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by Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns writing of the Flash and his entire universe has been nothing short of spectacular.

Geoff Johns writing of the Flash and his entire universe has been nothing short of spectacular. The story is told with solid pacing, dialogue, plotting, and action.

Geoff Johns is Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment. The Flash in this book is Wally West. He has written highly acclaimed stories starring Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Teen Titans and The Justice Society of America. When it comes to Wally, Mark Waid was responsible for a legendary run with the character (his issues will begin to be collected later this year) Geoff Johns arrived on the scene a few years after Mark left.

Geoff Johns' Flash is a brilliant milestone of Modern Age DC Comics. Overall, Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins are at the top of their game here

Geoff Johns' Flash is a brilliant milestone of Modern Age DC Comics. Book Three is the high point of Johns' Flash, largely in part to Zoom. Johns has always had a perfect voice for Wally, Linda, the Rogues, and the rest of the supporting cast, but all of that comes to head here when most of the cast is challenged by Zoom. Overall, Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins are at the top of their game here. One person found this helpful.

The Flash, Vol. 5 book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Flash, Vol. 5: Blitz.

Book 2. The Flash: Iron Heights. Writer Geoff Johns took over The Flash in the early 2. ore. Shelve The Flash by Geoff Johns Book Five.

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Artist: Scott Kolins, Angel Unzueta, Ethan Van Sciver. During the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Barry Allen-a. The Flash-made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life to save millions. Publication date: December 1 2015. In his stead, the world welcomes the new Fastest Man Alive, as Wally West picks up his mentor's mantle. Long live the Flash! Issue(s).

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Flash' series writer Geoff Johns discusses the upcoming 'Blitz' storyline . But to Johns, making the Flash interesting to readers isn't a challenge and he believes that if people give Wally West a chance, they'll b. .

Flash' series writer Geoff Johns discusses the upcoming 'Blitz' storyline running through issues in which Johns promises .it's the single biggest change in the Flash's life since Wally West put on the costume. Plus a look at the covers to combining to form a single image. The book's about an average guy named Wally West, who was struck by lightning and is now the fastest man alive," says Johns. But to Johns, making the Flash interesting to readers isn't a challenge and he believes that if people give Wally West a chance, they'll be taken with the character. It's all perception, because things slip by other people that won't slip by Flash.

Sprinting into action comes a classic comics character: the Flash, a.k.a. Wally West, the fastest man alive! The relative calm of Wally's home town of Keystone City is shattered when his arch nemesis Zoom, a.k.a the Reverse Flash, is inexplicably back on the scene. Zoom's got some serious carnage in store for Flash as he can now move so quickly that he can operate without being seen...even by the Flash! As a member of the Justice League, the Flash also stars in the comics and smash-hit animated TV series, but in this new graphic novel from Titan, he gets to enjoy his own hypersonic, ultra-kinetic, action-packed stories!
I wasn't sure what to think, but I had read reviews that this was one of the best Flash story arcs. I hadn't ready any Wally west before this one, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was great! The story covers a wide spectrum of content as well as characters. Being that it's now a newer story, it was was a little more expensive, but to me it was worth it.
I've been a huge fan of The Flash since I was a kid. Geoff Johns writing of the Flash and his entire universe has been nothing short of spectacular. With BLITZ Johns manages to outdo himself!

This is a solid 8 issue printing of a storyline that sees one of Wally West's colleagues become a new version of one of the Flash's oldest villains...PROFESSOR ZOOM. The story is told with solid pacing, dialogue, plotting, and action. Johns writes characters that we want to care about and that we can sympathize with (even when we don't agree with their actions). In some of his earlier Flash TPB's there were a few too many asides for all the supporting cast. This time out Johns keeps it simple with Wally West and Zoom.

It's an exciting fast-paced read!
This is Geoff Johns at what he does best.

The "Blitz" story alone created many new Flash fans with the introduction of Zoom. Hunter Zolomon, a friend of the Flash, angry by the lack of help from his friend takes matters into his own hands. An accident occurs and Zolomon believes it is up to him to make the Flash better by taking up the mantle of one of his greatest enemies, Professor Zoom.

The unique twists with how Zooms powers and mind works is fresh and innovative compared to many heroes and villians where most things have been done time and time again. The story has consequences to Wally West for not having a secret identity and reminds readers why it is important that most heroes do have one.

Geoff is not shy in removing the tired and tried formula of the foolish villian who is out to steal something and hopes to get away while hurting the hero. This story is written in the respect that people become villians for a reason and they have deep mental issues because of it.

Johns writting is well done as always. Along with creating Flash fans, this story arc created many Geoff Johns fans as well.
This is has got to be the best Flash story ever written!!! Geoff Johns knew what he was doing when he wrote this storyline. Under his guidance, "Blitz" would become one of the most important and historical storyline's ever for the Flash and is praised by many comic fans still to this day. And even if your new to the Flash and his history, then this is also the book for you since you basically get the history of Wally West (the current Flash), his wife Linda Park, Jay Garrick (the first Flash), and most of the Rogues to. We're also for the first time introduced to the Flash's arch-enemy and the most deadliest rogue of all: Zoom (literally "the Reserve Flash".) And there's even a guest appearance by two older character's all the fans will love.

Overall, if you are a Flash fan then is a MUST HAVE! Buy it as soon as you can! I recommend it more then even "The Flash Archives."
There are two parts to this. An appropriate adjective for a whole bunch of super-simians? If you are the superhero on the end of an assault on a metahuman prison by a bunch of parachuting supergorillas, then the correct adjective is likely 'faecalload'.

In the second part of the trade, things get even worse, as the new Zoom turns up, wanting to make Wally a better hero. This usually involves violence and death and trying to outdo the Flash in speed. Not good.
This is one of the grittiest Flash stories ever. It is filled with suspense, stunning violence and fabulous artwork. Without giving anything away It is a tale of vengeance, betrayal and tragedy, and should be on every comic book readers must read list. This isn't your father's Flash kids, and it firmly plants the character in the modern world where people die and tragedy haunts every hero's life. For maximum effect, it must be read in one sitting.
Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins go all out in their revival of my personal favorite Flash rouge Zoom, the reverse Flash.

If you've read previous volumes in the John?kolins run, you will see the threads they placed be pulled together in what has to be one of the best modern origins of a villian in sometime. But even if you've not read the previous stories, through Johns's deft storytelling ability, you can pick up this volume and not feel overwhelmed, or that you are missing too much of what came before.

This sory is intense and with out giving it away, the resurrection of Zoom will have lasting effects on the Flash and the people in his life from here on out.

I cannot recommend this title highly enough. Read up and good times will follow!!
Blitz is one of the two culminations of Johns run on this title. Once a background character, Hunter Zoloman becomes a whole new type of enemy as Zoom, Wally West's own Reverse Flash. The Reverse Flash that fought the second Flash (Barry Allen) was as ruthless and psychotic as they came, ruining Barry's life in many ways. Blitz has a new take on what appears to be an old character for a new audience. The conclusion to this volume is a big shocker, acting as a dramatic ending to the "Second Act" of Johns Flash and a great starter for the Third and Final act of his Flash. Great book to put a little extra cash towards, seeing as it is out of print and can only be found in the new, more expensive Omnibus. Seriously, get this trade!
The Flash: Blitz ebook
Geoff Johns
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DC Comics (August 1, 2004)
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