saved. John is also wondering if the marriage is truly doomed. But they're timing is always off and when one makes a gesture of reconciliation, the other rejects it. At time the book is gut wrenching, but it is a testimonial to the strength and courage of married love.
First I have to say that all of Karen Kingsbury's books, and I have read many, are excellent. Karen tackels topics that are often difficult. This book is one of those. What happens when a Christian couple has serious problems with their marriage? Karen's characters are so real you can feel their pain and frustration. The problems are not sugar coated. Yet there is hope as you see God's hand at work. My only problem with this book is that I feel as though I have become friends with these characters, and even though the book can stand alone, I defiantly had to buy the sequel to see what happens next in this couple's life.
Well written with good characters and, to me, a believable plot. I think the book is filled with OCF errors - not necessarily typos - and I find it hard to ignore them. To me, they stand out and give a jarring effect on my pleasant time reading. Apostrophes seem to have disappeared for the most part - cant, wont, wed, etc. etc. I was able to ignore some of them, but some, like wed, I had to mentally check to see which word was appropriate. For I'll - there was Ell or E11 very often. Too bad it wasn't cleaned up better.
A Time to Dance (Women of Faith Fiction #1) ebook
Karen Kingsbury
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Westbow Pr (April 5, 2005)
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