by George Perez,Kurt Busiek

The Busiek/Pérez run on Avengers is one of the high points of the series, re-cementing the importance of the team . In this case, former Avengers writers Roy Thomas, Roger Stern, and Steve Englehart join Kurt Busiek to craft an outstanding tale.

The Busiek/Pérez run on Avengers is one of the high points of the series, re-cementing the importance of the team in the Marvel Universe, as well as redefining some of the classic characters - most notably Ultron, in this collection. Busiek's run is one of the great Avengers runs of all time, up there with Thomas and Stern.

Kurt Busiek e George Perez sono a mio avviso la miglior coppia atore attualmente viventi. Questo albo raccoglie una delle loro migliori saghe, quella a mio avviso definitiva su Ultron, una delle minacce maggiore mai create in un fumetto.

When duty calls, these legendary champions answer, fighting valiantly for justice.

Hardcover collecting various Avengers comics by Busiek and Perez. Avengers By Kurt Busiek & George Perez Omnibus.

Kurt Busiek (/ˈbjuːsɪk/; born September 16, 1960) is an American comic book writer. His work includes the Marvels limited series, his own series titled Astro City, and a four-year run on The Avengers. Busiek was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in various towns in the Boston area, including Lexington, where he befriended future comic book creator Scott McCloud. Busiek did not read comics as a youngster, as his parents disapproved of them

Writer Kurt Busiek and penciler George Pérez launched a new volume of the series with The Avengers vol. 3, (Fe. Avengers: Ultron Unlimited.

Writer Kurt Busiek and penciler George Pérez launched a new volume of the series with The Avengers vol. 3, (Feb. 1998). Busiek concurrently wrote the limited series Avengers Forever. Busiek's run included many of the Avengers' traditional villains. Successor writer Geoff Johns dealt with the aftermath of Busiek's Kang arc, as the Avengers were granted international authority by the United Nations. Chuck Austen followed as writer  . Avengers vol. 3 and

Avengers: Ultron Unlimited. by Kurt Busiek · George Pérez

Avengers: Ultron Unlimited. by Kurt Busiek · George Pérez. Kurt Busiek's most stunning Avengers saga, collected in its entirety Devastation, drama and death leave no Avenger untouched when Kang the Conqueror finally meets his goal of conquering the world alongside his son, the Scarlet Centurion As Atlanteans, Dev. Superman: Camelot Falls, Vol. 1. by Kurt Busiek · Carlos Pacheco · Jesús Merino.

The Avengers must confront their greatest foe yet: Ultron, the sentient robot created by Avenger Hank Pym, who has seized control of the world's media and destroyed the Eastern European country of Slorenia.
Even though I'm not a big Avengers fan I have always enjoyed the writings of Kurt Busiek, especially his Astro City series - like a light version of Frank Miller, ha. The graphic novel features published comics from 1999-2001 - Avengers Volume 3, issues 19-22 and 0. Not bad at all. Recommended.

The general story of this graphic novel has to do with a power-mad android, Ultron and after murdering an entire nation of the fictitious Slorenia, the guy wants to go out and enslave and murder and reproduce. OK, that's the scene.

Themes: Yes, the dialogue is a bit over-done, and the shouting and the drama is a bit much on some panels - the usual "you can't kill me" and "For Asgard!" kinda ring hollow after a lot of that. But what I appreciated was this:

Even though sidelined with a broken leg, one Avenger (Justice) uses his skill and brains to figure out how to take out Ultron with his computer skill and research. Makes me wonder why the other guys didn't do that and save us about 20 pages, but I did enjoy the idea that you don't have to be the most powerful or even though you're considered disabled and different, you can make the grade.

Another is the romance of Hank "Giant Man" Pym and the Wasp. About the middle of the novel you get a complete picture, detailed, of Pym's madness, his various identities, his science and despite going into a fourth breakdown (what?) Jan still loves him. Again a bit overly dramatic but does capture the theme of love, no matter what, which is a refreshing ideal.

Ultron and his kids and his making dead bodies into automatons firing weapons of destruction at UN troops was another one of these comic book-themes that is over the top but entertaining nonetheless.

The graphic novel is made up of Avengers Volume 3, issues 19-22 and 0. Not bad at all.
Nice work on storyboard and pencils. Fit right to my 12 years old son. I enjoyed it too. The paper quality should be nicer but is OK
Busiek has written better stories. There are better Ultron stories out there as well, despite the enthusiasm of a number of reviewers. This one is too convoluted -- there are hundreds of Ultrons and the plot doesn't flow very well. The dialogue feels a bit hackish as well. The art is below average.
The Avengers are being tailed by a news broadcast filming their heroics, while they spring into battle against a terrorist group led by Firebrand. The team easily dispatches the super-villain and his minions quickly give up. Little do they know, they're being watched by a second party; the mad robot with the adamantium body Ultron. -summary

If there's a better Ultron story out there then I never read it, and I would like to believe that I read them all by this point. Never before has the killer robot been this cunning, and even worse, this vicious in his plans to annihilate mankind. Avengers: Ultron Unlimited is written by Kurt Busiek. The story arc has been recognized as a classic, and it takes place during Busiek's now legendary run in the Avengers titles. The story is held in such high regards that it was referenced during the Avengers: Disassembled story arc, when the team was looking back on their most memorable moments during their break up. The story arc ranks very high in the Avengers mythos, and is even mentioned along other milestones and classics; such as The Kree and Skrull War as well as the Korvac Saga. This is the Avengers at their best; against impossible odds with an enemy that is capable of obliterating the entire team single-handedly. This tradepaper back collects Avengers Volume 3 issues 19 - 22 and Avengers # 0.

After the first story which really isn't all that much, it's pretty much full throttle from there. Busiek is pretty wordy in this story as he highly details every situation from character thoughts to the situation at hand. It truly helps develop the stories and the characters, and I found myself sucked into this fictional world. When you can feel the events in a story like you're there, then you know you're reading a damn good story. The action picks up with Ultron destroying an entire country, and little is left up to the imagination. The reader gets a first persons view of Ultron's warship descending from the sky, and raining laser fire on the people as if he's bringing the fury of God himself. He soon dispatches his infantry to deal with the military forces and almost everything is in good detail. The entire onslaught is reminiscent of the Terminator, since it gives off the feel as the ultimate battle between man and machine. There's one disturbing moment with Ultron standing in the middle of the chaos surrounded by scores of dead bodies. This is Ultron like never before, at least that I know of; calculating, merciless, and very dangerous. The Avengers don't even realize how much they have their hands full here.

The story has very good pacing and the action panels are nowhere near boring. They are highly entertaining with some creative action filled moments. The Avengers also engage in battle with Ultron's ex-female mate Wartoy, now named Alkhema, and she gives the team a very tough fight. I didn't really care for this character in her first apperance way back in Avengers West Coast #90 in 1993, but I really liked her here. The battle with Ultron is even better with a nice twist. Fortunately, character development is present, and the non action filled moments are far away from being boring, and there's also a few good flashbacks that will take old school fans back as well as bring new fans up to speed on Ultron and his past acts.

The artwork by George Perez is outstanding. There are some very nice action panels, and excellent character designs for female characters the Scarlet Witch and Firestar. However, I think the facial expressions are the show stealer, when examining the look on the Avengers faces as they witness Ultron's horrors on the viewing screen. I don't remember shooting through the book on my first read, because I enjoyed the artwork quite a bit.

Avengers: Ultron Unlimited is one story I can't really think of having any issues with. Once I got through the opening story I was hooked from there. This is a book that I have come back to several times. I highly recommend this to comic book fans.

Pros: Gripping story, action & artwork

Cons: With the exception of the by the numbers opening story, nothing at all
George Perez,Kurt Busiek
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