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The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation (Foundations of Evangelical Theology) ebook

by ,Bruce Demarest

The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation (Foundations of Evangelical Theology). This is the second volume of a primer on Christian Theology. Like the first volume it is reader friendly and easily understandable. It upholds the l view.

The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation (Foundations of Evangelical Theology). This volume centers on the creation, fall, and salvation. They organize the volume in four acts: Act 1 – Creation; Act 2 – Fall; Act 3 – Redemption; and Act 4 – Restoration. Like any good primer it gives a good balance of the views on different views of theology. I like the emphasis on the Grace of God.

This latest addition to the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series maintains the high standard already set. Graham Cole has written the widest-ranging textbook on pneumatology that currently exists. This item: He Who Gives Life: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Foundations of Evangelical Theology). The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation (Foundations of Evangelical Theology).

The Cross and Salvation (Hardcover): The Doctrine of Salvation. Exploring Christian Theology is a wonderful doctrinal primer that teaches theology in a way that will engage you and cause you to reflect. Dallas Seminary professors Nathan Holsteen and Michael Svigel are passionate about the key doctrines of Christianity. They want readers to know why they're important and why they matter. This volume includes two parts: · From Dust to Dust: Creation, Humanity, and the Fall · Wise Unto Salvation: Gospel, Atonement, and Saving Grace.

The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation (Foundations of Evangelical . This is an excellent presentation of the doctrine of salvation and of the complimentary doctrines of sin, and the Savior

This is an excellent presentation of the doctrine of salvation and of the complimentary doctrines of sin, and the Savior.

The Cross and Salvation book. A good survey of historical theology on the cross and salvation. Oct 14, 2017 Jerrill Wyler rated it it was amazing.

The Salvation Army Handbook of Doctrine.

The Sacramental Journey of the Salvation Army: A Study of Holiness Foundations Paperback – April 10, 2017. by. R. David Rightmire (Author). The Salvation Army Handbook of Doctrine. This item: The Sacramental Journey of the Salvation Army: A Study of Holiness Foundations. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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Foundations of the Esoteric Tradition is Volume Two of a pair of texts produced to support Tarot of the Holy Light Tarot. Volume One is entitled Tarot of the Holy Light; A Continental Esoteric Tarot. This volume traces the historical framing that supports all the operative arts of Western Esotericism. The charisma imparted by these intellectual currents, dating from antiquity to the Enlightenment, has powered Tarot’s popularity within both esoteric and secular circles.

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Among other everyday images we find in the Scripture, the one of. .Other aspects of the Western theology of salvation also sharply contradict the traditional Christian concept of God as a loving Father.

Among other everyday images we find in the Scripture, the one of salvation as ransom was very powerful because in those times the world knew three forms of ransoming people, namel. ) ransoming from captivity, 2) ransoming from prison, for example, for debts, 3) ransoming from slavery. The doctrine of satisfaction of God’s justice is not only non-Patristic but also offensive. He appears to be more of a tyrant – solely and arbitrarily deciding who lives and who dies. What is the saving faith in Lutheranism?

This singular, comprehensive treatment of one of Christianity's essential doctrines gives definitive, Bible-based answers about salvation and the cross--and about related theological issues such as grace and regeneration.
No matter where you stand on the issues of salvation, within orthodoxy, this book is for you. If you ever questioned what the difference was between many of the denominations this is a good book for you. If you ever questioned if your belief actually has place or reason within scripture, this is a good book for you. While it is quite dense it meticulously walks through a dozen doctrines of salvation and breaks each one down by the commonly accepted beliefs within them and who typically holds that view. It is the perfect book for putting doctrines in a box and finding that you tend not to fit in any of the boxes. The writer pushes the reader to open scripture and find what they believe while seeing that each group of believers gets many things right and many wrong, with grey areas in between.
makes difficult doctrines understandable
Biblical sound, theologically accurate and thorough.
This is a great theological textbook about salvation. Bruce Demarest takes moderate Calvinist positions on all the salient areas. He teaches that we are totally depraved because of sin, not just polluted by the effects of sin as some say. He teaches that there is the common grace of God that gives everyone sunshine and rain and food and clothing, and the special grace of God for those who are chosen for salvation. He contends that God unconditionally chose certain people out of the mass of depraved humanity to be saved and passed the rest by. He rejects the Arminian notion of predestination based on God's foreknowledge of our actions, saying that God reserves the right to save some solely for His own purpose and grace (2 Timothy 1:9). He knows that 2 Peter 3:9, John 3:16, and 1 Timothy 2;4 are problem texts for his position, but he still holds to this classic Calvinist teaching.

He also teaches a version of the Limited atonement theory. He does teach the penal substitionary theory of Christ's death on the cross, but then wrongly ties Arminianism to the Moral Government theory. Arminius and other classic Arminians like myself teach penal substitution without apology.

Demarest contends that Christ's sacrificial death on the cross is sufficient for all, but effectual only for the elect. This way, he can say that Jesus saved every person he came to die for.

He also talks about the message of the gospel and concludes that the Lordship salvation teachers are right, that you have to acknowledge the Lordship of Christ to be saved (Romans 10:9).

Demarest also teaches that water baptism cannot save you and that the order of salvation is regeneration, repentance, faith, and conversion.

Demarest also takes Calvinist positions on irresistable grace and the perseverance of the saints.

Demarest does a great job discoursing on the differences in emphasis between Liberalism, Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism, Arminianism, Reformed Calvinism and Barthianism. Sometimes, Arminianism suffers the death by association, as Demarest quotes not so classical Arminians like Miley and Charles Finney. Demarest could have also delved more deeply into the homiletical and pastoral and exegetical problems posed by some of his Calvinist conclusions. None of the dogmatic expressions of evangelical piety (let alone the liberal ones) are without their exegetical conundrums, but a more irenic disclosure would have been helpful.

Still, this is a great, readable text on salvation, and everyone who wants to learn more about this great doctrine should read it.
Definitely an encyclopedic work. Demarest does a good job of explaining different views regarding Christology and Soteriology. He also defends why he believes a fairely-reformed, evangelical view most accurately portrays the array of biblical data on these topics. not an easy read, but very thorough. After reading it for his Theology 2 course, I probably will not refer to the book very often after taking the course. I appreciated the work, but find it to be too difficult to navigate to be much use after having read it through. Other theologies are much more approachable for the lay person (see Grudem's systematic theology, or even Erickson's Christian theology). Definitely an academic work.
Brilliant book and highly recommend for those who want a deeper understanding of soteriology.
This book promotes the theological position known as Amyraldism, if I've understood the author correctly. This book was important in turning me off of "The New Calvinism," because the hypothetical universalism promoted in this book makes much better sense of many biblical statements such as "He himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world." The committed 5 point Calvinist must redefine "world" to avoid a direct contradiction with the scriptures.

At the same time, the author is careful not to fall into the "free will" theology of Arminianism. As a former-Calvinist turned Lutheran, I think this book is pretty good on issues related to the extent of the atonement and election. They strike a careful middle ground that seeks to be more consistent with scripture, then consistent with the fallen logic of mankind. Arminianism and Calvinism are both logically consistent. The problem is, they have to deny the scriptures to remain consistent.

Lutheranism, Amyraldianism, and other systems care more about biblical fidelity then logical consistency.
very thourough
The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation (Foundations of Evangelical Theology) ebook
,Bruce Demarest
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