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Kansas Brides: His Brother's Bride (Heartsong Novella in Large Print) ebook

by Denise Hunter

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His Brother's Bride : The Town of Cedar Springs Is Home to Four Marriage Conflicts. Book in the Kansas Brides Series). Kansas Brides: Bittersweet Bride (Heartsong Novella in Large Print). Kansas Brides: Stranger's Bride/Never a Bride/Bittersweet Bride/His Brother's Bride.

Kansas Brides, Книги 2. Denise Hunter. This is one of the most enjoyable novellas I have read in awhile. Author Denise Hunters philosophy is God needs to be the center of our lives. On the historic plains, four women find someone to marry. She, her husband, and three young sons live in Indiana. Библиографические данные.

Kansas Brides Never a Bride Heartsong Novella in Large Print.

Report an error in the book. Anna Jensen's love isn't enough. August Nilsson is consumed with envy for his older brother. Gustaf has everything August has ever wanted – a wife, a child, and a home. And before it all, Gustaf had courted Anna – the same woman who captured August's heart upon his arrival in Minnesota. Will these two allow the Lord to speak truth into their hearts?

Download Kansas Brides Never a Bride Heartsong Novella in Large Print.

Download Kansas Brides Never a Bride Heartsong Novella in Large Print.

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Items related to His Brother's Bride (Heartsong Presents Denise Hunter His Brother's Bride (Heartsong Presents ISBN 13: 9781586608453. His Brother's Bride (Heartsong Presents

His Brother's Bride - eBook. Title: His Brother's Bride - eBook By: Denise Hunter Format: DRM Free ePub Vendor: Barbour Books Publication Date: 2013.

His Brother's Bride - eBook. More in Truly Yours Series. ISBN: 9781628367751 ISBN-13: 9781628367751 Series: Truly Yours Stock No: WW46554EB. Publisher's Description. This arrangement will answer all of her problems - best buried. But when she arrives in Cedar Bend, Kansas, she finds her world has been turned upside-down.

Kansas Brides: His Brother's Bride (Heartsong Novella in Large Print). Coauthors & Alternates. ISBN 9780786295326 (978-0-7862-9532-6) Hardcover, Thorndike Pr, 2007.

Kansas Brides: His Brother's Bride (Heartsong Novella in Large Print)
Emily was being forced to wed. Her uncle is the guardian of her grandmother and threatens to place her in an asylum unless she marries Thomas, a man she has been corresponding with, so she can find a treasure that is buried on the land Thomas and his brother own and then give it to her uncle. When she arrives, she is devastated to hear that Thomas has died. She had really liked Thomas and was looking forward to marrying him, but she also feared for her grandmother if she couldn't find the treasure. Cade, Thomas' brother, needs someone to help him care for his son now that he no longer has Thomas' help, so he proposes a marriage of convenience, in name only. The only problem is, Emily doesn't find out about the "in name only" part until after the marriage. She's terribly disappointed because she longed to have children of her own. In the meantime, she has to find the treasure map and the gold. This is a very interesting story. I loved Emily. She's such a good mom to her stepson and you certainly understand her motivation for searching for the treasure. Everything she does is to help someone else. She's a very caring and giving person. I like Cade and his son too. This is a beautiful love story.
The love story unfolding was sweet but the suspenseful plot was not believable, in my opinion. I had to suspend common sense to believe Emily and Thomas formed such a connection AND coincidentally they were distantly connected by their ancestors' crime...I also had moments of skepticism that Cade & Emily could delay having a REAL marriage for so long after their numerous episodes of shared just wasn't did conveniently pave the way for more tension and though it seems I'm not happy with the book, I'm only pointing out what kept this book from 5 stars...
Forced to marry to the brother of her intended, Emily dreams only of having children of her own and saving her Nana from her uncle's scams. Cade never wanted to remarry but he needs a mother figure for his son and a housekeeper and wants only a marriage in name. Can they become friends? Can they be more than that?
It is about a young woman named Emily who agrees to an arranged marriage with a man that she has never seen before. When she gets to the town she finds out that her husband to be had died so she married his brother,who is looking for a wife in name only. I cannot tell you the rest or you won't get this book and find out:)
Such a sweet story. Fining hope, forgiveness and love through loss and pain and deceit. Love comes through when you reach out to the Lord
Another great book. I would recommend it to anyone. She makes you feel as if you are right there with the families.
Great read . I had bought the book with 4 books in one and got to the end book, His Brother's Bride and it was missing the last 50 pages. I had to order this book to see how it ended. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
This is but another grand read in this series! The unadulterated romance is fitting and even more captivating for any age reader! I can hardly wait for the next read.
Kansas Brides: His Brother's Bride (Heartsong Novella in Large Print) ebook
Denise Hunter
Literature & Fiction
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Thorndike Pr (June 7, 2007)
239 pages
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