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by Owen Wister

Home Owen Wister The Dragon of Wantley: His Tale. We two-the author and his illustrator-did not know what we had doneuntil the newspapers told us.

Home Owen Wister The Dragon of Wantley: His Tale. The dragon of wantley . .The Dragon of Wantley: His Tale, . - Congregationalist, Boston, 8 Dec. '92. "It ought to be the delight of the nursery. - National Tribune, Washington, 22 Dec. Now are all the people long awake and out of their beds. Wantley Manoris stirring busily in each quarter of the house and court, and thewhole county likewise is agog. 3. By seven o'clock this morning it wasnoised in every thatched cottage and in every gabled hall that thegreat Dragon had been captured.

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When I said this morning that I would give mydaughter to the man who brought me the Dragon alive or dead, did I sayI would give him the Dragon too? So choose which you will take, forboth you cannot have. At this Elaine turned pale as death, and Geoffrey stood dumb. Had anybody looked at the Dragon, it was easy to see the beast wasmuch agitated. Choose!" said Sir Godfrey. 'Tis getting too cold to stay here. What?You hesitate between my daughter and a miserable reptile?

A novel, The Dragon of Wantley, was written by Owen Wister (best known as the author of The Virginian) in 1892. Illustrations by John Stewardson.

A novel, The Dragon of Wantley, was written by Owen Wister (best known as the author of The Virginian) in 1892. Published by Lipincott Press, the story is a comic "burlesque" (in the author's words), concerning the "true" story of the Dragon. It is a romantic story set at Christmastime in the early 13th century. First Page: The dragon of wantley.

Butall this was nothing to the fuss he made about his wine. When theclaret was not warm enough, or the Moselle wine was not cool enough,you could hear him roaring all over the house; for, though generous inheart and a staunch Churchman, he was immoderately choleric. Veryoften, when Sir Godfrey fell into one of his rages at dinner, oldPopham, standing behind his chair, trembled so violently that hiscalves would shake loose, thus obliging him to hasten behind the tallleathern screen at the head of the banquet-hall and readjust them.

Bravo, Dragon!" thought Hubert, as he listened to this wily talk ofhis chief. More than this, Anselm, if any male descendant from medirect shall at any time attend a Crusade when it is declared, thecountry will be free forever. So saying, he dissolved out of my sightin a silver gleaming mist. But the words "weak woman" had touched the pride of Miss Elaine. Iknow nothing of weak women," she said, very stately; "but I do knowthat I am strong enough to meet this Dragon, and, moreover, firmlyintend to do so this very night. Here Father Anselm paused, and from underhis hood watched with a trifle of anxiety the effect of his speech.

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Start by marking The Dragon Of Wantley, His Tale as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. His fairy tale is irreverent, deviates substantially from formula, fosters a dominate female protagonist who is not your typical subjected heroine, with a matter-of-fact, casual narrator, and a magical premise siphoned away by individual vitality. What is the result? All of the fun that the setting of a fairy tale can provide, yet none of the stifling formality and monochromatic feel of a traditional, medieval fairy tale.

The Dragon of Wantley, His Tale. One fee. Stacks of books.

Books were merry, goodness knows! . There was something wrong in the cellar at Wantley Manor.

Books were merry, goodness knows! When Betsinda held the Rose. Now, Sir Godfrey Disseisin, fourth Baron of Wantley, and immediate tenant by knight-service to His Majesty King John of England, was particular about his dogs, and particular about his horses, and about his only daughter and his boy Roland, and had been very particular indeed about his wife, who, I am sorry to say, did not live long.

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Owen Wister
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