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Ships from and sold by Kit Treasures. The author should be complemented on the genuinly Norwegian feel she has given to this book, the subject is clearly close to her heart. - The International Cookbook Revue. Authentic Norwegian Cooking is magnificient!

Authentic Norwegian Cooking - Astrid Karlsen Scott. Disclaimer: This book is intended to be an informational resource and should be used as a general guide and not an ultimate source of Norwegian cooking.

Authentic Norwegian Cooking - Astrid Karlsen Scott. Every effort has been made to make this book as complete and factual as possible. The author and Skyhorse Publishing have neither responsibility nor liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information in this book.

by Astrid Karlsen Scott. norwegian cooking cooking book. Authentic Norwegian Cooking: Traditional Scandinavian Cooking Made Easy. 7 MB·3,543 Downloads. The surprise is the only way to new discoveries. With her thorough knowledge of cooking, and of Norwegian recipes and a. Daily, families leave Authent. Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking: Authentic Dishes for the Home Cook. 24 MB·4,274 Downloads·New!

Authentic Norwegian Cooking : More Than 300 Traditional Recipes! by Astrid Karlsen Scott. Norway is a culturally rich country, covered in snow the majority of the year, filled with mountainous terrain, and populated by sincere people.

Authentic Norwegian Cooking : More Than 300 Traditional Recipes! by Astrid Karlsen Scott. With this book, you too can enjoy all of Norway's finest traditional foods.

Author Astrid Karlsen Scott also provides tips for throwing parties, a helpful guide to temperatures, weights, and conversions, and excellent resources for even more Norwegian cooking. Heralded as magnificent by Ingrid Hovig Espelid, Norway’s Julia Childs, now you, too, can enjoy Nordic dining any day of the week! Lifestyle & Sports. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Authentic Norwegian Cooking. Traditional Scandinavian Cooking Made Easy. By Astrid Karlsen Scott. With this book, you too can enjoy all of Norway’s finest traditional foods

Authentic Norwegian Cooking. With this book, you too can enjoy all of Norway’s finest traditional foods. With more than 300 recipes gathered from throughout Norway, it is easy to use, includes recipes for every occasion, and includes a complete index and recipe titles in English and Norwegian.

Astrid Karlsen Scott a native of Norway, is internationally known for her books on Norwegian culture. Her award-winning video, Christmas in Norway, has been shown on television in the United States and in Europe

Astrid Karlsen Scott a native of Norway, is internationally known for her books on Norwegian culture. Her award-winning video, Christmas in Norway, has been shown on television in the United States and in Europe. She is also president of Nordic Adventure, a company dedicated to the promotion of Norwegian culture. She and her husband, Melvin McCabe Scott, J. live in Olympia, Washington.

About the Author: Astrid Karlsen Scott first became acquainted with Jan Baalsrud’s story in 1970. Title: Authentic Norwegian Cooking Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Publication Date: 2011 Binding: Hardcover Book Condition: Good. In 1997, she began serious investigation of the details of the story. Scott has returned to Norway eight times in a period of three years in her efforts to find the truth. 1. Authentic Norwegian Cooking. Astrid Karlsen Scott. Published by Skyhorse. ISBN 10: 1616082178 ISBN 13: 9781616082178.

Find nearly any book by Astrid Karlsen Scott. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Authentic Norwegian Cooking: ISBN 9781616082178 (978-1-61608-217-8) Hardcover, Skyhorse, 2011. Defiant Courage: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance. by Astrid Karlsen Scott, Tore Haug. ISBN 9781616081607 (978-1-61608-160-7) Softcover, Skyhorse, 2010.

More than 300 authentic recipes gathered from throughout Norway. 208 pages, 16 pages in full color, hardback. Appetizers, main courses, breads, lefser, flatbread, soups, salads, desserts, pastries, cakes, cookies and candies. Special Help chapter, Party chapter, source section, temperatures, weights and measures conversions. English and Norwegian headings with seperate index.
This is a very good cookbook for anyone interested in Norwegian cooking. The author explains a number of key issues in making traditional dishes (including rommegrot), and provides truly authentic recipes.

The food in the cookbook very good. The desserts are rich, and just about every major ethnic dish expected (Troll cream, lutefisk, rommegrot, etc). The book even has a detailed section on ways to fold napkins.

I am a fairly adventuresome eater, and this may lead to one caution with this book. Many books have conservative portions for desserts. Not this one. It is better if you are not quite sure how rich a dessert is to follow the recommended portion sizes.....

Scandinavian cooking is underrated as international cuisine goes. I have to give this cookbook five stars and recommend it to everyone.
To me, growing up in a Norwegian family, many of these recipes are familiar and comforting. It was nice to find them gathered in a single place.

It's not easy for me to judge if non-Norwegians will find the recipes as interesting as those raised with traditional meals might. Norwegian cooking could be perceived to be on the bland side. I once heard Rene Zellweger describe it as "everything white and boiled". It's not quite that bad but it's heavier on comfort, like potato dumplings and less on haute cuisine.
As a youngster growing up in rural Texas in a Norwegian family with immigrant grandparents, a Norwegian Mother and five first generation Norwegian Aunts I always looked forward to the Christmas holiday period as so many goodies came from those kitchens. Up until my Grandfather's death in 1953, he prepared the Lutefisk each year in the traditional manner. The dried fish was available in a local market so that it could be purchased and prepared properly. My Mother would even save fireplace ashes for my Grandfather to use in his preparation of the lye. In our Central Texas area near Clifton was Norse and Cranfils Gap. The Lutheran Church in Cranfils Gap hosted an annual Lutefisk dinner as a fund raiser. For some years after my Grandfather's death my family would attend that dinner so we could still have our Lutefisk. Later when Lutefisk was available frozen my Aunt's would purchase it so that we could continue our family tradition. The Thanksgiving holiday in late November signaled the beginning of the Christmas baking season. Three of my Aunts would work together to prepare the holiday baked goods and candies. I remember specifically their preparing the Fattigman cookies, although never using the Cognac in their alcohol free kitchens. Seeing this ingredient in this cookbook entices me to attempt this recipe using some Cognac. But, the more pressing issue with the Fattigman preparation was the weather's humidity on the days of preparing and thereafter. The air tight storage container is essential as the Fattigman cookies lose their special appeal when they are no longer crisp and crunchy. In later years I was fortunate to travel to Norway multiple times to meet family and further enjoy many of the unique and special culinary treats of this cuisine. On that very first trip in 1968 we had trays of Smorbrod set before us with their endless variety of toppings and we were overwhelmed. But, even this did not prepare us for the dessert, a huge platter of cold vanilla ice cream in the middle surrounded by cloud berries. Almost every page of this book brings back some special memory.
Thank you so very much for making this cookbook available. It is more than I thought it would be. The recipes are outstanding, the photo sections attractive & the illustrations lending character to the charm of the book.
Again I thank you.
From simple breads (like lefse) & meats to complex cakes, this book has them all. Tips & cooking tricks are included. I prefer some of my grandmom's recipes, but this filled in a lot of gaps. Very glad I bought it!
This is a very good introduction to Norwegian cuisine for those who have no experience in the subject. Down a star due because the pictures don't translate well to Kindle, and because the index seemed to me to be somewhat incomplete.
Interesting cookbook. I'm always looking for yumlicious new foods. Some of this food I think only a Norwegian mother could love...but its great to see how the rest of the world eats.
Finally, Norwegian recipes just like my mother's. Perhaps it's because the author is from Oslo and so is my mom but I was so thrilled to see the food we grew up with in this book. This weekend I made the yellow pea soup and, of all the recipes I found online, this was the only one calling for whole yellow peas, which is what we used in my house. We always had Lompa, not lefse. This book has lefse recipes AND a lompa recipe. Another, Sandkake. Everybody wants to grind almonds into the batter but not in my house nor in this book.

We lost our dear mother a few months ago and now more than ever I regret not learning more from her and this book is the next best thing. Thank you!
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