Black Gemini ebook

by Rachael J Kirby

Black Gemini is an unusual combination of sci-fi and romance  . Details (if other): Cancel.

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The problem is perhaps that you could substitute the Black Panther with any of Kirby's other renditions of Marvel characters - from Captain America to Ikaris of the Eternals and it probably wouldn't make much difference. The Black Panther takes a backseat to Kirby's brand of grotesque storytelling and doesn't really stand out here.

The Zodiac Twin Flame series is a young adult paranormal romance series.

When the cards were turned, they changed my life. The flick of a wrist as I revealed my hand changed destiny. The Zodiac Twin Flame series is a young adult paranormal romance series.

11. 5. 214 (1 Today). By DWN019-Gemini-Man. Watch. don't do that without my permission, okay, Kirby?

11. Published: June 12, 2015. don't do that without my permission, okay, Kirby? ((I was bored.

Incredible Jack kirby double page spreads from his stint on Black Panther. What others are saying. Jack Kirby helped create Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and more. Here are ten creations that most capture that Kirby craziness. Also, visit my illustration portfolio. The Bristol Board: some of Jack Kirby’s best double-page.

General Viper is not a man to be crossed nor challenged. He has a reputation for being cruel, cold and vindictive.

Select Format: Hardcover. General Viper is not a man to be crossed nor challenged.

Working for future Earths `Federation`- Lieutenant Jessica Wilson was one of the new military trainer's aboard the space station "Gemini." Her new commander, General Viper is the powerful and corrupt leader of Gemini. He is a feared man, reputed to be cruel, uncaring and vindictive. He uses extreme methods to obtain results and never lets anyone get close to him. Viper has a past and Jess is intrigued by his secretive nature and becomes desperate to get behind the man who`s face is hidden by a visor and who`s personality is hidden behind a harsh exterior. As Jess reunites with old acquaintances Millie Hopkins and Mike Hunter, She knows as everyone else does that Viper is not a man to be crossed or challenged. Yet Jess finds herself strangely attracted to him. He has a deep dark past, one she is determined to discover. Jess soon discovers the reasons why and becomes embroiled in a dark dangerous game of murder, suspense and love and passion. Both Jess and Viper have their demons and past enemies to deal with in this thrilling, futuristic, science fiction, love story.
I gave this book a chance for the price, but you get what you pay for. This was not well written, and the characters and conversations bounce all over the place. It feels very choppy. The dialogue is not very believable. The spacing and structure are horrendous. Don't waste your time. I couldn't even finish the book, and I have never not finished a book before.
This book was fun to read, though cheesy at times, somewhat predictable, and boarderline dirty love novel. Overall a fairly good read.
Black Gemini ebook
Rachael J Kirby
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