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by Irene Hannon

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Irene Hannon is the author of more than 35 novels, including the bestselling Heroes of Quantico and Guardians of Justice series

Irene Hannon is the author of more than 35 novels, including the bestselling Heroes of Quantico and Guardians of Justice series. Start reading Fatal Judgment (Guardians of Justice Book A Novel on your Kindle in under a minute. Fatal Judgment is a chilling story that can be taken from today's headlines. Irene Hannon pens a realistic, intriguing, gripping story I couldn't put down

Irene Hannon is the author of more than 35 novels, including the bestselling Heroes of Quantico and Guardians of Justice series.

Irene Hannon is the author of more than 35 novels, including the bestselling Heroes of Quantico and Guardians of Justice series. Booklist also included one of her novels in its "Top 10 Inspirational Fiction" list for 2011. She lives in Missouri. For more information about her and her books, Irene invites you to visit her web site at ww. renehannon.

Fatal Judgment is book one in the Guardians of Justice series. A new series from author, Irene Hannon. Title: FATAL JUDGMENT Author: Irene Hannon Publisher: Revell January 2011 ISBN: 978-0-8007-3456-5 Genre: ic suspense. I have read a few prior novels from this author and liked them. Marshal Jake Taylor has just relocated to his hometown of St. Louis. But he’s no sooner arrived than a shooting occurs at the home of a federal judge.

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Full of the suspense and romance Irene Hannon's fans have come to love, Fatal Judgment is a thrilling story that .

Full of the suspense and romance Irene Hannon's fans have come to love, Fatal Judgment is a thrilling story that will keep readers turning the pages late into the night. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. And, the good thing is, this is book 1 in Hannon's newest series, Guardians of Justice, so we will get more of this awesome crime drama! The characters in this book are all unique in their own way, each with their own struggles, and I fell in love with each one of them. This book, and it's wonderfully molded characters, absolutely gripped me and pulled me directly into the plot.

Fatal Judgment Guardians of Justice, Book 1 Volume 1. Ciorioianu.

Irene Hannon is the bestselling and award-winning author of more than fifty contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels, including Dangerous Illusions, as well as the Men of Valor, Heroes of Quantico, Guardians of Justice, and Private Justice series. In addition to her many other honors, she is a three-time winner of the prestigious RITA Award from Romance Writers of America. Each of her suspense novels have been ECPA/CBA bestsellers. Books by Irene Hannon.

U.S. Marshal Jake Taylor has seen plenty of action during his years in law enforcement. But he'd rather go back to Iraq than face his next assignment: protection detail for federal judge Liz Michaels. His feelings toward Liz haven't warmed in the five years since she lost her husband--and Jake's best friend--to possible suicide. How can Jake be expected to care for the coldhearted workaholic who drove his friend to despair? As the danger mounts and Jake gets to know Liz better, his feelings slowly start to change. When it becomes clear that an unknown enemy may want her dead, the stakes are raised. Because now both her life--and his heart--are in mortal danger.
Nothing personal
Wow, this was a really good story! I can't believe I just happened upon Ms. Hannon's work, What luck! Ms. Hannon is a seasoned author, and it shows. The plot is tight; the story that unfolds riveting. Furthermore, the characters, both protagonists and secondary characters, are so well developed that they almost seemed real. Liz, the heroine, is a District Court judge, a position she's only had for four months. Liz's sister is recently separated from her husband and is staying with Liz when she is murdered--shot in the back of the head. The US Marshals are called in to provide Liz with a protective detail until it can be determined whether her sister, or Liz, was the intended target.

Jake Taylor, a veteran US Marshal, was the best friend of Liz's husband, who died five years earlier. Jake and Liz haven't seen each other since the funeral, and before that they had only met once, when Liz married his friend. Although Jake Liz very well, he certainly has an opinion of her, one based on things told to him by his friend. From those conversations, Jake believes Liz is cold-hearted, work obsessed, and self-absorbed. Jake is not happy when he is put in charge of Liz's protective detail, but being the consummate professional he accepts the assignment without complaint. At first Jake's manner towards Liz is reserved and strictly professional, but in light of her intense grief, he can't help but feel compassion towards her. Very quickly his manner softens, and as he spends more time with Liz, Jake comes to realize that she is nothing like he thought she was; she is kind, compassionate, caring, and generous. Very quickly, Jake's feelings for Liz change and evolve into love.

What I really like about this story is the way the romance between Jake and Liz evolves over time. This is no rush to love; although the two are intensely attracted from very early on. I loved the fact that despite his reservations about Liz, Jake was always polite and professional towards her, and as he gets to know her better, his behavior became more protective, tender, and very sweet. This being a Christian romance, the story is clean; no sex, just the occasional sweet kiss here and there. That does not mean, however, that there is no chemistry between the couple. In fact the opposite is true. Jake is very attracted to Liz, and at times has an almost overwhelming urge to hold her or kiss her. Nonetheless, while he was assigned to protect her, Jake keeps his behavior professional, and it's not until the threat against Liz is removed that the couple finally share their first kiss. In the interim, we see sweet moments between them; a tender look, a light caress of a cheek, a moment of hand holding.

The story provides an overall picture for the reader--by that I mean that we are privy to the identity of the culprit who seeks to murder Liz very early on in the book. Parts of the story are told from the killer's perspective, and we get to know a little about him, his life, and his motivation for trying to kill Liz. For some readers this may be a deal breaker as some prefer to have the mystery drawn out to the very end--or close to--but, I personally enjoyed getting to see things from the perpetrator's POV. It provided an added dimension to the story. My only complaint about the book--if I had to have one--is that for a large part of the story there isn't very much going on in terms of the murder. During that period we see a lot of Jake and Liz together as their relationship develop, which was nice, and we get to follow the police investigation into the murder as they attempt to determine to find the killer and determine whether or not Liz was the intended target. We also get to follow the killer and see what he's doing as he prepares for a second attempt against Liz's life. However, it's not until about the last third of the book that things pick up and the story begins to get exciting. This is certainly not what I would call an action-packed story.

Aside from that one minor complaint aside, I really enjoyed this book. It's a nice combination of sweet romance and suspenseful drama. There's no sex, but truthfully I didn't miss it. As for the Christian aspect, it's very subtle. This book is certainly not what I would call preachy. There is no bible passages quoted, no prayers recited, or the like. Instead, this is a story that involves characters who, like most real people, try to live good Christian lives, but how struggle with their faith, especially during difficult times. IMO, unless you are a person who is offended by any mention of God or Christianity, you probably won't be bothered by the religious aspect. FYI, Jake's younger brother and sister, both of whom are prominently featured in this story, do get their own story in the second and third books in the Guardian's of Justice trilogy. Happy reading!
This seems to be a rewrite of her novel "Against All Odds which is a bit more believable. Same scenario, same threatened beautiful and accomplished heroine, same handsome protector and similar hang ups for each to overcome for love to happen. The threat in this novel is given a boost when her protectors give her well meaning neighbors the location of the safe house. This does not seem logical as the known location of a safe house makes it not safe. HRT 101.
You know, not a bad book at all. The story was well written, and kept you involved. A super page turner? No, not really, but enough that you finish the book satisified. Good character development, good story, and accurate law enforcement and weapons information.

I always hate when a writer has unrealistic views of weapons.. eg the 1911 45, that never needs reloading... Not so in this book. The author understood, how things are in real life.

I will add that I do not think there was a swear word, or graphic scene, or graphic sex in this book. Quite a pleasure, and a testament to the writer, being able to tell a story without using crutches like this.
This is what I call a "formula book." You have the handsome, strong federal agent go protect the beautiful, yet independent woman during a time of crisis. The agent says he won't get involved, yet finds himself inexorably pulled in by her looks and her fragility. This book followed that formula so close, I couldn't decide if I'd read the book before or not.

What was different about this book was the undercurrent of the Christian faith that ran through the whole thing. However, it wasn't shoved in your face over and over, and didn't impact the story a whole lot.

We have human fragility in faith in the form of Jake Taylor, who lost his faith in God when he lost his wife to a senseless accident several years back. Whereas Elizabeth clung to her faith during all of the trials she'd faced over the years. Do not think that this book depended on God stepping in and make everything work out perfect. It wasn't like that at all. However, the faith component definitely kept down the unnecessary curse words and sexual interactions. It made it so I would be more than willing to hand the book over to my 16 year old without any qualms.

The book had a spectacular ending that kept you flipping through the pages as fast as you could read them to find out what happened next. All in all, It was well-written and an enjoyable read. If you like these types of books, this is one you definitely want to add to your list if you don't mind the Christian aspect of the story line.
US Marshall's Service has the distinction of a very high success rate in protecting those put in their care. However, inspite of their best efforts the youngest federal judge appointed to the 8th Circuit for just four months is kidnapped. Her life depends on the collective skills of US Marshalls, FBI, local PD and the efforts of a man who loves her deeply. This is fast paced, well scripted, with great characterization. A joy to read, with lives based in Christian values.
5 stars! What a great read this was... no sex for me to skim used to love those pages but 'over it now'
No mystery to solve but the WAIT and how this murderer did things was so well written..i was up at 4:30 to finish reading it!
This was a book i did not want to put down....just really enjoyed it... i read for the escape...not to critisie and tear apart as some reviewers seem to love to do.. also i do not always go by what others say because sometimes their reviews are just too is much better to find out for yourself.. and if you get the book for free i will never understand WHY people do not start to read it for themselves..if you do not like it..then stop reading and move on to next book... i have found many wonderful authors i have never read before LIKE THIS ONE that i will now follow because i read her free book!! well done...enjoyed it...
Fatal Judgment (Guardians of Justice) ebook
Irene Hannon
Literature & Fiction
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