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by Alison Weir

Writer Alison Weir received training to be a teacher with a concentration in history from the North Western . Her first book, Britain's Royal Families, was published in 1989.

Writer Alison Weir received training to be a teacher with a concentration in history from the North Western Polytechnic. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked as a civil servant and ran her own school for children with learning difficulties from 1991 to 1997. She is primarily a non-fiction author who writes about British royalty. Her books included The Six Wives of Henry VIII; Children of England; Eleanor of Aquitaine; Henry VIII: King and Court; Mary, Queen of Scots; and Isabella.

Alison Weir is a British writer of history books, and latterly historical novels, mostly in the form of biographies about British royalty. Her first published work, 1989's Britain's Royal Families, was a genealogical overview of the British royal family. She subsequently wrote biographies of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella of France, Katherine Swynford, Elizabeth of York, and the Princes in the Tower.

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In her weighty Isabella, She-Wolf of France, Queen of England the popular historian Alison Weir attempts an act of rehabilitation. Consulting numerous contemporary sources, Weir boasts a select bibliography covering 29 pages

In her weighty Isabella, She-Wolf of France, Queen of England the popular historian Alison Weir attempts an act of rehabilitation. Consulting numerous contemporary sources, Weir boasts a select bibliography covering 29 pages.

Praise for Alison Weir’s Queen Isabella. Together, they led the first successful invasion of England since the Norman Conquest, deposing Edward II and setting themselves up as regents for Isabella’s eldest son, Edward III. She-Wolf of France, with unrelenting fangs, that tear’st at the bowels of thy mangled mat. Thomas Gray. It is not wise to set yourself in opposition to the King.

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The title of this pic was from Alison Weir's book. Aure Atika played as Queen Isabella of France in World without end. 母狼姐姐孤這是有多愛你~.

Not one of her better ones....At times the book becomes tedious and bogged down when the author states every place the King and Queen visited and stayed. Entire pages are made up of "on this date they were here" and this date they are there, then they travel to someplace else. When the book is strictly narrative without the distraction of dates and places visited it is interesting.
Isabella of France who married Edward 2 of England was brought up by a father who was king and acted as such. Married off to the king of England at a young age, she gradually realized what an utter failure she had married. Isabella used her influence to help depose the worthless king and put their son on the throne. She did what she had to do in her time but did it as a woman acting far ahead of her time.
A very fast moving historical tale about a crucial period in the history of the English monarchy by the queen of historical writers, Allison Weir. Ms. Weir covers this critical series of events in a smooth and understandable style that helps in sorting out the multiple names used to designate actors in the political movements that lead to the removal of an English king while keeping a discrete description of the affair between Isabella of France and Sir Roger Mortimer as they rule Britain.
Here is an excellent book by Alison Weir. She breaks new ground with her balanced account of a woman who has long been vilified by history on the basis of some rather biased chroniclers who had a variety of agendas. I'm still not totally convinced that Edward II escaped Mortimer's murder plot, but she does make a very strong case for this theory. It is definitely a book which I will reread in the future.
This book reads like a novel,but contains so much fact that fiction is almost eliminated. Weir manages to analyze the references so convincingly that many ambiguity is eliminated. In a way this is better than many PHD works on this subject. Highly recommended.
I'm more a fan of the Tudors than the Plantagenets. That is, I was. This book changed that. Somehow, this author was able to reach back several centuries and breathe life into interesting characters. Great read, obviously researched most meticulously. It kept me fascinted from cover to cover.
Alison Weir provides a fresh and factual perspective on Queen Isabella, wife of King Edward II of England. If you are into English history, I would highly recommend this book. The reading is not fast paced but full of actual events and occurances that made this time in history so important. Married around age 12, Isabella moves into adulthood as a woman who well understands politics of the time, the worth of a crown, and the power and wealth it brings. She effectively disposes of her husband, an English King, who has lead a life of immorality turning all English nobility against him. This intelligent woman finds a way over throw her husband replacing her son Edward III on the throne. I find myself going back and starting the book all over again. I can count on Alison Weir, in all of her historical biographies, to provide the reader with insightful and intriguing worlds bringing historical characters to life.
Remember the movie "Braveheart" and its rendering of the relationships among William Wallace, Edward I, his son (later to become Edward II), and Isabella? Forget about it! This and other works make rubbish of some of the themes raised in that very entertaining and rousing movie.

This is the story of the daughter of Philip IV of France, betrothed to Edward, son of Edward I of England (to later become Edward II), to cement peace between the two countries. Wed young, their marriage was probably not consummated for some time. Perhaps a part of that was the relationship of Edward to a young companion--Piers Gaveston. This was the first in what apparently were two intimate relationships with a male--Hugh Despenser being the other. Both led to hardships to Isabelle, as she was displaced in Edward's affections by his male partners, and as she was marginalized in terms of her role as queen.

When Edward ascended to the throne, he was woefully inept. He allowed others (Piers and Hugh) to influence his decisions, creating hatred among other nobles. Isabelle found ways during some of this time to create a role for herself, but she was often pushed to the side by the two comrades--at different times--of Edward II. She bore Edward children, including the son who would become Edward III. At one point, she felt so compromised that, once she went to France on a diplomatic mission to her French royal family, she did not return and began a scandalous relationship with Roger Mortimer, who also had fled England in fear of losing his life.

Then, the compelling story of Isabella and Mortimer gathering a force and invading England, driving Edward II from the throne, Mortimer's and her misrule under the facade of Edward III's reign (featuring acquisitiveness of property, cruelty by Mortimer, a very unpopular settlement of affairs with Scotland and France, the apparent death/murder of Edward II) led to Edward III asserting himself and assuming command. Mortimer's fate was hideous; Isabelle was allowed to lead a life appropriate to the Queen Mother and reached a ripe old age.

There are mysteries addressed--not wholly convincingly--in this work, such as the contention that Edward II may well have escaped his fate and lived out a longer life in exile. I was not over convinced, but others have raised the same suggestion.

This is a well written work, with much historical detail, on the life of Queen Isabelle and the context in which she lived. Details are richly provided, giving a sense of the reality of the era. A worthwhile historical piece. . . .
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Alison Weir
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