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by Linda B.; Steven Foster WHITE

Linda B. White, MD, has championed natural health and integrative medicine for nearly thirty years. She has written, coauthored, and contributed to several books including The Herbal Drugstore and published numerous magazine articles on health and healing, with a focus on medicinal plants.

Linda B. Dr. White has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, local radio and television stations, and has lectured internationally.

The Herbal Drugstore is the only place where you can compare mainstream drug treatments and their herbal alternatives for close to 100 common health problems. You'll find herbs that have the same healing powers as many prescription and over-the-counter medications-only they're cheaper and gentler, with few or no side effects. Whether you need fast first-aid or long-term relief, The Herbal Drugstore has a remedy for you. Here's just a sampling:Immobilized by arthritis? Rub on capsaicin cream, a natural pain reliever made from hot peppersCan't sleep?

The Herbal Drugstore - by Linda B. White, . Steven Foster, and the staff of Herbs for Health - is the only place where you can compare mainstream drug treatments and their herbal alternatives for close to 100 common health problems.

The Herbal Drugstore - by Linda B. You'll find herbs that have the same healing powers as many prescription and over-the-counter medications- only they're cheaper and gentler, with few or no side effects. Here's just a sampling: Immobilized by arthritis?

The Herbal Drugstore book. The main author of this book is Linda B. followed by Steven Foster. While I commend Ms. White for writing herbals and having an .

The Herbal Drugstore book. Readers may find the term herbal drugstore an oxymoron  . at the same time - we need more physicians taking alternate healing seriously - I felt the book was a bit too cautious and at time allopathic orientated. with prescription drug names and uses.

More about Linda B. White. People Who Read The Herbal Drugstore Also Read. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Stephen Foster is a PEN/Macmillan short-listed story writer and novelist, and the author of several books of nonfiction including Walking Ollie and Fetching Dylan. ore about Steven Foster.

The Herbal Drugstore by Linda B. White, Steven Foster. My family and I practice Natural Health. We use natural herbs for remedies and prefer not to use synthetic drugs because most of the time, the side effects of using pharmeceutical drugs, are worst than the original illness!!

White, Linda B. (Linda Blachly); Foster, Steven, 1957-. White (White, Linda . used books, rare books and new books. by Linda B. Find all books by 'Linda B. White' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Linda B. White'. ISBN 9781579547059 (978-1-57954-705-9) Softcover, Rodale Books, 2003. Find signed collectible books: 'Herbal Drugstore'. The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!: ISBN 9781579541347 (978-1-57954-134-7) Hardcover, Rodale Books, 2000. Recetario Herbario: Las Mejores Alternativas Naturales a Los Medicamentos.

by Linda B. White and Steven Foster. I really LOVE this book, and I have a lot of books on herbal medicine. What I like about the herbal drugstore is how it gives both the typical prescription drugs for common ailments, and the herbal alternatives

by Linda B. What I like about the herbal drugstore is how it gives both the typical prescription drugs for common ailments, and the herbal alternatives. It also describes how the herbs are supposed to work (if it is known. That alone sets this book apart from most other herbal references. White (Hardback, 2000). item 2 The Herbal Drugstore by Steven Foster Hardback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post -The Herbal Drugstore by Steven Foster Hardback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post. Brand new: lowest price. item 3 The Herbal Drugstore, Linda B. White, Used; Good Book -The Herbal Drugstore, Linda B. White, Used; Good Book. item 4 The Herbal Drugstore, Linda B. White & Steven Foster, Used; Good Book -The Herbal Drugstore, Linda B. White & Steven Foster, Used; Good Book.

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This book was issued as a "textbook" for a course I am taking, and although slightly outdated, there are several things in the book that I really appreciate and have not seen in other books of the same type to date. I have read several herbal treatment books front-to-back because of the course I am working on.

Early on, the book shows a chart that lists specific ailments, what the conventional drugs and their side-effects are, and then what the suggested herbal remedy would be. Later in the book where common herbs are listed in a glossary, information about how each herb as a remedy is available (tea, tincture, capsules, etc.) and its cautions and contraindications and possible side effects are also listed.

The text shares information about how body processes work, how certain herbs and drugs function and can interact, and also what nutrient supplements (Vitamins and minerals) are also helpful for the disorders listed. I found it to focus quite well on using herbal remedies. Having the conventional options for treatment there to compare side effects to vs. herbal remedies was really eye-opening.

In comparison to other books I have read, this one did a fine job with listing commonly used herbal remedies that are used as "conventional" treatments (and I mean by actual doctors with an M.D.) in the United States as well as in other countries because the research for their efficacy has proven positive. I liked that it stayed away from more of the experimental herbs still undergoing research, and hope that this book continues to be published with updated editions.

I gave it four stars because I think some of the recipes for treatments in the book for the teas and decoctions are unreasonably excessive with ingredients. Complimentary and synergistic is one thing, but six different herbal ingredients in an herbal tea is gratuitous, especially when, from a holistic standpoint, the vitamins and minerals in food and in supplements will harmonize with the treatment too. In my opinion the six ingredients aren't going to work any faster than the two or three you would actually really need most of the time, but that is just my own homeopathic approach, to only use what is really needed, I guess.

The herbs listed in the book and their uses fall in line with what other remedy books offer as treatments, and the information about them seems to be true today to what research studies have published.

I was happy with the information in the book and would still recommend it to someone learning or curious about natural remedies, how they work and why. For someone who has no idea, I think it is a good book from someone to learn from, including for the biological and physiological information it includes about the human body.

Hope that helps. :)
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Yes, there is a lot of helpful info in here, which I am grateful for, but I have found that one of the most potent and broad-spectrum anti-pathogen plant-oils is Oregano, in oil form. I searched for Oregano. No results! This oil has not only been used in ancient practices, but have also been studied and proven effective in labs to hinder a multitude of pathogens of all sorts, including fungus, virus, bacteria and parasites. More importantly, to me personally, when nothing else worked, it was Oil of Oregano to the rescue everytime. If you ask me how well it works, I would tell you that it saved my life. So, although the book is loaded with goodies, I was deeply disappointed that Oregano wasn't mentioned once, when it is, in my own feeling, to be the very best of them all! Also missing was Sassafras and Sarsaparilla. The Native Americans used this plant for it's many healthy qualities. Did you know: "Sassafras was prized in Europe as a cure for gonorrhea and syphilis"? (-Wiki) Perhaps the oil is mentioned in a later book they may have published, I don't know. I don't feel like posting a bunch of medical references, but it's out there, just go to any Medical Journal research publication site and run a search. It's there. Even so, Bless the authors for the good work they're doing! I know more than I did before, and I have them to thank for it!
I am an herbalist, and this is one of my books that I refer to when putting together herbal mixes to help easy conditions and discomfort of my family and friends. Like any other medical book, you have to remember, treating a person with herbs is medicine and if you misdiagnose you can do real damage to the person. I fully believe that herbs can work in conjunction with modern medicine but both you and your doctor need to discuss the risks and benefits. However that being said, this book is a great one for an intermediate herbalist, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone that is just starting out. I have found the book invaluable, and very accurate. I always at least 4 sources before I treat this is on the top of that list. It offers a full list of potential benefits of the herbs and is set up in such a wonderful way making it a quick reference. Well worth the money and passing down for generations.
This is one of the most comprehensive herbalbooks in my collection. It is actually my herbal bible. I have t with me at all times. It has been an invaluable resource. Each topic is direct and to the point. The format is perfect and EASY to gather the information needed quickly. I LOVE this book and have bought many copies, and given them as gifts, since it has truly been a gift to ME. I have even loaded it to my kindle. I only wish that the Spanish version was available for kindle. I teach natural health classes and have a large Spanish speaking audience. I hope YOU are considering this option. Thank you for this wonderful book.
Fast reference for someone who just wants the basics {like myself} to learn of some of the most common herbs. Really like how it has the "medicinal" reference to the herb as well, and what other drugs are used for the same thing that are over the counter and not natural, what drugs you shouldn't mix with certain herbs that you may be taking. Its a very handy book, my friends have enjoyed looking through it as well. Was referenced to me by my Herbalism teacher from my Tempe AZ school SWIHA. So yes, its a nice book to have if you care about learning of herbs.
The Herbal Drugstore ebook
Linda B.; Steven Foster WHITE
Alternative Medicine
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