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Toward the 7th Millennium: A Penetrating Look into the Future ebook

by Arno Froese

Toward the 7th Millennium.

Toward the 7th Millennium. by Moody Adams, Dave Hunt, David Webber.

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by Dave Hunt, David Webber, Moody Adams. Christian Books & Bibles Christianity Church & State History Humanities Religion Religion & Spirituality Religion, Politics & State Religious Religious Studies Spirituality Textbooks Theology World. Dave Hunt: An Artist's Life.

Toward the seventh millennium. Toward the seventh millennium.

Toward the Seventh Millennium book. 0937422428 (ISBN13: 9780937422427).

look forward to the future. look toward the future.

by Arno Froese · data of the paperback book Toward the 7th Millennium: . .ISBN: 978-37422-42-7. Midnight Call · 1998.

The Disappearance of the Church - Arno Froese. Mr. Froese has authored two books: Saddam's Mystery Babylon and How Democracy Will Elect the Antichrist.

The seventh millennium in the anno Domini or Common Era of the Gregorian calendar will begin on January 1, 6001, and end on December 31, 7000. These are astronomical dates, so they are given in the astronomical format of Year Month Day, which allows. 6212 November 7: Mercury occults Regulus. 6587 September 9: Venus occults Regulus.

In this soul-stirring, thought-provoking compilation of essays delivered to a standing-room-only audience at the Atlantic Coast Prophecy Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, seven reputable scholars in Bible prophecy addressed the future position of the world and the Church.

As we rapidly approach the dawn of a new millennium, it is easy for us to see the direction in which the world is headed. What should concern us is, what does the future hold for the Church?

The answer can be found on the pages of this book, Toward the Seventh Millennium.

Arno Froese, general editor and contributing author is the host of this annual prophecy conference. His unique international insight, and its relation to Bible prophecy will challenge you to re-evaluate your eschatological position.

You will be blessed by a wealth of up-to-date information from such well-known Bible prophecy teachers as Dave Hunt, Peter Lalonde, Moody Adams. David Webber, Alexander Seibel and AIDS expert Dr. John Cionci.

Topics range from Virtual Reality, to Islam in Prophecy, to the Disappearance of the Church.

In the Introduction by Arno Froese, we are reminded that the Bible does not teach us to "search, calculate or analyze the years to understand or gain knowledge about the exact date of Christ's return." On the contrary, we are admonished by the Lord Himself to be prepared; to know the Lord ourselves, to share the knowledge of His saving grace with those who do not know Him, and to spread the Gospel of Good News to every tribe, tongue, people and nation.

That is the sole intention of this book. The authors have done well to remind the reader that while society, and the unsaved population continue in a demoralizing, downward spiral with no hope outside of the finished work of Jesus Christ, we, who believe, have a purpose to live, and look forward to His glorious return!

Seventh Millennium is an apocalyptic anthology premiering Dave Hunt that represents the literary proceeds of The 1997 Atlantic Coast Prophecy Conference entitled Towards the Seventh Millennium (available in audio on Amazon) convened by the authors. It asserts on page six that the Millennium will dawn within a few years of the year 2000. WHOOPS !!
Arno Froese is the Executive Director of Midnight Call Ministry and editor of its monthly magazine, Midnight Call; he has sponsored many international conferences on biblical prophecy. He has also written/edited books such as How Democracy Will Elect the Antichrist,The Coming Digital God,Preparing for the Mark of the Beast,Daniel's Prophecies Made Easy,The Great Mystery of the Rapture, etc.

This 1998 book includes 13 essays by researchers of biblical prophecy, including Froese, Peter Lalonde, Dave Hunt, Moody Adams, etc. Froese states in the Introduction, "The pages of this book are filled with insight, reflecting many years of study and experience from six scholars who have gathered national and international recognition in Bible prophecy and one doctor in medicine. 'Toward the Seventh Millennium' means the ending of 6,000 years and the approach of the next millennium, being the seventh since the creation of man. We may dissect the world's history in the following manner: the first 2,000 years without the Law; the second 2,000 years under the Law; the third 2,000 years under grace. Thus, the next 1,000 years should lead to the thousand-year kingdom of peace." (Pg. 6)

He adds, "In virtually all of my prophetic-oriented messages, I emphasize this Biblical fact---that the Jews are Israel... The word 'Israel' appears 2,565 times in the King James Bible and is definitely not limited to the ten tribes of Israel. After the kingdom of Israel was led into captivity, and from there disappeared, references to Israel still appear in the Bible through most of the books, right to the end of the Book of Revelation." (Pg. 19) He states, We already see today that Bible-believing Christianity is, day-by-day, moving closer to Roman Catholicism, which in turn is opening her arms to all religions of the world. We have to be blind not to see the reality of such a development, which will end in the one-world church!" (Pg. 24)

Of the theory that Revelation 17:12 refers to the European Economic Community, he observes, "the Bible speaks of 'kings,' not of 'nations.' While we don't know at this time the identity of the ten power structures... they will be world-wide. That means ten power structures... will emerge on the planet and ultimately will be ruled by one man who the Bible calls the Antichrist. In my opinion, it is an error when we try to force the fulfillment of the prophetic Word by today's identities of the nations. The only thing we know for sure is that ... Rome must rule the world when the Lord comes back." (Pg. 34)

Dave Hunt ] argues that "Yes, [Fulton] Sheen was a great communicator, but he preached a FALSE gospel that will leave any who believe it in HELL! But, Billy Graham's endorsement [of Sheen] causes many to listen to it and to heed it to the loss of their souls." (Pg. 74)

Froese states in the concluding chapter, "Here [Mt 24:31], we do well to explain that Jesus is speaking to His people, the Jews, and not to the church. In [Mt 24:16, 'let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains']... You can't apply this to the church. Furthermore, verse 24 mentions the 'Sabbath day' which is given exclusively to the Jewish people... Now let's compare these two events... At the Rapture of the church we read [1 Thess 4:16], '... the Lord himself shall descend from heaven...' But in Matthew 24:31 we read, 'He shall send his angels...' For the church, He comes '...with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God.' For Israel, He comes with 'a trumpet.' These distinctive descriptions show the difference between these two Raptures: one for the church and the other for the Jews. ONE will lead to the clouds in the heavens, and the OTHER will lead to Jerusalem!" (Pg. 264-265)

This book will interest students of biblical prophecy.
Toward the 7th Millennium: A Penetrating Look into the Future ebook
Arno Froese
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Midnight Call (September 1, 1998)
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