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by Robert A. Bouchard,C. Dale Brittain

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by Robert A. Bouchard and C. Dale Brittain. Fantasy author C. Dale Brittain brought us the thoroughly enjoyable "Wizard of Yurt" series

by Robert A. Dale Brittain brought us the thoroughly enjoyable "Wizard of Yurt" series. In Count Scar, her newest novel, she joins with Robert Bouchard to weave a tale of magic, faith, and mystery in the barony of Pyrefixade. Memorable characters, exciting action, humor, and the trademark Brittain mystery plot make this a great novel for all fantasy fans and indeed, anyone who enjoys good fiction. Brittain and Bouchard kept me guessing throughout the entire book.

C. Dale Brittain, Robert A. Bouchard.

by C.

Magic, heresy, and treachery: Count Galoran must face them all to keep his high castle  . by C. You are in the United States store. Not in United States?

Dale Brittain, Robert A.

Dale Brittain, Robert A. Bouchard head for hidden magic workers (using two divination spells each time) or more ordinary villains, it was a relief to round a bend and see. The looming bulk of Conaigue blocking out half the southern sky. Almost as soon as we saw the mountain, I felt the faintest touch of magic brushing across us. Whoever was on duty on the watchtower high above had scanned . .

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by C. Bouchard (Author). but always there is intrigue and wonderful magic! If you like to look under the surface you will find many real world historical tidbits.

C Dale Brittain - Count Scar.

Brittain C Dale, Bouchard Robert A. Категория: fiction. C Dale Brittain - Count Scar. Brite Poppy Z. 515 Kb.

Unexpectedly inheriting a castle and title, ex-soldier Galoran faces a promising but dangerous future beside Melchior, a holy man whose ambition to quietly study magic is challenged by his duties as the new count's spiritual advisor. Original.
This was unexpected.

I knew, intellectually, when I purchased this book that it was not set in Yurt. I knew it had none of the same characters. I knew it was a stand-alone book. Yet for some reason, I was still surprised when I started reading at it was, well, nothing at all like Yurt.

I am not a child, however, who turns up my nose at chocolate ice cream when it turned out I was really craving coffee-flavored. Especially when I’ve already paid for it and it’s sitting there waiting for me, melting all over the—OK, my metaphor is getting out of control. But you get the idea: it wasn’t what I expected, even though I knew better than to expect Yurt, but I read it anyway.

And I liked it. Kind of a lot, actually.

If you’re here, considering this book because you’re a fan of Yurt, you may be in for a surprise as well. Count Scar is darker than Yurt. It’s grittier. It’s waaaaay denser. (I probably averaged 48 hours for most of the Yurt books. This took me about a week.)

Once you get past the fact that it’s not the flavor you might have expected these particular authors to produce, though, you’ll realize it’s pretty delicious in its own way. One of C. Dale Brittain's strengths is in creating mysteries, and Count Scar has an enjoyable one. The title character – his real name is Count Galoran, but he got his nickname for obvious reasons – is a younger son and starts the book at loose ends; he's no longer needed as a soldier, and his older brother certainly doesn't need him banging around the house. So when a distant duke chooses him to succeed an equally distant relation as lord of a tiny county in the south, he's eager to make his mark. It occurs to him to wonder, however, why he's needed at all...and sure enough, the previous countess died under mysterious circumstances. It's up to Count Galoran to figure out exactly what's going on in his new home before all the forces at work make him just as dead as his predecessor.

Another fun aspect has to do with the liberties the authors took with medieval France. In many respects, the book reads like a historical novel. C. Dale Brittain is a history professor, and that extensive knowledge is put to good use filling in all the little details of what life in this fictional land is like, adding to the realism. Of course, the book is full of magic, probably the primary reason I'm so in love with fantasies, but but while it was pervasive - it's not one of those stories where we're told it exists but don't actually get to see it in action - it wasn't overpowered. The authors also created a second, antagonistic, heretical religion to provide a counterpoint to the sway the church held back then...and I have to say, that particular touch really set this book apart. I've been trying to think of another book or author this reminds me of, but the world-building puts it in a class all its own.

It's probably worth repeating: Count Scar has little in common with Yurt, and if you're thinking of getting this book because you liked Brittain's excellent Daimbert series, this probably isn't what you're expecting. It's a pretty great book in its own right, though, so – especially if you're looking for something a bit weightier after following Daimbert's adventures – I encourage you to give this well-written, innovative offering a try.

As for me? I'm off to eat ice cream.
I really liked Count Scar, but I feel like it could have been much better. I liked the characters, setting, and story; I just feel like the book is stuck in limbo. There is too much complexity for the length of it. Don't get me wrong, the book held my interest enough that I read it through in one day, but I feel another 50-75 pages of fleshing out character relationships and some extra at the end would have made Count Scar great instead of merely good.
This is an excellent story with great characters. It is about an honorable and brave Count Scar (Galaron) who overcomes his fear of what caused his scars and a stalwart companion, a brother from the Order of the Three Kings. I wish that the authors wrote a follow up story.
I loved the same author's Yurt series, and hated her 'Voihma'. This one is more serious than the Yurt books, but basically of the same stamp. The world is different - instead of early medieval, this is late-medieval, and based in a warmer latitude. The characters are well-realised, and the story carries you along. Recommended.
Another fine work by a too-little-known author. Her fantasy world, like the real Middle Ages, has real religious passions. The growth and struggles of her characters are all the deeper in this context.
Count Scar ebook
Robert A. Bouchard,C. Dale Brittain
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Baen; paperback / softback edition (August 1, 1997)
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