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by John Robbins

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Since the 1987 publication of Diet for a New America. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

Diet for a New America is a 1987 bestselling book by John Robbins. The book discusses vegetarianism, the environmental impact of factory farming and animal rights. In 1991 KCET, the Los Angeles PBS affiliate, produced a film documentary based on the book called Diet for a New America: Your Health, Your Planet. The film is narrated by John Robbins and features interviews with Michael Klaper, T. Colin Campbell, and John A. McDougall.

Diet for a New America book.

Diet for a New America. And also -- Diet For A New America (the DVD). A the present time, when most of us sit down to eat, we aren’t very aware of how our food choices affect the world. John Robbins has written a most extraordinary, compelling book, one bound to shake our innermost core. Diet For A New America is a must for anyone concerned about ecology, health and life. Las Vegas Sun. We never recommend other books ahead of our own; but we do with Diet For A New America. It is clearly one of the most important documents of the 20th Century.

Since the 1987 publication of Diet for a New America, beef consumption in the United States has fallen a remarkable 19%. While many forces are contributing to this dramatic shift in our habits, Diet for a New America is considered to be one of the most important.

This well-documented expose of America's "factory farms" should prompt even die-hard meat-and-potatoes lovers to reevaluate their diets

This well-documented expose of America's "factory farms" should prompt even die-hard meat-and-potatoes lovers to reevaluate their diets.

Originally published in 1987, Diet for a New America awakened the conscience of a nation with its startling examination .

Robbins walked away from his family's business - the Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire - to pursue his dream of promoting a healthy society that practices "compassionate stewardship.

From John Robbins, a new edition of the classic that awakened the conscience of a nation. Since the 1987 publication of Diet for a New America, beef consumption in the United States has fallen a remarkable 19%. While many forces are contributing to this dramatic shift in our habits, Diet for a New America is considered to be one of the most important. Diet for a New America is a startling examination of the food we currently buy and eat in the United States, and the astounding moral, economic, and emotional price we pay for it.In Section I, John Robbins takes an extraordinary look at our dependence on animals for food and the inhumane conditions under which these animals are raised. It becomes clear that the price we pay for our eating habits is measured in the suffering of animals, a suffering so extreme and needless that it disrupts our very place in the web of life.Section II challenges the belief that consuming meat is a requirement for health by pointing our the vastly increased rate of disease caused by pesticides, hormones, additives, and other chemicals now a routine part of our food production. The author shows us that the high health risk is unnecessary, and that the production, preparation, and consumption of food can once again be a healthy process.In Section III, Robbins looks at the global implications of a meat-based diet and concludes that the consumption of the resources necessary to produce meat is a major factor in our ecological crisis.Diet for a New America is the single most eloquent argument for a vegetarian lifestyle ever published. Eloquently, evocatively, and entertainingly written, it is a cant put down book guaranteed to amaze, infuriate, but ultimately educate and empower the reader. A pivotal book nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction in 1987.
I'm struggling with this book and can only read a little at a time. I'm well aware that animal cruelty goes on, and I sign petitions against cruelty to animals constantly. Seeing it in the written word just compounds the whole ugly imagine of the business. I would like to see this book introduced into the school curriculum during 1st and 2nd year high school or in a compacted issue in grade 6 (now I'm dreaming). The one way we will change these ugly practices and reform these ugly people running these ugly businesses is through the education of our young, while we wait until the oldies die out - or perhaps we could send them on a truck, ship, etc etc on their last worldwide journey into their retirement without telling them what their outcome will be at the end of their journey - surprise. What a lovely thought. This is a must read book for every body - not only for vegetarians - everybody and anybody who cares for the welfare of the animals we consume that are treated in such a brutal fashion all in the name of the dollar. Any wonder we are full of diseases ourselves. Do these uglies look into the eyes of these poor creatures? A must read book but I am struggling.
I have always tried to eat healthy however this book pointed out some amazing facts that I never knew, especially about eggs, meat, and milk. I was amazed to read about how meat is processed on a factory scale and how much hamburger comes from other countries. Particularly interesting was how John Robbins cam back twice from losing everything financially. A true success story that shows that because you get knocked down you can still succeed. Quite inspiring.
A great book that becomes more timely as years ago by. Overpopulation is biggest problem we have. We're choking our little blue planet. Food will become more precious in the future & plant food can be grown using way less resources. Personal health is determined in a VERY large way diet choices. This book should be mandatory reading for everyone around the world!
About 5 years ago, a friend of mine loaned me this book. I was semi-interested in Veganism at the time, and he told me that this was a good book to read. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. As soon as I'd finished the very last page, I decided at that very moment that I would go Vegan. Seriously, as soon as I finished the book... EPIPHANY! I would stop poisoning myself and never exploit animals again. I gave away all of the terrible animal foods in my kitchen and restocked with plant foods immediately. I mean.. how could I not? This book does an EXCELLENT job of informing people about the benefits of a plant-based diet and the awful truth about how terrible animal products are. I would just feel like a total a*hole if I went back to eating animals after what John Robbins had to say about it. I've never felt better in my entire life! This book actually saved me from poor health and from torturing any more animals and the planet. Everyone should read this book! It should be required reading material for all school health classes (although it probably won't ever be because the meat and dairy industries are so damn powerful and would never let anything hurt their dirty profits). Anyway, WOW! What an awesome book! Thank you, John Robbins, for saving my life!
I have been 95% vegan now for two years and finally got around to reading this classic expose of American factory farming, food industry propaganda and brainwashing, and environmental destruction, plus so much more.

Written in 1987 by the heir to the Baskin-Robbins empire, Robbins' book was highly influential and shocking at the time. These days, with Fast Food Nation, Michael Pollan's proselytizing on organic produce, and, really, the Internet's vast stores of information on feedlots and food politics, none of the information here is that shocking or new. Still, it's incredible to read and to understand WHY brainwashed ideas like the Protein Myth and the Calcium Myth exist ~ how they were created (by the food industries themselves) and perpetuated (advertising dollars!).

On the plus side, the availability of organic food and the rise of viral (no pun intended) information about the environmental destruction caused by factory farming HAS created a small shift over the last 22 years. On the downside, unfortunately, NOT that much has ultimately changed.

I don't condone preaching veganism because that's not an effective way to get the point across, but this book is a great resource for vegans (or wannabes) who would really like to know what they're talking about and choose to lead or inspire by example.
I first read this book in 1990 and became a vegetarian as a result. I am now a vegan and wanted to reread it and pass it on to family members. I am forever thankful to John Robbins for all the information he gave us in his book!!!
This book written back in 1987 is as relevant today as when it was written. Every student as well as every adult should read it. The first section deals with factory farms, the second with the healthiest diets, and the third section with environmental issues. It is one of the best books I have ever read on how to live happily, healthily, and help promote animal rights. Part 1 is an eye opener on cruelty to animals on factory farms so for the faint hearted begin first with second two. John Robbins book Healthy at 100 is also highly recommended for those who want to live a long life that's disease free. His books are based on scientific studies and research. For more information about the author check out his website and listen to his latest videos.
A classic. I think every High School student should read this book before they graduate. It will definitely open people's eyes and then it's up to them how they use that information.
Diet for a New America ebook
John Robbins
Diets & Weight Loss
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