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by William R. Fix

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Title: Pyramid Odyssey. Authors: Fix, William R. Binding: Hardcover. Pyramid Odyssey by William R. Fix (Hardback, 1979). Pre-owned: lowest price.

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William Fix is a paranormal author and disciple of Edgar Cayce. degree in behavioral science from Simon Fraser University and is the author of several books promoting the paranormal. He has also written books about Edgar Cayce and has translated some of his works. Fix is most well known for his book The Bone Peddlers: Selling Evolution (1984) in which he proposed the concept of "psychogenesis," which posits that humans started off as spirits but slowly descended into matter.

WILLIAM R. FIX Pyramid Odyssey Ancient Civilizations Advanced Our Own 1978 1 ST.

Applies behavioral science, mathematics, archaeology, and history to an exploration of the facts, fantasies, and theories involving the Great Pyramid of Egypt
If you only have time to read one book on the great pyramid - this is the book to get! I've done a fair amount of research on the great pyramid and Fix's book covers many of the important aspects. His book would have to be two feet thick to cover everything in complete detail, but even in the parts where he only provides a brief summary of what has been uncovered about a particular feature, those summaries accurately reflect what I have read. I think this allows the reader to then search out the matters in greater detail. Please don't be mislead by my above comment about summaries. Rest assured Fix provides the reader with plenty of specific detail on the most interesting aspects. His last name should be Fit because, on this subject, he does a better job of showing us how everything fits together better than any other author I've encountered.
This is actually one of the best books on the topic of the possible existence of ancient civilizations that I have read. The reason I say that is because the author makes a good effort to stick to the facts and when he speculates, he makes it clear that this is what he is doing. He does cite some unusual evidence, but explains why he considers it useful to cite this material in a rational way. The book is also very well written, concise and the points well-argued.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has been reading a lot of recent "alternative history/research" type books as a general grounding in the facts. It is so easy for a mistake to get propagated as a fact and William Fix tries to avoid that and to set the facts straight on some of the errors that are still being cited as fact.

If you are interested in the pyramids and ancient Egyptian civilization, you need to read this book!
Hawk Flying
Clear, concise, detailed book on the age of the pyramids. Good information.
This was written in the 1970s but discusses some of the same themes that became popular in the 1990s, i.e. that the Great Pyramid was not a tomb and that the ancient Egyptians and other ancient civilization were far more advanced than mainstream archaeologists will admit. Although this book never garnered much attention in the 1970s, it was the spiritual predecessor to Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints of the Gods".

Fix was a very bright guy and did a good job of supporting his theories. This book is not new age psycho babble like "When the Sky Fell", nor is it inclined toward unsupported flights of fancy like some of the von Daniken ideas, but instead is a well researched, carefully analyzed look at ancient civilizations. Fix lays to rest with some finality the idea that the Great Pyramid was a tomb.
Pyramid Odessey by William R. Fix
A must read for all Egyptologists.
Better than any.
Pyramid Odyssey ebook
William R. Fix
Middle East
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Mercury Media (February 1, 1984)
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