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by Patricia Woods,Dennis Henning

Its straightforward, raw and disturbing personal story is further strengthened by Henning's spiritual, physical and emotional recovery and revelations toward healing, powerfully outlined in his wonderful, practical and hopeful "16 Points.

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Hiding Under the Table. ISBN 10: 1589430638 ISBN 13: 9781589430631. Publisher: Americana Publishing, In. 2004.

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$300.00 a day food habit, 300 laxatives a day, prostitution: These are a few of the ways Dennis Henning numbed himself to deal with his "silent killer", an eating disorder. This is the raw, uncompromising account of a man who suffered from an eating disorder, and how for years the medical establishment would not take his anguish seriously because he was a male. This is his true and unfiltered story, from the evolution of his crushing addictions to how he finally recognized that he had to take responsibility for his own recovery.
This memoir is one of the few books that recognizes and addresses the fact that men, as well as women, are afflicted with eating disorders. That fact alone makes it an important contribution to the literature available on this category of mental illness. While I admire the honesty of this book and the struggles of the author, I was disappointed that it was so poorly written. It was repetitive and the narrative just looped back on itself. Toward the end, Mr. Henning seemed most intent on promoting his Programs. I am sympathetic to the fact that this is how he makes his living, but the constant repetitious mention of his copyrighted "Nutrition and Body Image Program" and "The 16 Points" was distracting and tedious. I read the book with pencil in hand, underlining the most important thoughts and personal insights (there were many). I just wish Mr. Henning had hired a better editor.
Through the power of his experience, Dennis Henning has written a very personal story about his battle with an eating disorder. His story is a stunning display of a long-practiced dysfuntion and--thank God!--an equally stunning recovery. Henning reveals his own private road to hell. Eating and purging became a way of life. As his life spun out of control, he also became addicted to sex. Everybody else was to blame for his problems which, as time went on, included prostitution, stealing, lying, manipulating--anything to numb the emotional pain of his self-hate and doubt.

It takes a lot of courage to tell a story like this one, a lot of honest reflection and inner work on the self: You really have TO WANT TO CHANGE your behavior, to change the way you think about yourself, to learn self-love. Dennis eventually creates a healthy life by getting in touch with good people who care about him. He opened up his mind to a much bigger world--the one beyond that crippling world of fear. He stopped blaming others for all his problems.

Through the clarity of his unique perspective, Henning turned his life around and grew into a compassionate human being. He began to trust his feelings, to get to know himself. He found a spirtual life that he can rely on no matter what. He now uses his life as a tool for helping others overcome debiliatating eating disorders. Anyone with an eating disorder--male or female--should read this book. You are not alone. Reading this book can be the first step in your recovery.
An eye opening book! Raw honesty that was spine chilling. I admired Dennis' openess in telling his story and believe it will help others to come out from "underneath the table." Even if a male does not have an eating disorder, but has issues about his appearance, physique, masculinity and self-worth, this book will shake him awake and help him focus on what really matters in life.
Dennis Henning's book, "Hiding Under the Table" is the much needed alarm, giving a brutal, gut and soul-wrenching account of the male eating disorder sufferer and his personal struggles with food, weight and body issues. Its straightforward, raw and disturbing personal story is further strengthened by Henning's spiritual, physical and emotional recovery and revelations toward healing, powerfully outlined in his wonderful, practical and hopeful "16 Points." Male and female eating disorder sufferers alike will both be empowered and healed by reading this incredible recovery tool. Males,in particular, need to read this book and know that they are not alone; they are not hopeless either. It is a must for any recovery resource library,high school or college health class or program, as well as for anyone who is touched by the struggle of eating disorders. This book proves that it is not just a "woman's issue!" It is a must read!
Dennis Henning's book, Hiding Under the Table, really inspired me. Even though I have never had an eating disorder, I have still suffered with emotional eating during chapters of my life. Reading about his journey to overcome his eating disorder helped me realize that I'm not alone and can get help, myself. I highly recommended this book to anyone not only suffering through eating disorders, but who really want to take a personal look at negative body image thoughts, personal relationships, spirituality, addictions, and self-forgiveness. Thank you Dennis for being such an inspiration to take charge of my own life, not just through learning how to overcome emotional eating but also by applying The Daily Process, 16 Points to Life.
Long before Livejournal accountability threads and coined phrases such

as ana and mia, there were in fact real people with eating disorders.

Even real males, with eating disorders. Unlike some of the memoirs

published on this topic, many of which serve as triggers to younger

readers, Dennis' book is frank, honest, and in many passages suprising

even to some who have sturggled with eating disorders for a long time.

There are many books on this subject, much of which are pretty much the

same old story, however his story is interesting, well re-counted and

engaging. Highly recommended by this reader.
With all the pseudo-psychological books out there that guarantee if you eat grapefruits, or no carbs, or take these drugs it was refreshing to read a voice of sanity that says what is needed is a new relationship with food.

What is more real is that Dennis' story is of someone who has really been there. I have had the honor working with Dennis one on one and can tell the book just begins the realness and excitment that Dennis feels in his mission to help others.

If you get a chance to hear Dennis in person, do so. He is not a person to give you a mound of philosophy but speaks straight out on the matters at hand.
Hiding Under the Table ebook
Patricia Woods,Dennis Henning
Men's Health
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Americana Publishing, Inc. (November 1, 2004)
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