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by Allen Steele

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Galaxy Blues is no different

Galaxy Blues is no different.

Time enough for both lunch and dinner in the wardroom, plus a long nap in between. ng fuel we might need later. The only person impatient to reach Hjarr was Goldstein, and Ted made it plain that, although Morgan might be the ship’s owner, it was the captain who called the shots. That gave us nearly half a day to kill. Since the Pride was on autopilot, there was little reason for Ali to remain at the helm

My name is Jules Truffant, and this is the story of how I redeemed the human race.

My name is Jules Truffant, and this is the story of how I redeemed the human race.

Galaxy Blues - Allen Steele. Another great read from Allen Steele in the Coyote Universe. Before this book, I was completely unaware of Allen Steele and his Coyote series. Tells the story of how the Coyote Federation began to trade with the Talus, a group of aliens cultures that maintain the stargates and therefore peace in the galaxy. Light reading and very funny. suzemoGo to suzemo's profile, opens in a new window. This book is a standard space adventure, and it's solidly written, fun, and does not bore me or feel to drag at all at any point. I look forward to trying more of Steele's books.

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Электронная книга "Galaxy Blues", Allen Steele. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Galaxy Blues" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. My name is Jules Truffant, and this is the story of how I redeemed the human race.

Allen Mulherin Steele, Jr. (born January 19, 1958) is an American journalist and science fiction author. Steele was born in Nashville, Tennessee on January 19, 1958. Steele was introduced to science fiction fandom attending meetings of Nashville's science fiction club. He graduated high school from the Webb School in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, received a bachelor's degree from New England College and a Master's from the University of Missouri.

A new science fiction epic from the national bestselling and Hugo Award-winning author. A new science fiction epic from the national bestselling and Hugo Award-winning author.

Accused of grand theft and expelled from the Union Astronautica space fleet, Jules Truffant becomes a shuttle pilot for the freighter Pride of Cucamonga in exchange for amnesty, only to find himself taking part in a perilous voyage to plant a probe in the path of a black hole. Reprint.
Galaxy Blues (2007) is the fifth SF novel in the Coyote Universe series, following Spindrift. The initial work in this sequence is Coyote.

In the previous volume, the Galileo found a very large alien spaceship and sent four crewpersons to explore it. Then another alien ship came through the starbridge. The Galileo fired a torpedo at the alien ship and was destroyed by the premature explosion of its warhead.

The three surviving humans on the large alien ship went into biostasis within the shuttle. They were awakened by aliens and interrogated by a hologram of the political officer. They were briefed on the hjeed species and the Talus organization. Eventually they returned to human space at Coyote.

In this novel, Jules Truffaut is a former Ensign First Class in the Union Astronautica. He was forced to resign his position due to a cheating scandal.

Morgan Goldstein is the richest man on Coyote. He is the CEO of Janus Ltd., a trading house.

Ted Harker is a former Commander in the European Space Agency, He was First Officer of the EASS Galileo, the first starship build by ESA. He is one of only three survivors of the Galileo.

Emily Collins Harker is a former ESA Lieutenant. She is a very good smallcraft pilot and was the shuttle pilot on the Galileo. She is also a survivor of the Galileo. Now she is married to Ted.

Rain Thompson is a native of Coyote. Her brother Hawk Thompson is head of the Sa'Tong on Coyote.

Gordon Ash is a member of the Order of the Eye on Coyote. He usually hides within his robe and hood.

Ali Youssef is a spaceman on Coyote.

Edward J. Schachner is chief engineer of the Pride of Cucamonga. Doc has known Morgan for decades.

Mahamatasja Jas Sa-Fhadda is the hjadd Prime Emissary to the Coyote Federation. Jas and his staff live is a secluded area and do not allow many humans within the embassy.

In this story, Jules is working as a longshoreman at Highgate Station under another name. He works on a plan to bypass the formalities of boarding a ship to Coyote. He buys a ticket on the Robert E. Lee under another alias and has someone else board the spaceship.

After loading the last freight container into the ship, Jules sends the pod back to its berth under automatic control. He hides in the cargo bay until the ship is almost ready to depart the station. Then he moves into the airlock leading into the passenger area.

When the ship is underway, Jules shucks the spacesuit and walks through the passenger section to his private cabin. A steward notices him in the corridors. He explains that he had gone to the head upon boarding.

Jules finds Cabin 4 and readies for departure. Later, a chief petty officer comes to visit. After exiting the gate, the CPO comes back to take him to the captain.

Jules asks the captain for asylum, but she orders the CPO to take him to the brig. Jules gets away from the crewmen and boards a lifeboat and launches it. The captain points out that her ship is faster than the lifeboat, but Jules demonstrates that the lifeboat is more nimble.

Jules doesn't have much choice on his landing zone. After reaching the surface, he looks around the area and decides which way to go. But armed militia is waiting for him.

Jules is taken to Liberty -- the planet capital -- and jailed for a time. When he is taken before the magistrates, Jules explains that he would not have been allowed to board the Robert E. Lee under his own name and again asks for asylum.

The magistrates send him back to jail while they consider the case. He has a visit -- through the window -- from a man in a hooded robe and feels something strange happening within his mind. Then Morgan shows up and offers him a job on a spaceship crew.

Morgan pays the bail and gets Jules out of jail. Morgan also gets him a room in a boarding house. Then he meets with the rest of the crew.

Jules learns that their ship will be gating to Talus qua'spah with cargo for the hjadd. Ted is the ship Captain and Emily is the First Officer. Rain is the cargomaster. Ali is the helmsman and navigator.

Jules will be the shuttle pilot. Ash and Morgan will be passengers. Jas will be the translator and carries the key to the far gate.

Jules recognizes Ted and Emily from the Galileo affair. Ash is the man who was outside the jail window. Jules also recognizes Rain as a guest in the B&B where he lives.

They load the shuttle and lift to orbit to meet the Pride of Cucamonga. Doc has come from Earth on the ship. When they dock on the Pride, Doc gives them a small tour of the vessel.

Rain has been avoiding Jules since the first crew meeting. She is very inexperienced in space procedures. It becomes obvious that Jules had much more experience in moving freight in orbit.

Rain finally drives Jules to complaining to Ted. At first, the captain seems to side with Rain. Then Jules states that he would rather go back down to Coyote that work with someone with a chip on their story.

This tale takes the Pride through the Coyote gate to the House of the Talus. This turns out to be a massive space station. Hjadd take Pride under automatic control to a landing area.

Jules discovers many things about the Talus, including their readiness to use humans. The next installment in this sequence is Coyote Horizon.

Highly recommended for Steele fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of interstellar travel, alien cultures, and a touch of romance. Read and enjoy!

-Arthur W. Jordin
I enjoyed this addition to coyote's history. There's enjoyable characters, the usual deeds of daring do, and a chance to see side notes of "history". It seems to me that Allen was having more fun, oI could hear whisps of Star Wars and just a bit iOf the Liaden universe
Allen Steele has easily become my favorite science fiction author. I was introduced to his Coyote trilogy (originally) in a "science fiction as social commentary" class in college, and the memorable characters stuck in my head, begging for completion of their stories. Galaxy Blues is no different. I recommend reading the Coyote Universe novels first simply because of the plot interactions, but this is also a phenomenal book to add to your collection.
Steel balls
Love his style of writing! His subjects he writes about stretches the imaginations! Looking forward to reading all his books! One of those stories that you wished would keeping going and going, can't get enough!
First off, you don't have to have read any of the other Coyote books to enjoy this one. It's a well written book that stands alone, though some of the secondary characters were from earlier books. I gave it a 4 because it is a good read but you probably won't stay up till 3AM or call off work to finish it. The writing style is excellent. Definitely not a waste of time.
Best West
I've enjoyed all the Coyote series. This one is one of my favorites. It was an easy read with no howlers to pull me from the story. I think Steele is getting better and better.
I am glad I found Steele as a science fiction author, good story lines, good character development, and imaginative plot lines. Worth the read.
this book is a great continuation of the super-fun coyote trilogy and definitely lives up to its predecessors. i thought it even was better than spindrift, which was also amazing. the coyote universe is so rich and definitely full of interesting characters, and in this book you get to see some of them interact and get a different view of coyote life, all with a fun space quest.
Galaxy Blues ebook
Allen Steele
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