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by Scott Dikkers

Scott Dikkers (born March 1, 1965) is an American comedy writer, speaker and entrepreneur.

Scott Dikkers (born March 1, 1965) is an American comedy writer, speaker and entrepreneur. He currently heads the "Writing with The Onion" program in partnership with The Onion and The Second City in Chicago.

You Are Worthless is the self-help book from hell

You Are Worthless is the self-help book from hell. This bracing blast of negativity takes aim at the impossibly cheerful inspirational self-help books flooding the market and hits the bullseye.

You Are Worthless book. It's hysterical and downright mean; including inspirational This book is essentially a collection of terrible things (and occasionally brutally honest things) to say to a person.

How to Write Funny Podcast. Scott is the New York Times bestselling author or co-author of over 20 humor books. New! "Outrageous Marketing: The Story of The Onion and How To Build a Powerful Brand with No Marketing Budget". New! Welcome to the Future Which Is Mine

45: A Portrait of My Knucklehead Brother Jeb.

How to Write Funnier: Book Two of Your Serious Step-by-Step Blueprint for Creating Incredibly, Irresistibly, Successfully Hilarious Writing (How to Write Funny). 45: A Portrait of My Knucklehead Brother Jeb. Peter Hilleran, Scott Dikkers. How to Write Funny: Your Serious, Step-By-Step Blueprint For Creating Incredibly, Irresistibly, Successfully Hilarious Writing. E-Day! the Unproduced Screenplay. Jay Rath, Scott Dikkers. This bracing blast of negativity takes aim at the impossibly cheerful "inspirational self-help" books flooding the market and hits the bullseye, with chapters such as "Your Good-for-Nothing Friends," "Your Miserable Job," and "Life: What's the Use?" This hilarious parody collects hundreds of tidbits of painful reality such as "You're no good, you're not great-looking, and you're going to die someday and it's probably going to hurt. Dikkers and Hilleren call on their finely honed journalism expertise every week to write and record the President's weekly radio address on WeeklyRadioAddress.

Scott Dikkers born 1965 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the author or co-author of several best-selling humor books. He is also the creator and artist of the comic strip Jim's Journal, which was syndicated to college newspapers from 1987–1997. I Went to College and It Was Okay: A Collection of Jim's Journal Cartoons (1991, ISBN 0-8362-1867-1).

Scott Dikkers is a comedy entrepreneur who founded The Onion. Are you feeling jealous of peers who are successful, who are finding fame and fortune faster than you, and wondering if you have what it takes to make it? I have the answers for you.

Top 9 quotes by Scott Dikkers. Discover Scott Dikkers famous and rare quotes. Scott Dikkers (2009). You Are Worthless: Depressing Nuggets of Wisdom Sure to Ruin Your Day, . 70, Andrews McMeel Publishing. Believe, Lying, Atheist

Top 9 quotes by Scott Dikkers. Believe, Lying, Atheist. 41. Statistically speaking, there is a 65 percent chance that the love of your life is having an affair. Chance, Romance, Relationship.

From the New York Times best-selling authors of You Are Worthless and Just Give Up comes an even less inspiring book for those past their prime.

The law of averages would suggest that at some point in your life someone has referred to you as "that idiot". The blast of negativity in this book hits hard with chapters such as "Your Good-for-nothing Friends", "Your Miserable Job" and "Life: What's the Use?"
Best book ever. Really puts life in perspective.
net rider
This book has reshaped my entire worldview.
This book is not made for the easily offended, it truly is depressive nuggets of wisdom but more than anything it'll make you laugh. Again, do not give this book to someone who is depressed. Bad combination.
The author is a genius in the art of verisimilitude. Read this and laugh. Avoid it at your own peril.
I definitely enjoyed this one. I found it when it was available free, but it's definitely worth at least a couple of bucks!
I work in a bookstore and came across this book while shelving my humor section. It gave me a refreshing break from some of the books I deal with on a daily basis in my self improvement section. As another reviewer noted, it should make you feel worse if you feel bad, but it doesn't!! It helps you take yourself a little less seriously. Clearly you wouldn't give this book to a person who is clinically depressed. I'm giving it to my nephew for his college graduation. He has a healthy skepticism about the world and will enjoy this tongue-in-cheek look at life. One quote that struck a chord with me: "Your kids are nothing special. They're just like everyone else's kids." Made me laugh and I'll better handle the next person I come in contact with who goes on and on about their 4 year old reading Grapes Of Wrath .... I'll think of that line and smile. One caution: If you do not appreciate jibes taken at religion (ALL religions), don't read that section!
YOU ARE WORTHLESS is one of those bathroom readers that one gives or receives as a gag gift. That's how I got my copy ... from an ex-boss. (Hmmm... at least I think it was a gag gift.)
The book's hypothesis, made with one-liners and short observations, is that you and your life are essentially worthless and meaningless from the points of view of your friends, co-workers, boss, lovers, children, pets, and God. I guess one would have to be careful to whom to give this volume as a present. If the recipient was already suicidal, or maybe just enduring a 50th birthday, it might be enough to push him or her over the edge ... literally.
Some of the passages are particularly warm and fuzzy:
"Killing yourself would be a good idea. The only problem is that you don't have the guts"
"The bus driver would just as soon slit your throat as give you a ride."
"Next time you have sex, fixate on just how horribly unattractive your body is."
"You hate your job. And it's safe to say that no one at your job is particularly fond of you either."
"When you pray, no one is listening. Furthermore, you look ridiculous."
And my personal favorite, because I have a pet cat, Trouble, that I regard as my good buddy:
"That special bond you think you have with your pet is imaginary. As long as it has food and water, you could get hit by a train tomorrow, and your pet wouldn't think anything of it."
I'm enormously lucky in that I have a healthy level of self-esteem. Otherwise, I think I might close this book and go looking for a garden hose to attach to my car's exhaust pipe.
Life is meaningless. We are all slugs. We should kill ourselves. Or better yet, hire someone to kill you, but before he does, send a letter to the police, with a description of your killer, and his home address, and let him go to prison for the rest of his life. AHAHAHAHAH!!!

But semi-seriously, folks, this is a very funny book. It is a parody, a satire, a joke, a lark, a laugh, a sarcastic look at the things we should all keep in mind as we go through our daily routine.

It's funny because it's ridiculous. It's funny because life is NOT meaningless, we are NOT worthless, and suicide is a waste. Get this book and do not take it seriously, just laugh at it. Give it to some dooms- day, constantly depressed, miserable indivigual and maybe it will cheer him up

by making him see how silly he is. Get the point?
You Are Worthless (pb) ebook
Scott Dikkers
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