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by Bob Eggleton,Margaret Ball

Disappearing act, Margaret Ball. p. cm. "A Baen Books Original"-T. BAEN BOOKS by MARGARET BALL. Illustration by Bob Eggleton. Hardcover This is a work of fiction.

Disappearing act, Margaret Ball. ISBN 0-7434-8853-9 (hc) 1. Life on other planets-Fiction. 2. Political corruption-Fiction. Disappearing Act. Brain Ships Omnibus with Anne McCaffrey and with Mercedes Lackey) Mathemagics The Shadow Gate. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

Summary Bibliography: Bob Eggleton This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Author: Bob Eggleton Author Record 1070.

Summary Bibliography: Bob Eggleton. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Legal Name: Eggleton, Bob. Birthplace: Concord, Massachusetts, USA. Birthdate: 13 September 1960.

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Disappearing Acts Science Fiction Books Book Publishing Sci Fi Books Fantasy Books Science Fiction. Disappearing Act Authors: Margaret Ball Year: Publisher: Baen Cover: Bob Eggleton. 70s Sci-Fi Art. Elementary Science Experiments Cool Science Fair Projects Science Room Science Biology Science Fiction Adventure Magazine 70s Sci Fi Art Artists Sci Fi Fantasy.

Margaret Elizabeth Ball. born 7 November 1947. Disappearing Act (New York: Baen Books, 2004). Internet Speculative Fiction Database.

Maris's work with the local underworld on the huge space station was anything but honest, but life was much more pleasant than it had been before the gang's leader had picked her up from the slums. Then her boss grabbed a visitor to the station who was asking too many questions, only to find out that she was a very important diplomat. Then his prisoner apparently committed suicide by jumping through an airlock into hard vacuum. Since Maris and the missing diplomat had a strong facial resemblance, he decided to let Maris's corpse be found with the diplomat's IDs to avoid a search in his territory. Instead, Maris used the IDs to escape to the planet the Diplomat was about to investigate-and found herself in a hornet's nest of corrupt officials conspiring with a local tyrant in a mysterious scheme. Surrounded by people who wanted her eliminated, the only person she could trust was Gabrel, a young officer who set off on a cross-planet trek with her to get evidence that would expose the web of corruption. Maris was strongly attracted to Gabrel and the feeling seemed to be mutual. Of course, he thought she was a high-ranking government agent; but she was only a petty criminal on the run, and her deception could not be maintained much longer. . . .
A lot of jumping around and characters to get your head around in the first few chapters, but once it settled, it was an interesting plot with believable characters. I like her somewhat quirky writing style.
This is basically a very good sci-fi book. Set off-world in a distant, but familiar, future it is a story about power hungry people illegally trading bio-technology for arms. Those who accidentally unravel the organization are not necessarily motivated by good intentions. In their own way they plan to benefit from the illegal trade until the moral implications of the corruption disgust even them. Eventually, the would be good guys mend their selfish ways and overpower the bad guys for a happy ending. On the way questions are raised about the morality of colonization of new worlds, ethics of applying bio-enhancements to humans, and the acceptability of exposing advanced technology to developing societies. It had thought provoking moments even though it sometimes read like a coming of age romance. (After all, the lead character was 17 pretending to be 30.)

On the other hand, Disappearing Act was very poorly edited. The pacing was terrible. It took me 100 pages to figure out where the story was going. I could not tell if the title referred to one of the main characters, Calandra or Maris; or the political prisoners of Udara. There was too much detail, too much background on lesser characters, too many cultural observations... get on with the story already. And the names! I had a terrible time with the names of the characters and the places without a discussion of the meaning of the names. The last 100 pages was a bit of a "hurry up" ending. Details, so painstakingly included in the beginning, were suddenly skipped, and the time line became confusing. Even so, it was still a good read, a nice starting point for women reading science fiction.
Quite good. Probably should have been marketed as YA.

It's only weakness is that it's rather too ambitious with plots, sub plots, and multiple points of view. Only a few authors can manage to pull that type of thing off... And even among those, most don't do it in a single book format.

Looks like the author has stopped writing, bit of a shame... Definite talent.
Decent story about a teenage alley cat girl from a intersteller space station who is forced to masquerade as a "diplo" (sort of a far-future secret agent type), when she figures out her cohorts in crime intend to murder her and use her body in place of her virtual double, the diplo. So, using her new identity, she is able to get off the space station before she gets killed, and she is then forced to continue the masquerade on a strange planet, where she must ingage in all sorts of adventures in order to get by.

Drawbacks to the book are that there is no new SciFi technology introduced, and at times the story gets a bit too corny... especially the ending, which is almost "Disneyesque".
"Borrowing the rich stranger's identity seemed like a good idea at the time." So begins the brief description of the story as written on the book's jacket. That well-chosen line means adventure ahead and a good read.
Mysterious Wrench
This is a really good action story by Margaret Ball. Those of her novels which I have previously read have been fantasy but this one is science fiction.

The central character is an young orphan called Maris who lives on a space station where the only life available to her is to work for the boss of a criminal gang. The gang boss orders her to tail a woman who has been asking too many questions. Then the woman is captured by the gang, turns out to be a government agent or "Diplomat" called Calandra Vissi with all sorts of special abilities, and walks out of an airlock to avoid being forced to tell what she's up to.

Noting some resemblance between Maris and Calandra, the gang boss decides to provide the police with a body which they could mistake for Calandra before they can take the station apart looking for her. So he has Calandra's ID gimmicked to match Maris, and plans to fake her accidental death. Realising what he's planning, Maris escapes by catching the Diplomatic shuttle which Calandra was due to take to the primitive world Kalapriya.

However, Maris's problems are only just beginning. She has no training in how to pass for a diplomat, none of the enhancements which a real diplomat would have, and she hasn't been on the planet of Kalapriya for half a day when one of the criminals who Calandra was coming to the planet to investigate tries to assassinate her.

But although she isn't a real diplomat, Maris turns out ot bemore resourceful than anyone, including herself, could possibly have expected.

Delightful story with all the humour and charm one can usually expect from Margaret Ball.

The one warning I would give to anyone thinking of buying this, is that the racket the bad guys are up to is not just evil but seriously disgusting, and parts of this novel are not for the squeamish. Apart from that I can very strongly recommend it.
Disappearing Act ebook
Bob Eggleton,Margaret Ball
Science Fiction
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Baen; 1st Ed. edition (October 5, 2004)
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