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by Steve Parker

KMD - Steve Parker, .

KMD - Steve Parker, . If you have diabetes.

Steve Parker M D. Walmart 560777952. The book includes advice on how to avoid weight regain, instruction on exercise, a week of meal plans, special recipes, a general index, a recipe index, and scientific references. All measurements are given in both . customary and metric units.

I have been practicing Internal Medicine since 1981, when I graduated from medical school at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Internal Medicine involves the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of adults. I am absolutely convinced that better diet and lifestyle choices can help individuals live longer, healthier lives.

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Dr. Steve Parker presents the world's first low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet. Nutrition experts for years have recommended the healthy Mediterranean diet. It's linked to longer life span and reduced rates of heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and dementia. Dr. Parker (M.D.) has modified the Mediterranean diet to help you lose excess weight while retaining most of the healthy foods in the traditional Mediterranean diet. What's the secret? Cut back on the fattening carbohydrates such as concentrated sugars and refined starches. You'll discover how to manage your weight without exercise, without hunger, without restricting calories, while eating fish, meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, wine, olive oil, nuts, and cheese. The book includes advice on how to avoid weight regain, instruction on exercise, a week of meal plans, special recipes, a general index, a recipe index, and scientific references. All measurements are given in both U.S. customary and metric units. This low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet is included also in Dr. Parker's "Advanced Mediterranean Diet" (2nd edition) and "Conquer Diabetes and Prediabetes." Are you finally ready to lose weight while eating abundantly and without counting calories?
I have to object strongly to the 1-star review posted by Miriam on 7/30/12! I was looking for a good book on effective dieting for weight loss, and since I'm familiar with the Mediterranean diet, the ketogenic version intrigued me. When I search for books on Amazon, I read the descriptions and reviews. In this case there was only one review, one which was so different than the description that I decided out of curiosity to pick it first. I read the book in a few hours and found it to be thorough yet concise and entertainingly written. The author not only gives solid scientific evidence for 'why this is good for you', but gives pages and pages of detailed recipes, 27 of them!! It covers not only diet and weight loss but other aspects of health, giving an entire chapter on exercise. Dr Parker gives not one but two versions of the KMD, the moderate and the radical, and plenty of friendly advice, talking 'with' the readers and not 'at' them, as a physician with a great 'bedside manner'. Just click on 'look inside' and you'll see the table of contents and beginning of the book. 'very little on what constitutes a ketogenic diet'? The book is explicit and comprehensive, with even web links and bibliography! I have NO connection with the author, but I find it irritating when a review does not address the content of a book, especially one I enjoyed and found worthy of praise! Miriam's review is totally off target, and I left a comment on it. Her offhand dismissal and advice to 'look elsewhere', without offering a single 'elsewhere', should be a red flag about her qualifications, and I'm amazed that 5 out of 8 readers found her review helpful. If you're looking for well-written, sensible and compassionate ideas you can use for weight loss and general health, I don't think this book would disappoint you. I certainly won't need to look elsewhere for direction on a diet I'm feeling enthused about (have lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks after I began, and I feel I can live with it long-term, since it's not discomforting).
I've been a long time low carber after being diagnosed with prediabetes about five years ago. Several months ago I fell for the media hype and went off the low carb diet and was trying juicing along with just eating normally (but high carb with lots of fruit and grains). I felt really awful, extremely fatigued, and was getting headaches every day, and even got into my first car accident in forty years due to the fuzzy carb brain, my doctor was extremely concerned because my blood pressure was creeping back up, and then I got SHINGLES!. After feeling simply awful for so long, I finally realized I had to go back to low carb immediately, so yesterday I ate nothing but meat -- which helped clear the brain fog enough so that this morning I could approach my new low carb diet in the most healthful way and hopefully SIMPLE way possible.

I did a Google search for "low carb mediterranean diet" and came across Dr. Parker's web site. His site has downloadable pdfs of all the allowed foods, and even a printable food log. His approach seems VERY healthy and even though it is ketogenic, which is a little lower carb than I usually go (Dukan Diet has been my favorite so far mainly because it is so simple and easy). I decided to try it and bought the Kindle Version of the book.

The book is really great -- it goes into much more detail than his web site, and offers a whole week's worth of menus with recipes, all of which are VERY easy -- and he offers a lot of simple ideas for following the diet, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I work full-time and do not have a lot of time to spare cooking lots of complicated low carb recipes, and his book has lots of great ideas using very few, inexpensive ingredients, many of which I already had on hand, and all of which I'm already familiar with from low carbing, and which are easily obtained at my local supermarket. KMD seemed like a smart option, a quick trip to the store and I'm ready to start! I'm making the chicken salad recipe now so I can have it for lunches at work next week!
Finding and reading this book was like discovering gold to me!! It's full of so much good information, well worth it!!!

I started this diet on Tuesday, 9/9/2014 directly after reading this book and visiting his website, also in conjunction with this plan, I went onto and found out what ratio of Fats/Proteins/Carbs to take in based on: height/weight/body mass index/lean body mass index, and I got my numbers/graphs right then and there, without signing up for anything. It's very helpful to follow and I keep a food journal.

Since Tuesday: I've lost a pound of pure fat per day, I've been eating almost 2200cal. (mostly Fats:EVOO/Avocado),I been drinking a gallon and half of water, I take a multivitamin/extra magneseum/folic acid/vitamin C. If I feel dehydrated, I lick some pink sea salt. I also have been eating Chia Pudding drenched in Unsweetened Almond/Some Half&Half it has lots of fiber so I don't get constipated on this diet, really helps! My ratio is 70% Fat/ 20-25% Protein/5-10% Carbs.

I finally understand why my body wasn't losing fat, anything, even small, that got converted to glucose was preventing my body from breaking down my fat stores. I can also breath through both my nostrils again and I have more energy as a result!! I like this particular Ketogenic diet because it's more heart healthy too!

So happy I found this book/diet!!
Very good information. It's a short read, and it provides a large amount of outside references for the reader to further study. I also like that the book is informative but not overly technical. The meal plan is simple, and I love that the ingredients have weights provided along with standard measures. Knowing how much of certain vegetables fit in to one cup is extremely frustrating for people like me who want to use exact amounts. Excellent basic book for the keto/medi blend of eating.
Has awesome evidence-based analysis on the Ketogenic Diet and why it can be so powerful. 4/5 stars because it is more geared towards overweight / diabetics so many of the beginning chapters read awkwardly for someone who doesn't fit that mold.
Great plan. It works.
kmd: Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet ebook
Steve Parker
Diets & Weight Loss
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