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The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer: A Complete Integrative Program for Increasing Immunity and Rebuilding Health (The New Harbinger Whole-Body Healing Series) ebook

by Dan Kenner PhD LAc,EnRico Melson MD

The New Harbinger Whole-Body Healing Series. The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer. Dan Kenner provides an excellent journey into the world of healing from the most feared illness of our era: cancer. He is authoritative, yet empowering to the reader.

The New Harbinger Whole-Body Healing Series. Imprint: New Harbinger Publications. A most important work for patients, family, professionals, and students of healing. I loved this book; extremely comprehensive and informative. New Harbinger Publications. Covering seven keys to health/immunity (including emotional healing and psychospiritual healing) it presented each item in easy to understand terms and even included quizzes to tailor the program to the individual. The book also managed to blend alternative and orthodox medicine into a seamless whole with numerous references to support the science. This would be the book to read for anyone concerned with their health whether they have a cancer or not. I cannot recommend this book highly enough; well done.

written Western medicine, traditional Chinese & Japanese , this book features sound methods into help your body with food & demonstrated against the cancer & additions create a lifestyle that supports the healing process

On the whole, your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against .

On the whole, your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes it fails: A germ invades successfully and makes you sick. Increase immunity the healthy way. Many products on store shelves claim to boost or support immunity.

is a writer and consultant in integrative medicine with 30 years of clinical experience in both Oriental and Naturopathic Medicine. In addition to authoring numerous articles, he is author of The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer (New Harbinger, 2009), The Science of AHCC, Pescatore, Basic Health Publications, 2009, Acupuncture Core Therapy (Paradigm, 2008), AHCC - The Japanese Medicinal Mushroom Immune Enhancer (Woodland, 2001) and Botanical Medicine: A European Professional Perspective (Paradigm, 1996).

for Cancer : A Complete Integrative Program for Increasing Immunity an. .

The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer : A Complete Integrative Program for Increasing Immunity and Rebuilding Health.

Not Now. Integrative Immunity Health System. Family medicine practice in Edina, Minnesota.

a complete integrative program for increasing immunity and rebuilding health. Alternative treatment, Cancer, Internet Archive Wishlist. Published 2009 by New Harbinger in Oakland, CA. Written in English. Includes bibliographical references.

The New Harbinger Whole-Body Healing Series) free ebook download.

The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer: A Complete Integrative Program for Increasing Immunity and Rebuilding Health (The New Harbinger Whole-Body Healing Series) free ebook download. Author(s): Dan Kenner PhD LAc. Date: 2009-12-02.

There are new studies every day linking common foods and habits to increased cancer risk, but many of the causes of and treatments for cancer remain a mystery to practitioners of conventional medicine. If you're ready to try a different approach for strengthening your immune system, one that's based in scientifically researched natural medicine and alternative treatments, let The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer be your guide.

Written by a health care researcher with a background in Western naturopathic medicine and traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, this book offers sound methods for supporting your body with proven cancer-fighting foods and supplements and creating a lifestyle that assists in the healing process. Using this book, you will develop a longevity strategy of seven proven immune-boosting elements: detoxification, diet, supplements, lifestyle changes, exercise, emotional healing, and psychospiritual healing. Each of the seven sections addresses the most common cancers and offers remedies for the relief of symptoms associated with cancer and chemotherapy.

This book will show you:

•How to detoxify your body •Techniques for using positive thinking for quality of life and survival •How to make lifestyle changes you can live with •Proven strategies for emotional healing
This book tells of all the Naturopathic Studies that were done by actual Oncologists. It will open your eyes to Naturopathic cures that you're Oncologist will never mention.
My family Oncologist, who is all Western Medicine, wanted nothing to do with this book. Of course, she couldn't make any money on it, so there you have it. Dan is very well respected. He actually phoned my sister when she called and asked for help, and made follow-up calls to her. I'll always remember this.
Although I do not have cancer, Dan Kenner's book was recommended to me because chronic inflammation and low immune function have been life long health challenges. The first chapter on oxidative stress, inflammation, blood vessel formation, and lack of immune system competence is a helpful resource to anyone who wants to understand more about dis-ease, without needing to wait until a life threatening illness is diagnosed.

His writing in informative, accessible, and clear. He is comprehensive without being overwhelming. Historical precedents such as "In the Second World War, garlic was called the Russian penicillin because the Russians used it when they ran low on antibiotics" help highlight time proven holistic approaches.

Those who do not have any familiarity with holistic health methods will be well-informed if they decide to complement their western medicine treatment plan with accessible self care techniques. Those already familiar with holistic methods with appreciate the thoroughness of this reassuring overview, and the many research citations.

A cancer diagnosis is a profound trauma, and Dan Kenner's book provides a calm, timely, and compassionate presence. In addition to being a healer, he is clearly a skilled teacher who studies internationally. He is respectful of the reader no matter what their belief system is, but offers the opportunity to make informed choices based on current research.

Chapter 11 on symptom relief will be extremely valuable to both patients and caregivers. Resources such as the nine different "Very Safe Potential Treatments for Nausea and Vomiting" will help patients and their loved ones feel that they can skillfully support the treatment process. Readers should not miss his recommendation to work with a practitioner who can help access whether a particular herb, food, or supplement is appropriate for the individual.
Great book for anyone interested in better health, Not only those affected with cancer. Easy to understand, pictures and instruction to obtain maximum benefits from healthy food choices. Excellent addition in my battle with cancer.
Dan Kenner's new Workbook for Cancer was a very pleasant surprise. He has taken a very complex and rather controversial area of healing and made it clear, accessible and very informative. As a physician with patients and friends suffering from cancer, I now have a book that I feel very good about recommending. In fact, I have already ordered a copy for a friend with serious prostate cancer. The book is up-to-date, presenting current scientific information in an accessible and practical format. For individuals with cancer, the information can be easily put into practice. Dr. Kenner's book will be an excellent resource for the many individuals suffering from this potential life threatening illness. Five stars!

Sidney Kurn MD
My little one has Leukemia and had trouble finding information on the Healthy way to heal. Anyway, a friend told me to buy this book. I did a rush order and am happy I did. There is nothing extreme in this book, which is good because my child is also getting chemotherapy.
After buying this wonderful book, I contacted the author because I found it so helpful and wanted to learn more. He was as lovely as the book is. I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone looking to heal cancer without radiation and chemo, and it can be done.
I've done alot of research on food, diet & cancer. I bought this for a friend who has cancer & I read it first to make sure it would be helpful.
The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer is well written,concise, comprehensive and accessible! It provides a clear understanding of what cancer is, along with
a myriad of integrative approaches to prevent/counteract cancer development. Caring for oneself for healing can seem daunting. With Dan Kenner's well-researched
support, the motivation to be a fully informed and active partner in the healing process is greatly maximized. The reader is gently and skillfully led into an empowered position to take charge of their self care. Anyone encountering cancer has a great ally with this book. I highly recommend it!

Laura G. Sebastopol, Ca.
The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer: A Complete Integrative Program for Increasing Immunity and Rebuilding Health (The New Harbinger Whole-Body Healing Series) ebook
Dan Kenner PhD LAc,EnRico Melson MD
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