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The Tento Saga: Mankind's Perilous Journey ebook

by Arlene Prunkl,David Whitecraft,Samuel Orlando,Jason William Egroff

Jason William Egroff, Samuel Orlando. David Whitecraft (Illustrator). The Exile follows mankind’s relocation to Planet Tento. An enigmatic plague renders Planet Earth uninhabitable.

Jason William Egroff, Samuel Orlando. Spanning 237 years, The Tento Saga is a future-fiction epic that outlines a tumultuous and brutal path. While battling a madman hell-bent on mankind’ Spanning 237 years, The Tento Saga is a future-fiction epic that outlines a tumultuous and brutal path. Civil wars, a mass exodus from Earth and political turmoil, these trying times threaten to break the human spirit. Note: these are all the books on Goodreads for this author.

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The Tento Saga: Mankind's Perilous Journey" was a 2008 Dream Realm Award Finalist. Jason William Egroff. Scranton, PA. Work: Jason William Egroff Designs, Designer/Owner. Education: Valley View High School (2003). Interests: Writing, Graphic and Web Design, Good Movies, Good Music, Screenwriting. Mentions about Jason Egroff Possibly related. All data offered is derived from public sources. Radaris does not verify or evaluate each piece of data, and makes no warranties or guarantees about any of the information offered.

Spanning 237 years, The Tento Saga is a four part future-fiction epic that outlines a tumultuous and brutal path. Civil wars, a mass exodus from Earth and political turmoil, these trying times threaten to break the human spirit. Visit THETENTOSAGA.COM for a more detailed description.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: THIS IS A FUN READ!!! However, a great deal can be said about the content, both as a first entry by an up-and-coming author, and concerning its content. WARNING: What follows is an in-depth review of "The Tento Saga."
As a starter, The Tento Saga is an 'Ethical/Morality Sci-Fi' entry, in my opinion. It's point is to make the reader ponder their actions and consider the results to the universe, as a whole. The style reminds me of Frank L. Baum ("The Wizard of Oz") and James Patterson (creator of Alex Cross) mixed together. The former is for the pleasant undertone of morality and theology which is never overt, malicious in insistence of any particular secularism, judgemental, or particular. The point of any theological reference is to provide a framework for the reader to push themselves away from their own beliefs, to question the quality of them. The latter is for the fast-based direct-approach style the author has implemented. The chapters fly by and large amounts of material are covered in short periods. This allows the reader to feel accomplished in their reading, even if only completing the book chapter by chapter. I should know, this is how I read it. In fact, I have found it difficult to deliver a brief synopsis of the novel due to the complexity and richness inherent in the text.
WARNING, SPOILERS (a spoiler-less review follows): Ok, so what's the story like? Well, the book is 4 parts, the first beginning the end of Mankind's existence on Earth. It focuses on the character Zonfer, and his totalitarian domination of planet Earth. A mysterious plague capable of destruction and proliferation on an unspeakable scale threatens complete planetary annihilation. The focus of this segment is to show the transformation of Zonfer from a heartless self-important bully to a benevolent ruler who elevates his primary concern from self to others. The ultimate result of his transformation allows humanity a second chance at existance on the desolate planet Tento. Though initially a fragile arrangement, peace is obtained on Tento and mankind enters a new life in a golden age of sorts, though a simple one.
Segment 2 focuses more specifically on Zonfer and his rise to power, demonstrating that it takes more than one man to make a monster, and several people have to make ethical, moral, and political decisions for one man to be allowed to commit mass genocide. This is my favorite portion of the book and displays Mr. Egroff's control as an author and ability to create a multi-layered story with twists and turns abundant. Also Mr. Egroff's crafting of Zonfer's ascendency demonstrates his ability to create depth and his unique understanding and opinions on development of the human psyche. I really was able to connect to the character of Zonfer and believe all the events which would follow.
The third and fourth segements are two parts to one story: a possible cure to the plague on Earth is discovered on Tento and allows for a mission back to Earth to learn about Mankind's past and future. Discovery of an alien race is made and ignored by the ruling Senate on Tento. The Senate, originally a democracy, has become bloated and corrupt, eliminating all challenges to its power. Several ploys for total domination of mankind are made, repeating Zonfer's mistakes. Warnings are made and ignored. Ultimately, the entire species faces the consequences of its own decisions to destroy itself. Mr. Egroff implements various perspectives, keeping the story objective and interesting, to fuel his presentation on politics, ethics, morals, comradery, and strength of the human spirit. Part 4 is my second favorite segment for its pacing and the multiple storylines. Not to mention the ending of the saga!
All in all, Mr. Egroff shows his streamlined capacity to invent all the classics of sci-fi as a genre: characters, creatures, weapons and technology, alien life, etc. He also shows a remarkable ability to weave storyline and wed these talents with his unique brand of morality tale.

I was reminded throughout the reading of this novel, and especially in its conclusion, of Native American folk tales. There is a focus on the environment of the charecters for setting mood and furthering plot, the creation of massive, mystical, and almost unbelieveable objects, the questioning of morals, and ultimately the making amends for decisions and the guiding intervention of mystical forces in the life of humans to better its advancement.
This is an excellent first entry novel, with the quality of some authors best. I look forward to future releases by this author, and highly recommend this particular read to others.
Jason has captured the best of politics,religion,war, and environmental concerns and turned it into a hugely exciting page turner! He has mastery of language,he has romantic sense of how our world was,is and could become. BUT...his tender slant is an amazingly hopeful one.He weaves a tale that twists and forms magical characters,even spirits into a universal story. I promise this is the best new author in this genre for quite some time.
The Tento Saga: Mankind's Perilous Journey ebook
Arlene Prunkl,David Whitecraft,Samuel Orlando,Jason William Egroff
Science Fiction
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Jason W. Egroff Publications; 1st edition (April 24, 2008)
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