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by Robin McKinley

I hadn't read Robin McKinley before, but now will have to look at her other books. ) And they save this book from being unbearable.

I did so much enjoy Robin McKinley’s Deerski. respect her writing and reread her constantly . To Mary, Mary, Barbara, Susan, Alex, Steve, Andrea and George: thanks. respect her writing and reread her constantly, finding new perceptions each time. Anne McCaffrey, bestselling author of Damia’s Children. An enormously powerful nove. reamlike, urgent, inexplicabl. obin McKinley has created a world where nightmare and hope exist side by side. Patricia A. McKillip, author of The Sorceress and the Cygnet. A wonderful story, wonderfully told. The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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Open Road Media, 18 нояб. I liked Deerskin and I disliked it. I enjoyed the story as a whole. I loved the style in which it was written, almost like a Grimm fairy tale. Her other books include the New York Times bestseller Spindle’s End; two novel-length retellings of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and Rose Daughter; Deerskin, another novel-length fairy-tale retelling, of Charles Perrault’s Donkeyskin; and a retelling of the Robin Hood legend, The Outlaws of Sherwood.

Deerskin 9780441012398 by Mckinley, Robin.

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Newbery Award-winning author and fantasy icon Robin McKinley writes stories that enchant readers. Bringing together three of her most popular novels-"Spindle's End, The Hero and the Crown" and "The Blue Sword"-this boxed set is the perfect gift for her. Sunshine. New York Times bestselling author Robin McKinley's vivid retelling of the classic story of Robin Hood breathes contemporary life into these beloved adventures, with Marian taking a pivotal role as one of Robin's best archers. Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast.

Deerskin Robin McKinley. The original Donkeyskin is where Deerskin began

Deerskin Robin McKinley. Author's note: There is a story by Charles Perrault called Donkeyskin which, because of its subject matter, is often not included in collections of Perrault's fairy tales. The original Donkeyskin is where Deerskin began. PART ONE ONE MANY YEARS LATER SHE REMEMBERED HOW HER PARENTS HAD looked to her when she was a small child: her father as tall as a tree, and merry and bright and golden, with her beautiful black-haired mother at his side. She saw them, remembered them, as if she were looking at a painting; they were too splendid to be.

McKinley Robin - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. Книги 1-6 из 6. Chalice. How can she help settle their demesne during these troubled times and bind it to a Priest of Fire, the touch of whose hand can burn human flesh to the bone?Robin McKinley weaves a captivating tale that reveals the healing power of duty and honor, love and honey. Читать книгу Скачать книгу Отзывы о книге (0).

3 Works in Deerskin - Robin McKinley. Navigation and Actions. And the Bastard grant u. n our direst need, the smallest gifts: the nail of the horseshoe, the pin of the axle, the feather at the pivot point, the pebble at the mountain’s peak, the kiss in despair, the one right word.

When her growing beauty begins to resemble her mother's too closely, Princess Lissar must flee from her father's wrath, and, in doing so, she unlocks a door into a world of magic. By the author of The Hero and the Crown.
This is a beautiful, haunting, sometimes painful book that ends with a message of hope.


The first half of the book is really about the traumatic aftermath of a violent assault and rape by the heroine's own father. These dark themes are handled appropriately, realistically, and with great compassion but they do make for some hard reading. If you have any experience with trauma and/or assault, you'll likely recognise a lot of the ordeals and emotions that our heroine processes. There's a lot of darkness in this book and, though beautifully written, absolutely not for the faint of heart (or young readers).

Throughout her suffering, our heroine is supported by her loyal sighthound; her only true friend and family in the world. Possibly a windhund, or long haired whippet, based on the description, though various covers for this book have shown a greyhound and borzoi, respectfully. Either way, if you have ever had the privilege of living with a sighthound, you will recognise so much of their loyalty, grace, and sweetness in this book. Lissar's connection to her canine companion is a huge part of what attracted me to this book, and kept me reading through the painful passages.

The last half of the book is about Lissar healing and joining the world again. Of course, dogs are a huge part of this process; bridging the gap between herself and a young prince who loves and understands dogs almost as much as she does. Her peace is threatened with the return of her father, and the realisation that he might soon hurt another young girl like he once hurt her. This spurs Lissar to face her demons and pull on the strength that was always within her. I honestly found her rising up in protest so powerful; her spirit just burns with the need to protect those who come after her.

The ending is hopeful but makes no foolish promises. Lissar, like all survivors, is forever changed by her trauma but she is also solely in control of her own destiny. As readers, we are left with a heroine who has been through hell and back to come through scarred, but standing, on the other side. Life likely holds moments of pain as her previous trauma is triggered but it is also full of hope; hope that she can be whole, hope that she will continue to live (not just survive), and hope that she will one day be able to trust another with her whole self (and heart).

Even though parts of this book almost physically hurt to read ( I cried a LOT; have tissues at the ready!), it has that soulful, almost nourishing, quality that so many of McKinley's books convey. She is a supremely gifted writer, and reading this book was a privilege. I highly recommend it to those who want something beautiful and complex to read.
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Repetitive, yet wonderful. Telling more than showing, yet almost perfect the way it is. Not for every reader out there as it is pretty slow, but it's just the story for this particular reader here.

The author herself has said that this story is a retelling or Charles Perrault's story Donkey Skin* and while I admit that there are some similarities between the tales, this one is far more grimmer with the topic of incestuous rape as the first dark thing coming to mind. Deerskin is far more difficult and yet oddly more rewarding to read. It is somewhat repetitive and slow, but it also conveys all these horrifying themes quite well and although the writing style is somewhat odd with a whole lot of telling and rather little of showing, but it also gripped just like McKinley's Sunshine did and kept me on the edge of the seat all the way through.

What the original story failed to convey, in my mind, was the journey of healing the heroine of the story has to go through after her father loses his mind and forces himself on her. McKinley doesn't show exactly how she escapes, but she puts a lot of emphasis on the (lack of) emotion going through the young girl's mind after that awful ordeal. It is compelling and while I can luckily never truly understand what goes through someone's mind after something like that, I somehow understood Lissla Lissar's state of mind perfectly.

The original story also puts a lot of emphasis on how all the beautiful people get together, but Deerskin does not do that. It features all kinds of people and most important of all, in my mind, is the fact Lissla Lissar has time to heal and find her love through emotional connection. Sure, there is physical attraction as well, but first and foremost the attraction comes from the way she and her love interest connect on the emotional level and thanks to their mutual love for dogs. He is not handsome by conventional standards as his chin is a bit too big and eyes a bit too far apart and he's a bit overweight, but the way he and the heroine connect on the emotional level is simply the best thing to have ever happened. And it's wonderful. Wonderful, I tell you!

I fear a re-read is in order...

*The Brothers Grimm have a similar story - All-Kinds-of-Fur. In the end, I think Robin McKinley's version is the best of the lot.
This was my first time reading Robin McKinley, and I’m hooked. Next up will be ‘The Hero and the Crown’, then ‘The Blue Sword’.
Much has been made of ‘Deerskin’ being too dark and not suitable for younger kids, and I would advise parents to judge this – and their childrens' reading maturity – for themselves. It is dark, especially in the scenes between Lissar and her evil father, but she is such an irrepressible heroine that I think most teens will love her. And the love between Lissar and her dog Ash, and later between her, Ash, and the puppies she nurtures from near-certain death, more than makes up for the dark stuff.
Is ‘Deerskin’ for everyone? No. But if you go in with an open mind, and read the book’s plot summary first, you will be rewarded with an enchanting, lyrical read.
Deerskin ebook
Robin McKinley
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