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by Tim Dean

Beyond Sexuality points contemporary sexual politics in a radically new direction

Beyond Sexuality points contemporary sexual politics in a radically new direction. Combining a psychoanalytic emphasis on the unconscious with a deep respect for the historical variability of sexual identities, this original work of queer theory makes the case for viewing erotic desire as fundamentally impersonal.

Beyond Sexuality points contemporary sexual politics in a radically new direction . The book elaborates this by investigating social fantasies about homosexuality and AIDS, including gay men's own fantasies about sex and promiscuity, in an attempt to illuminate the challenges facing safe-sex education.

Tim Dean is an associate professor of English and interpretive theory at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is the author ofBeyond Sexuality and Gary Snyder and the American Unconscious. Christopher Lane is an associate professor of English and director of psychoanalytic studies at Emory University.

Beyond Sexuality book. Tim Dean joined the University Buffalo faculty in 2002, after several years teaching at University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and University of Washington (Seattle). A former British civil servant, he was educated at University of East Anglia (BA in American Studies), Brandeis University (junior year abroad), and Johns Hopkins University (MA and PhD). Tim Dean provides a remarkable cogent and coherent introduction to Lacanian psychoanalysis, and makes some pretty stunning arguments about queer theory and activism. In my reading group on Lacanian psychoanalysis, we recently read his chapter entitled "How to Read Lacan". I was quite impressed with this book, and would recommend it for anyone interested in high (aka frenchified) gender theory, or anyone getting into Lacan and psychoanalytic theory.

Beyond Sexuality points contemporary sexual politics in a radically new direction

Beyond Sexuality points contemporary sexual politics in a radically new direction.

by. Dean, Tim, 1964-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Trent University Library Donation. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by station04. cebu on May 15, 2019. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Tim Dean is a British philosopher, author, notable in the field of contemporary queer theory, and author of several works on the subject: Gary Snyder and the American Unconscious (1991), Beyond Sexuality (2000).

Beyond Sexuality" points contemporary sexual politics in a radically new direction.

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The wager of Dean's book is that Freudian/Lacanian psychoanalysis is, and has been since its emergence, not only the most radical but also the most precise theory of sexuality available—radical, in that the unconscious "deheterosexualizes" desire and deprives it of any predetermined object; precise, in that it thereby picks its way around the traps of identitarianism, normativism, determinism, and/or voluntarism that pock most other approaches to sex, gender, and sexuality.

Buttressing this boffo argument is a careful and attentive style that affords rigorous and readable exposition of central concepts and debates in Lacanian philosophy that, in no small measure thanks to Lacan's own obscure and "perversely rococo" writings, are too often overlooked or in fact obscured by other scholars. The work is not simply critical of others, though one appreciates the counsel against certain methodological provisions or interpretive moves in Bersani, Butler, Zizek, et. al.; it also goes quite some distance to setting down the terms of a Lacanian approach to sexuality. Dean has advanced and further nuanced these terms in his subsequent work.

So, it is an important work of sexuality studies, but it is also more than suitable as a moderately advanced introduction to Lacanian theory. For those who are self-studying Lacan (as most do), Dean's work might help restore the speculative glimmer that is dulled in more popular or perfunctory introductory Lacanian texts. Highly recommended in either setting.
This is perhaps my favorite work in the growing corpus of queer theory. While much of the discipline has become sedimentations of regurgitated contentions about 'culturally constructed subjectivities,' Dean argues clearly and convincingly for a social theory which does not reduce desire to historical variability. Desire, he reminds us, is the failure of discourse, not its unequivocal success. With this as his starting place, Dean suggests that what we locate in psychoanalysis is neither some return to an isolated self independent from a social or linguistic context nor a culturally-formed subjectivity reducible to that context. Reading desire as fundamentally recalcitrant to social discourses that are always trying to grasp it, it emerges in his work as inherently disruptive or transgressive, as necessarily queer. Whether he is working with Freud's concept of the death drive as an explication of contemporary social responses to AIDS, elucidating Lacan's 'object a' as the inevitable interlinking of the desirable with the abject, or demonstrating why a model of the unconscious is necessary for grasping the fantasies that undergird our culture's ideas about gay men, Dean cogently argues for the rich potential that psychoanalysis contributes to our understanding of sexuality and society.
Enjoyable and moderately accessible, the book opens a lot of possibilities for those interested in loving literature "in exactly the same way that others love sex." Some background in psychoanalysis is probably helpful.
This is really quite good. Keep your eyes peeled for Dean's next book, out soon.
Beyond Sexuality ebook
Tim Dean
Psychology & Counseling
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