Skintight ebook

by Susan Andersen

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Professional poker player Jax Gallagher should have known better than to wager a World Series baseball that wasn't his to lose. Now the man who won the collectible is demanding his prizeâ?¦or else.

Treena said in the dancers’ dressing room later that evening. Leaning in to the lighted mirror, she carefully fit the first number’s towering headpiece over her hair. Leaning in to the lighted mirror, she carefully fit the first number’s towering headpiece over her hair nd thirty grand at a pop while I was watching-and apparently the pots grow larger as the game goes on. God, I wonder how Jax is doing since I left? His stack of chips was one of the biggest on the table when we arrived, and a guy next to me told me that’s because while everyone starts out with the same amount, the current table stakes are the accumulated winnings since the begin.

A tragic past forces Emma to flee to smalltown Port Flannery in Washington state. Sheriff Elvis Donnelly is also the victim of a brutal past.

A Ride On the Wild SideThe last place Catherine MacPherson ever expected to find herself was sitting on a Greyhound bus, handcuffed to a surly bounty hunter, with only a suitcase of her twin sister's flashy, shrink-wrap clothing to wear! Just two hours ago, the respectable schoolteacher was sitting quietly at home when this bi macho hunk crashed through her door, mistook her for her errant Miami showgirl sister, and hauled her off in his strong arms. A tragic past forces Emma to flee to smalltown Port Flannery in Washington state.

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The set up for Jax and Treena's romance in Skintight has "big misunderstanding" written all over it which generally sends me running the other way Narrated by Johanna Parker Narration 5 s.

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Large Print, Romance
Zeus Wooden
Recent widow and Vegas showgirl Treena McCall is not sure if she wants to give her husband's prized autographed 1927 World Series baseball to his estranged son, Jackson. Further complicating the matter - she does not know where to find him since he did not even bother to come to the funeral.

A chance meeting with a sexy poker champion gets her heart racing again. Jax Gallagher is everything she ever wanted in a man. Talk dark and handsome... he is even more than she ever wanted, as he is also her late husband's estranged son, with the intention of keeping his parentage a secret, and romancing the ball right out from under her. She is not sure she wants to get involved, as she needs to concentrate on the career she put on hold while nursing her husband,, and going through both their life savings.

The night that Jax found out his father died is the night that he realized there would be no reconciliation. He would never have the chance to understand why his father kept him at arm's length and never was there for him. A math prodigy, Jax was shipped off at an early age to fend for himself in an adult world. Making a rookie error, he was out of cash and bet the 1927 baseball to a Russian card sharp, and lost.

As he sets about to insinuate himself into Treena's life, he does not count on falling for her, as she is nothing like the gold digging bimbo he thought she would be. As they get closer, and the Russian more adamant about getting his baseball, Jax struggles with his heart and his conscience, and discovers that his father was not the callous bastard he thought him to be. And that baseball could make all Treena's financial dreams come true. What's a guy to do?
I have read all she has written so far and have never been disappointed. She mixes funny with romantic (sexually romantic as well as emotionally) and if your dealing with a true mystery she doesn't let you down. I would never hesitate to read anything she writes.
Excellent story line. Great love scenes. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read books a good story that ends good.
The book was in the condition specified. The book was very enjoyable. It had some romance, humor, but most of all love and understanding. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes/loves to read.
I have thoroughly enjoyed Susan Andersen's previous books. However, this one I found to be pretty much ho-hum. I like to feel involved with the characters but here I could have cared less.
Jackson "Jax" Gallagher arrives in Las Vegas using a high stakes poker tournament to hide his efforts to steal his late father's prized autographed 1927 World Series ball from his dad's widow dancer Treena McCall. Jax was estranged from his father, but loathes the widow who he assumes took advantage of the much older man. He regrets the loss of the ball, an heirloom from his grandfather, but he foolishly used it in a poker game in Monaco with the dangerous Sergei Kirov, fan of Americana collectibles. Failure to payoff his debt will mean broken bones.

Jax meets Treena but hides from her that he is her stepson albeit older than her. He is shocked that she is nice and seems to genuinely like her dad and fails to come across even remotely as a gold digger. As they fall in love, he knows he cannot steal the ball though he will be lucky to survive the beating from Kirov's thugs and fears she will hate him when she learns who he is.

Treena is a nice person (perhaps too good) who actually nursed an ailing Big Jim throughout their short marriage, which in turn cost the dance captain spot. She loved Big Jim like a father and mourns him when she meets the son, who she falls in love with like a lover. Jax appears selfish at first but ultimately tries to do the right thing. Kirov is an interesting Elvis loving thug. Together this threesome makes for a fine romantic suspense with the action coming late.

Harriet Klausner
Las Vegas showgirl Treena McCall married Big Jim McCall when his prostate cancer was in remission. Big Jim paid attention to her, listened to her. They weren't in love but they did care about each other. When the cancer returned shortly after they married, Treena took care of him until he died, using up his money and her savings.

Four months after becoming a widow, and having returned to her showgirl job, Treena meets Jax Gallagher, a professional poker player. Treena doesn't know Jax is Big Jim's estranged son. Jax was a child prodigy math genius who graduated from M.I.T. at age seventeen. He felt he never measured up in Big Jim's eyes, always felt inadequate.

Jax arranges to meet Treena so he can get inside her house and steal something: A valuable 1927 World Series home run baseball signed by Murderer's Row. Jax's grandfather and father owned the baseball and Jax thought it should be his. And he really needs it. He foolishly used the ball as a bet and lost it to a Russian mafia-type gambler. His plan to steal the ball is sidetracked when he falls in love with Treena. Jax finds out too late that Treena had planned to give him the ball all along.

This was a great look into the life of a showgirl, how hard she worked, how uncertain her future was. Only stumbling block for me was throughout most of the story Jax believed Treena had been his father's wife "in the Biblical sense" and Jax still went to bed with her. That was not cool. Otherwise a solid story.
Skintight ebook
Susan Andersen
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