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by Peter F. Hamilton

The Commonwealth Saga. Book II. Peter F. Hamilton. By Peter F. To Sophie Hazel Hamilton. I never knew how much I missed you until you arrived.

The Commonwealth Saga.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Hamilton’s superbly imagined, cunningly plotted interstellar adventures are conceived on a staggeringly epic scale and filled with fully realized human and alien characters as complex as they are engaging. No mere world builder.


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Judas Unchained ( Commonwealth Saga - 2 ) Peter F. Hamilton JUDAS UNCHAINED Judas . Previous works by peter f. Hamilton JUDAS UNCHAINED Judas Unchained The Commonwealth Saga Book 2 By Peter F. Hamilton Table of Contents.

The Commonwealth Saga is a series of science fiction novels by British science fiction writer Peter F. This saga consists of the novels Pandora's Star (2004) and Judas Unchained (2005). Hamilton has also written several books set in the same literary universe. Misspent Youth (2002) takes place 340 years before the events of Pandora's Star

After hundreds of years secretly manipulating the human race, the Starflyer alien has succeeded in engineering a war which should result in the destruction of the Intersolar Commonwealth.

After hundreds of years secretly manipulating the human race, the Starflyer alien has succeeded in engineering a war which should result in the destruction of the Intersolar Commonwealth. Now, thanks to Chief Investigator Paula Myo, the Commonwealth's political elite finally acknowledges the Starflyer's existence, and puts together an unlikely partnership to track down this enigmatic and terrifying alien.

Peter F. Hamilton generally uses a clean, prosaic style

Peter F. Hamilton generally uses a clean, prosaic style. His space opera is characterised by the way it switches between several characters-often there are three or more main characters, whose paths begin separated but eventually cross. Common themes in his books are politics, religion, and armed conflict.

Judas Unchained takes up right where Pandora's Star left off. You MUST read Pandora's Star before you read this book or it will not make any sense at. .This book continues the story of the Commonwealth battle with the Prime. You MUST read Pandora's Star before you read this book or it will not make any sense at all. Much has changed since they were discovered at Dyson Alpha and the fight for the Commonwealth continues.

I was incredibly psyched for this book as I enjoyed the heck out of Pandora's Star and dove into this one almost immediately after finishing the first.

What a missed opportunity.

I'm shocked these two books were even written by the same person - the first was so full of great ideas, fascinating aliens, reasonably interesting people and decent word-play that I was sucked in immediately. This one is an inelegant slog for 900+ pages of terrible dialogue, cheap jokes, incredibly 1-dimensional characters and a myriad of plotlines that either go nowhere or flatly make no sense.


So, I guess that whole "walk the path of the Silfen thing" was an enormous waste of time. Oh, you meet a flying dude who says "Eh, we don't really care and the guys that built the generator don't care anymore either so I guess you're on your own". WOW. That was super worth the 400 or so pages leading up to it.

What's with the whole bit about the Rael coming along as a spy detector when he doesn't do anything whatsoever? They shove him on a bus 300 pages before the end and then there's no other mention of him. Probably would have been kind of useful if he had spoken up in the beginning and said "oh BTW that dudes a traitor".

Ummmmm.... sooooo... why was the whole Starflyer thing handled the way it was? I mean, seriously, there are like a gillion better ways to deal with an alien trying to get off a planet than chasing him down with vans when you have a society with wormholes and FTL ships... and that deal with the weather? Why? What? I mean, WHAT? It was mentioned about a thousand times that the Starflyer's ship was a big hunk of junk and didn't even have FTL drives.... so send a single FTL ship over with a missile and blow it up as soon as it launches! I MEAN WHAT THE [email protected]#*[email protected]?!?!

SO many missed possibilites here - spies amongst the people you think you know, an untrustworthy narrator, grand plans that were put in motion over centuries, and what we're left with is a tedious car chase and the absolutely most obvious plan ever from Ozzie. "Put the barrier back up!". Wow, GENIUS AT WORK HERE. Did it occur to anyone that literally ANY of the primes that made it out of the star system could just come back and switch it back off again if the Starflyer was able to do it with an ancient version of that flare bomb tech? ANY OF THEM. From a species that replicates immediately and massively, and is guaranteed to be all over the place. SOOOOOoooo stupid.

I hate myself for wasting so much time with this offensive piece of garbage. Do yourself a favor and skip these two.
The worst science fiction book I have ever had the misfortune of wasting my time on. I've read crappy sci fi books, silly ones, cliched ones, nonsensical ones--but never have I read one that combines all these qualities in one very bloated 2000+ page book (books one and two are one book).

Without spoilers first:
Positives: Imaginative aliens and worlds. MorningLightMountain is an imaginative alien. A couple of cool sci fi inventions. A few really good suspenseful scenes. Very very occasional genuine humor.

Extremely ludicrous plot. Some reviewers say this was a story in need of an editor. While it's true he needed an editor -the two books should be one book, at about 500 pages - it is also true that the plot is idiotic on its face - it makes absolutely no logical sense on multiple levels.

I am a compulsive reader. I actually skimmed here more than I've ever skimmed in any book. Near the end, I was so bored, I skipped 200 pages. And it didn't matter.

Cliched and/or inconsistent characters and relationships.
For example (I don't think this is a big spoiler) Melanie is supposed to be so utterly irresistible every man who encounters her wants to have sex with her. Luckily for them - and our narrator, who clearly also wants to have sex with his characters - she complies. Any man or woman who wants her, they have her. And let's not go into her final choice. What's frustrating is she could have been an interesting character.

Clunky ludicrous prose. Incredibly cliched dialogue. Dreaming heavens!

We are supposed to believe that all our brands that exist now will exist 400 years from now. Hondas and Volvos still drive around. People talk and dress like they do now.


The entire conceit is so nonsensical. What a wasted opportunity. Multiple points of views, worlds, centuries--and we're left with an extended *car chase* that goes on for 100s of pages. Dreaming heavens!

1. It is obvious as soon as the Dyson Beta is described and the message is given to that the Starflyer is from there.
2. Since Anna is the only one we don't go into her point of view, it is obvious she is the agent.
3. Why on earth did they not have the Raell read the minds/ emotions of each human when they brought him in--they knew they had traitors in their midst. Why not have a closed room and have him tell them?
4. Tochi serves no purpose. Many characters serve no purpose in fact. The entire walk in the paths was purposeless, although I do have to say I enjoyed the planets and the journey--and I thought it was really funny to have the Elves.
5. Paula Myo was extremely one dimensional. We are meant to admire her but her rigidity and the class consciousness that condemned the follower of Johannsen but not Johannsen himself, was morally wrong.
6. The entire social construct is simply not believable. Myo out of presumably billions of people is The Investigator. No one else. The Commonwealth is supposed to be a stable Oligarchy but it is not ruled through any abuse of power or coercion. Only one form of a relatively benign government in this vast structure is not believable. Nigel Sheldon is supposed to be Lord on High for 400 years.
7. The women were ludicrous. Melannie's pairing off with a 16 year old boy was actually on the gross side and super unbelievable--talk about teen fantasy.Either the women were so gorgeous every man wanted to have sex with her; they were mothers; or else they were without sex like Myo.
8. The entire idea of memory chips was sillly. Basically he is saying clones are the same person as long as you keep memory. But memory is not a person. This is a fundamental flaw of the book as its entire society depends on this.
The brain is plastic. Let's say at 5, my parents locked my in a closet and didn't teach me to speak. My brain is physically impacted by the trauma--it is a different brain. This is not the same brain as my clone. Downloading the memories doesn't make the brain the same. This is basic science. He ignores this.
10 People live for centuries but do not grow wiser or change personalities or even become mad. THey just act like they're 30, all the time. Very unbelievable.
11. Having someone who is 200 fall in love with someone who is 20 - as is done many times - is NOT believable. It is irrelevant that their bodies are young. I myself can't imagine being with someone 30 years younger than me. It wou;dn't matter if my body were the body of a young person. It's that the young person is so young. It feels really wrong.
12. The ending. There are so many ways the aliens could have been defeated. A CAR chase? The "planet's revenge'? Ugh.
13 The SI was sort of dropped. Basically, any thread that made the plot more complex than "Bad guy aliens want to kill all humans, humans fight back despite some traitors, and win" was dropped.
Silfen paths, Barsoomians, Tochee, the Raell, The High Angel, SI--none mattered, literally, to the resolution of the plot.

I'll stop here. It's just really bad.
Do yourself a favor and don't buy or read these two books.

Some of compared this to George RR Martin's books. Please. He would never in his wildest dreams have dozens of loose threads, plot holes, logical fallacies, and female cliches.
i like science fiction as a rule. This book definitely qualifies. However there are several negatives I'll call out. Firstly the book, at over 1200 small print pages is way too long. Half that number of pages would still be too many. The author is very verbose. He seems to think it's important to a sci fi reader what a person is wearing every time they enter the scene, all the details about the room or street or car or whatever the characters are in. What the roads they drive on have planted on the side, what the scenery is, etc etc etc ad infinitum. I began skipping or skimmimg pages to get past the drivel and get to some action. And as far as the sci fi, it started out, well in the second book in this trilogy, to be rather interesting when a Dyson sphere is discovered via telescope around a double star not too far away. Couple hundred light years IIRC. BTW I mentioned the second book - I did read that first, not knowing it was #2 in a trilogy. It was about 700 pages. Still too long. What happens after the Dyson Sphere is discovered was sort of disappointing to me, but that's just MO. And finally speaking of the sci fi, these futuristic people can 'relife' themselves, create faster than light spacecraft and wormholes to anywhere at a moments notice yet their primary modes of transport are cars and trains. Would I recommend it? no.
Judas Unchained ebook
Peter F. Hamilton
Science Fiction
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