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Other Books by Sheri S. Tepper. Probably a family name. But the real character was the mother. I’m afraid she and Momma got into it a time or two.

Other Books by Sheri S. 1. Dora Henry and the Weed. Midmorning, a Tuesday in July, Dora Henry went out the front door of Jared’s place to get the paper that the paperboy had, as usual, dropped just over the picket fence. On her way back up the immaculately swept walk she glanced at the front stoop and stopped dead in her tracks. Mother? Not wife? Jared’s face went blank.

Sheri S. Tepper is the author of more than thirty resoundingly acclaimed novels, including The Waters Rising, The Margarets, The Companions, The Visitor, The Fresco, Singer from the Sea, Six Moon Dance, The Family Tree. Tepper is the author of more than thirty resoundingly acclaimed novels, including The Waters Rising, The Margarets, The Companions, The Visitor, The Fresco, Singer from the Sea, Six Moon Dance, The Family Tree, Gibbon's Decline and Fall, Shadow's End, A Plague of Angels, Sideshow, and Beauty; numerous novellas; stories; poems; and essays. Start reading The Family Tree on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

Weeds are becoming trees; trees are becoming forests. Overnight, a city is being transformed into a wild and verdant place. And, strangest of all, Dora can somehow communicate with the rampaging flora. NOW NATURE, APPARENTLY, HAS DECIDED TO FIGHT BACK. Police officer Dora Henry is investigating the bizarre murders of three geneticists. Meanwhile, strange things are happening everywhere she turns. Weeds are becoming trees; trees are becoming forests.

The Family Tree book. SHERI S. TEPPER- Author of many books including these I have read and recommend: After Long Silence, The Awakeners, Beauty, Companions, The Family Tree, The Fresco, The Gate to Women's Country, Gibbon's Decline and Fall, Grass, Plague of Angels, Raising the Stones, Shadow's End, Sideshow, Singer From the Sea, Six Moon Dance, True Game, and The Visitor.

Dora said, as the visitors disappeared into the woods. They have good reason not to, said Abby. Maybe more than you know, she said, dryly. I’ve just realized this may be why Winston was killed,. and Martin Chamberlain, and maybe the other scientist. They were all working in genetics. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the animals out at Randall Pharmaceuticals are the ancestors of our guests. Do the animals at the pharmaceutical company talk?. According to Joe Penton, they had a dog that di. .

Sheri Stewart Tepper (July 16, 1929 – October 22, 2016) was an American writer of science fiction, horror and mystery novels

Sheri Stewart Tepper (July 16, 1929 – October 22, 2016) was an American writer of science fiction, horror and mystery novels. She is primarily known for her feminist science fiction, which explored themes of sociology, namely gender and equality, as well as theology and ecology. Often referred to as an eco-feminist of science fiction literature, Tepper personally preferred the label eco-humanist

While investigating the separate murders of three geneticists, police sergeant Dora Henry stumbles upon talking animals from the future who have come 3000 years into their past to prevent the. Tepper (1929 -) Sheri Stewart Tepper was born in Colorado in 1929 and is the author of a larger number of novels in the areas of science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery, and is particularly respected for her works of feminist science fiction.

THE FAMILY TREE Sheri S. Dora Henry and the Weed Midmorning, a Tuesday in July, Dora Henry went out the front door of Jared's place to get the paper that the paperboy had, as usual. Dora Henry and the Weed Midmorning, a Tuesday in July, Dora Henry went out the front door of Jared's place to get the paper that the paperboy had, as usual, dropped just over the picket fence.

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FROM THE AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR OF GRASS AND GIBBON'S DECLINE AND FALL, A FABULOUS STORY OF TIME TRAVEL, MURDER... AND THE REVENGE OF TREES. Suddenly trees become rampant, growing at a fantastic rate to conquer any spare land, block small roads, take over unoccupied rooms in houses - and possibly cause the disappearance of babies, always the fourth child (at least) of a family. Police officer Dora Henry suspects the plague of trees began in the garden of the home she shared until recently with her husband Jared. Meanwhile, Dora is seeking a divorce from Jared and investigating the murders of three geneticists who were all working to develop intelligence in other species. And far in the future, when technology has all but vanished, two princes and their followers find themselves on similar quests that will take them back in time. Dora will find out about the future. The trees keep growing...
Spoilers: The story had some interesting components but it was far too preachy. I can understand wanting to get the MESSAGE through that we are harming the earth and we need to change our behaviors or something will happen to force us to do so. The premise around the humans and their penance is so absurd and unrealistic. Humans are not going to willingly stay in servitude for thousands of years to atone for anything. You might get a few generations who are deeply religious to do so but not the total populace. People in modern society are also not going to be ok with part of their house or their kids disappearing because they plants decided someone has more than they need. It seemed like normal, ingrained reactions to extreme situations were glossed over like they were no big deal.

The MESSAGE aside, the world building was interesting. The story took a little too long to get into but overall it was an enjoyable read. I was entertained by the story but the MESSAGE and the preachy-ness moved my review from a 4 star to a 3 star.
Any fan of Sheri Tepper can attest to her amazing ability in constructing a twist worthy of lost sleep. In Family Tree, I was not at all disappointed. It would be criminal to spoil that twist for anyone else, so my review will carefully avoid too much in the way of spoilers.

The story starts fairly normally...for a dual timeline, multiple plot cross between sci-fi, fantasy and normal fiction.

Dora, one of two main characters, has a bad but dull marriage and a great career in law enforcement. While investigating a murder or three, the world turns upside down all because of a vine and her husband, who has no love of vines out of place.

In another time, our second main, Opal-Ears, is a servant in a culture much like that of the old middle east and she has a new job. She starts out on an adventure through many lands, and eventually time, to solve a puzzle and stop "The End" of things.

These two threads meet up in the most unexpected way and provide a gasping, "No Way!", to most who read it. Unfortunately, I'm a terrible twist see'er and may not have seen the details, but had winkled out the basic twist already. I sure wish I hadn't because even just the details of the twist blew me away.

Others have expressed some disappointment in the book that I'd like to address. First, that there is a little bit too much political undercurrent in the ecological arena. I understand completely, but I didn't really find it so. My review is that there is some of that there, but it is certainly far less than something like "The Day After Tomorrow" or any other popular book or movie. If you are specifically sensitive in a negative way to the thought of environmentalism in any way, then it might be too much to overlook. If you're neutral or for, it should just add to the story.

Second, that the story doesn't have as many complex characters or detail. My view is that the twist requires certain physical parameters to be left out and that can be a lack for people who build the character pictures in their head and need the physical attributes to do it. I built entirely complete portraits of the characters, and had them smashed, of course, but loved the process. I also think it has to do with length. If there is one complaint heard about Grass, her most detailed one yet aside from the Awakeners set, it is of length. Family Tree is still long, but would have been encyclopedic had the same level of detail been added.

Sheri Tepper has never been afraid of twining issues around a good story and she does it better than any other author currently writing in my view. This one is a fun and ultimately enjoyable addition to that body of work.
AS ALWAYS Tepper is a fantastic author. I've read so many of her books now that I can figure out the plot about half way but like any master writer, she always gets me with a twist at the end!

This is probably in my top three books of hers... maybe top four. Others would be: GRASS! Beauty. The Margarets.
I'll make this review quick and to-the-point. Fantastic read with great little surprises along the way. This being a Tepper novel, no surpises there.
The earth decides to rebalance itself, keeping humanity in it's proper place rather than letting it bulldoze the rest of Earth's lifeforms into nonexistence, and in the process destroying the planet itself.
This is a fantastic story of how our planet accomplishes this while not destroying mankind, but just, well, helping it find it's rightful place in the tricky balance of ecology.
My boyfriend brought home this book years ago because he had heard about it on the radio. I hadn't read much sci-fi/fantasy previously, but this book opened the door. I loved it! I have learned that reading a Sheri Tepper book is like jumping in to a time and place and living a person's (or people's) lives fully. They cover such a great expanse of emotions and events. I love books that really take me somewhere and all of her books do. This one is no exception. I love this one since it begins in our time and place and I find that easiest to relate to. Sometimes I have a harder time with sci-fi/fantasy that takes place somewhere completely new. There are a lot of very loud messages within the book, and while I agreed with most of them, I certainly didn't agree with them all, but still found that I wasn't angered or pestered by the author's point of view. Tepper chooses every word carefully and weaves this story beautifully. Whenever I loose the desire to read for long periods of time, I pick up a Tepper book and sink right back in. I just realized that I no longer have this book on my bookshelf and must order another copy.
This book is one of my all time favorites and while I only just downloaded it I have actually read it 6 times. It is both humble and and enlightning while being highly amusing . If you believe as I do that every life matters from the spider to the most prestigious human being then this book is for you. I am constantly referring it to my friends and family .
Tepper did it again. Every book of hers which I've read has made me consider another facet of existence of a whole which it had not been looked with such exquisite regard before. This story is particularly endearing. I realize that I've missed the music for so long. I'd like to hear it once more, perhaps as I leave this vale of incomprehension.
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