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by Junji Ito,Yuji Oniki,Alvin Lu

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Junji Ito. Yuji Oniki. Junji Ito Mangaography (11 items) list by ☂. Published 9 years, 11 months ago. View all Gyo, Volume 1 lists. Manufacturer: VIZ Media LLC Release date: 10 September 2003 ISBN-10 : 1569319952 ISBN-13: 9781569319956.

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Alvin Lu; Jason Thompson. Junji Ito; Yuji Oniki (translation). Junji Ito; Steve Dutro (touch-ups); Izumu Evers (design).

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Junji Ito debuted as a horror manga artist in 1987 with the first story in his successful Tomie series

Junji Ito debuted as a horror manga artist in 1987 with the first story in his successful Tomie series. Uzumaki, drawn from 1998 to 1999, was adapted into a live-action movie, which has been released in America by Viz Films and Tidepoint Pictures. Kaori is missing, and Tadashi finds her gassy and bloated in the Death Stench Circus.

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GYO 2IN1 DLX ED HC Junji Ito Viz LLC Deluxe Ito, Junji Anglais 400 pages Relie.

This is the first volume of the long-awaited new horror manga series from the critically acclaimed creator of Uzumaki. The young couple Tadashi and Kaori are vacationing in Okinawa, but instead of enjoying their time, they bicker endlessly about such insignificant topics as Tadashi's bad breath. The source of the stench, though, may actually be something quite different. When a strange walking fish appears, Tadashi and Kaori know something's amiss. And when a Great White Shark attacks again, walking their mundane complaints quickly pale in comparison.
Ito is a legend. His stories, his art, his way of making you queasy are all in this great book.

Some crazy things start happening with the sea life. No, it's not Aquaman. Something much more sinister is at play here. The art is fantastic, the story is well paced. It's more creepy than anything else. It held my attention from Vol. 1 through Vol. 2. The characters are great -- some have better development than others, but it is after a secluded story, so we only met a few, and we really don't need that much background about them.

Whether you're a fan of Junji Ito's or not, you should pick this up. It's a great story and the art is a bit over-the-top, but still beautifully done.
Girlfriends problems. Moving. Teeth. Metal legs. Sharks that hunt on land. And the stench. While some of these things sound like they belong in a Manga, a few of them are strange and utterly interesting to watch develop. After reading Ito's works in both short story and in things like the beautiful spiral, I return for the oddity that becomes a great tale. And Gyo I and II deliver this and more, giving people what they need.

As far as Gyo is concerned, there are all the staples that make a great tale. You have the complexity of writing that connects to both framework and audience, you have a horrible blight that becomes odder and more horrific as it develops, and it speaks to the stupidity of man. I enjoy things like that, seeing the stupidity of people in motion as they are blindsided by something they didn't predict, because it has realism twined into portions of some really odd "this can't be true!" horror. I like that, the thinking outside the confines of convention, and Ito has it here. The art is also grand, a thing of impeccable beauty, and these things and a good story makes for something worthwhile.

If you want to read something that is not conventional, a bit pulpy, and smooth when read, you'll want a hit of this. If you are a fan of Ito, this will be something that will keep you keepin' on. If you are not familiar with his work, then you might want to try it out and see how it fits. Ito credits Lovecraft, Argento, Barker, Moore and many other American voices along with a plethora of European and Japanese voices with making him what he is. To me, that explains a lot and perhaps sheds light on why it is that he can make something strangely terrible like he does. It also separates him from others as well, because he knows so much about horror that it allows him to understand the mindset needed to graft new, sometimes funny, things to go bump in the (l)ight.
Tadashi and Kaori are on vacation in Okinawa, staying at Tadashi's uncle's place near the water and using his boat to go scuba diving. Things begin to go wrong when Tadashi encounters a strange shape amongst the sharks he barely escapes from, and Kaori becomes ill from the stench of fish.

Or rather, rotting fish, that are walking up onto land on strange, jointed legs. Neither Kaori or Tadashi have ever seen anything like it, but when Tadashi tries to report the odd fishies, the police don't believe him. Soon they must believe, because its not just the little guys scampering around, sharks are coming up from the deep and attacking.

Tadashi and Kaori flee to Tadashi's uncle's laboratory. Doctor Koyanagi is a freaky-deaky recluse, and offers to dissect one of the fish to discover its secrets of ambulation. In the course of his investigations, Dr. Koyanagi loses his arm to the dead fish.

Meanwhile, Kaori becomes sicker and sicker, eventually bloating up to hideous proportions and sporting nasty pustules. And she's gassy. If you think belching and farting are funny, you're going to love this virus. There's something in the air, and Tadashi and his uncle must discover what it is before Kaori gets any sicker.

'Gyo' is certainly not as good as Ito's 'Uzumaki' series, but it is entertaining and interestingly illustrated. Nicely squishy and repulsive, 'Gyo' is a worthwhile addition to your graphic novel collection. Enjoy!

EDIT: Since reviews posted for 'Gyo' volume 1 also post for 'Gyo 2', I will say that 'Gyo 2' is also a four star book that delves deeper into the mysterious exodus from the sea of the walking dead fish. Kaori is missing, and Tadashi finds her gassy and bloated in the Death Stench Circus. He still tries to save her though his uncle Dr. Koyanagi becomes indisposed from the rapidly spreading virus. Will Tadashi be able to save Kaori?

Also included with 'Gyo 2' are two excellent short stories at the end. 'The Principal Post', very short and sweet, and 'The Enigma Of Amigara Fault', a fantastically twisted tale of mad compulsion and warped flesh. Excellent short!

So if you pick up 'Gyo', make sure to grab 'Gyo 2' along with it. I figure Amazon shows the same reviews for both books because it is pretty much one continuous story. Enjoy!
Unexpected weirdness. Sick and fun. It might be a strength of Japanese manga that their stories don't have to be resolved for the benefit of the protagonists. There's a kind of honesty to presenting death as an insurmountable barrier, no matter how likeable or how brilliant the main character is, and the injustice of it all injects an uncomfortable nihilism into the orderly optimism that is the law of survival by which the protagonists and readers (hopefully) live.
Dark, atmospheric dread is palpable. Madness abounds everywhere on the Japanese islands. The stench of death is everywhere, with things that walk on insectoid legs that around every corner. But beware the shark. Read these two volumes from the guy who gave us Tomie and Uzumaki.
This was extremely creepy. I loved it. The art was amazing and the story was odd enough to be interesting. Worth reading.
Gyo is a very good read, with great art, a good story, and decent writing. But it's not as good as his other book Uzumaki in my opinion. Still great, far better than any recent hollywood horror film can hope to be.

As for the specs the book came in very good condition, it's light, and the cover looks great.

Overall, Definitly worth the money
Not his best work, but still a great work of horror fiction from Junji Ito.
Gyo, Volume 1 ebook
Junji Ito,Yuji Oniki,Alvin Lu
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