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by Dennis L. McKiernan

Praise for the Novels of Dennis L. McKiernan. Once Upon an Autumn Eve. McKiernan’s latest entry in his four-part fairy tale cycle goes beyond the reworking of the classic fairy tale ‘The Glass Mountain’ to depict a world of magic and enchantment.

Praise for the Novels of Dennis L. McKiernan inverts the traditional fairy tale motif of ‘knight rescues damsel’ by having Liaze undertake the quest to rescue Lu. .She’s a terrific character. As for the setting, McKiernan’s Faery draws heavily from the French fairy tradition.

She strapped on a long-knife. She took up her bow and quiver of arrows and started for the door, but turned and stepped back and retrieved Luc’s silver horn. Then she went into the hallway beyond y lady, said Didier, one. Then she went into the hallway beyond y lady, said Didier, one of the wards at the door. Patrice, the other guard, bobbed his head. Zacharie says we are to accompany you, wherever you g.Non, said the princess. I need to be alone to think. We can stand off a good distance, said Patrice. Very well, but at a good distance: I want no distractions. How far, my lady? said Didier

Книга жанра: Фантастика, Фэнтези. Читать онлайн в библиотеке Booksonline.

Книга жанра: Фантастика, Фэнтези.

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Once Upon an Autumn Eve fs-3. For classic fantasy, there is no better author" (Jennifer Roberson) than Dennis L. McKiernan, who created the legendary realm of Mithgar.

Dennis L. McKiernan is a bestselling author of more than 30 works of fantasy, including the acclaimed Mithgar series. His many novels include Stolen Crown, Red Slippers: More Tales of Mithgar, and Once Upon a Dreadful Time. Never one to sit too long idle, Dennis has also written a graphic novel, The Vulgmaster, and several short stories and novelettes that have appeared in various anthologies. He lives in Arizona with his wife, Martha Lee McKiernan.

Dennis Lester McKiernan (born April 4, 1932) is an American writer best known for his high fantasy The Iron Tower. Once Upon a Summer Day (2005). Once Upon an Autumn Eve (2006). His genres include high fantasy (set in various fictitious worlds), science fiction, horror fiction, and crime fiction. His primary setting, Mithgar, was originally used to re-tell the plot points of J R R Tolkien's Middle Earth books, although the characters usually have different names. Once Upon a Spring Morn (October 2006). Once Upon a Dreadful Time (October 2007). The Black Foxes Series. Caverns of Socrates (1995) (re-published as Shadowtrap in ebook format, 2014).

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In the sequel to Once Upon a Summer Day, Liaze, Princess of the Autumnwood, falls in love with the wounded knight who somehow has breached the boundary between her faery world and the land of mortals, only to have her beloved stolen from her by a dark force. Reprint.
This book features a very clever variation on the traditional log cabin quilt block. The author explains very clearly, using complete and easy-to-understand illustrations, how to construct the block. She suggests several different ways of using the block, each with its own illustrations and directions. This book came out in 1992, so the text and pictures are all in black and white, but there is a very nice color gallery included to give the quilter a good idea of what completed pieces might look like. The author also does a good job explaining the basic sewing and quilting techniques that are used in the construction of the quilts presented. All in all, I think this is a really successful book on a single technique. I also want to express my gratitude to Amazon Marketplace for making older books like these so easy (often inexpensive) to get.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this book - as I have all the Once Upon.... series by Dennis McKiernan. Fun to read, fun to figure out which and what fairy tales are combined into the book.
Hawk Flying
after first book in series, the plot was predictable for the following books.
bool was in good condition and I enjoyed it
Went Tyu
This is written in the mode of J R Tolkien and is a great and easy to read novel. It was hard to put down. It was written as a story teller of old would have told it.
Not up to his previous books as far as I am concerned. I read the four books in this series and I was very disappointed.
Once Upon an Autumn Eve (2006) is the third Fantasy novel in the Faery series, following Once Upon A Summer Day. In the previous volume, Prince Borel rescued Lady Michelle from the sleeping castle. Even as they were returning to Borel's home, a demon tried to kill Chelle. Then Rhensibe attacked Borel and Slate brought her down. After the witch's death, Borel and Chelle finally reached Winterwood Manor.

In this novel, Princess Liaze is bathing in a calm pool within the branches of a large willow grove when she hears a horn call. Then several others blare in response and draw nearer. A horse rushes within the branches and sits back on his haunches to avoid falling into the pool. Liaze hurries toward the horse as the rider slips down and falls to the sward.

After Liaze reaches the fallen man, she sees that he is bleeding copiously from his forehead. She rolls him over, he calls her "Ange" and then falls unconscious. Horns blat outside the grove and then a redcap comes within the branches. Liaze skewers him with the warrior's broken sword, but the goblin gets off one shriek. The running feet outside turn back and start to come through the branches.

Liaze gets the warrior back onto his horse and they both flee. As more goblins and a Troll appear, she charges at them with the broken sword in her hand. Beyond the branches, she sees her warband riding over the greensward toward her. She rushes through them and the warband start slaying the goblinkin.

The next morn, Liaze learns that the warrior is named Luc. He claims that he is not yet a knight, but Liaze borrows a sword and knights him on the spot, for he has saved many lives with his warning and valiant defense. Over the next few days, he recuperates from his wounds and becomes a favorite of the warriors and staff.

Liaze has loved him from his first word to her, but she has enough experience, including a gold digging comte, that she is very reluctant to give in to the feeling. Her maid Zoe sees through her denials and encourages her to pursue her desires. Eventually she learns that Luc has loved her from his very first glance, although he then believed her to be an angel. Finally she admits her own feelings and they become lovers.

Luc asks Liaze to marry him and she assents. They have yet to post the banns, but she announces the betrothal to her retinue. They celebrate with a formal banquet and dance to the enjoyment of all. Yet that night a shadowy hand comes through the window, seizes Luc and carries him away.

In this story, none in her household know where the shadowy hand went. Liaze thinks to consult a seer, but the only one in the Autumnwood is a fraud. She returns to the willow grove to think and meets Lady Skuld. The Sister of Fate gives her a rede that says she should ride out alone; her only companion should be the howling one. When one of the searchers finds a goblin camp with one caged crow, Liaze equips herself and then has the crow released so that she can follow its path.

With the assistance of the Autumnwood sprites, and a Ghillie Dhu, Liaze follows the crow to the sunwise marge of her domain and beyond. The crow seems to be flying back along the path that Luc followed into her domain. At last, Liaze relinquishes control to Deadly Nightshade -- Luc's warhorse -- and lets him take her back toward his stable. Liaze rides through wind and rain and other discomforts and dangers until she finally finds the howler.

This story is an expansion and revision of the fairytale "The Glass Mountain". It features a heroine instead of a hero and depicts many hazards and adventures lacking in the present day tale. Yet this recreation is surely as enthralling as the original bardic tale. Enjoy!

Highly recommended for McKiernan fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of the Faery lands, parlous adventures and true love.

-Arthur W. Jordin
The knight with blood pouring from his wounds enters Autumnwood in the magical land of Faery. Goblins pursue him until he falls from his horse as if dead. Princess Liaze quickly chases the goblins away from the fallen warrior. Realizing he still lives, she takes him to her home to heal while shocked that somehow he already has entered her heart.

Sieur Luc and Liaze fall in love at first sight. However, someone abducts Luc from the safety of Liaze's demesne. Clues provided by the Fates point towards Liaze's enemy the Wizard Orbane and his three witches Hradian, Iniquí and Nefasí though why Luc is taken makes no sense to Liaze. She begins a quest to rescue her beloved with only the limited help of the Fates and the true love connection between their hearts to guide her.

The third once upon a season fantasy (see ONCE UPON A WINTER'S NIGHT and ONCE UPON A SUMMER DAY) contains a delightful gender bender heroine coming to the rescue of the captured knight rather than the other way as happens in the somewhat similarly plotted fairy tale Glass Mountain. The story line is fast-paced, but the villains seem more like caricatures than fully realistic evil people. Still with a terrific twist involving Luc and a fabulous female champion, young fans of feature length fairy tales will enjoy Dennis McKiernan's latest trek into the land of Fairy.

Harriet Klausner
Once Upon an Autumn Eve ebook
Dennis L. McKiernan
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