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Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature ebook

by Sherri Silverman

This book is a beautiful monument to this architectural form.

Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase. This book was not very helpful for actually designing a vastu correct home. I was very disappointed. This book is a beautiful monument to this architectural form. Vastu/vaastu is beginning to be recognized as much more than the Indian version of feng sui - We have Dr. Silverman to thank for helping to bring the light of this beautiful science to the world. 14 people found this helpful.

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95; Hardcover; Gibbs Smith, Publisher, October 2007) by Vastu sacred space design consultant Sherri Silverman

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Since 1999, Vastu design consultations for homes, busines. ses, gardens by Sherri Silverman, P. Vastu rectification tools: Vastu Vedic Pyramid, Meru Chakra, yantras. Padmini Vidya: how to create abundance, a prosperous comfortable life, enlightenment, and service & philanthropy to the world. Vastu, conscious home design, art, sacred space. For a conscious life of authenticity, abundance, & beauty.

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The use of Vastu shastra and Vastu consultants in modern home and public projects is controversial. Some architects, particularly during India's colonial era, considered it arcane and superstitious  .

Conscious Home Design. newsletters, courses. This image is color harmony

Conscious Home Design. Insta risilverman & scendencedesign. This image is color harmony. The green door and pink flowers are complementary colors, which shows color harmony. Old World + Stone + Tropical. My inner landscape: Photo. How Do You Design and Organize a Beautiful Custom Home Library? What Kinds Of Lighting Should You Use? See examples today, on Hadley Court Be sure to check out this helpful article.

After decluttering, give the northeast area of your home a good cleaning.

Conscious Home Design book. Vastu, the original green sustainable design, enables you to leave a light footprint on the earth and actually improve the environment. Stunningly illustrated. Tools to improve the energy and supportiveness of homes and gardens. All areas and rooms are covered, as are the five elements, directions, Vastu Purusha Mandala, Brahmasthan, and other Vaastu Shastra features.

The notion of designing and respecting sacred space has been around for centuries, recognized in such current culture trends as Feng Shui, Wabi Sabi, and even the push to make homes greener. Vastu-India's ancient science of architecture and design for buildings and gardens-is the origin of traditions like Feng Shui, and finally gets a proper introduction in Vastu: Transcendental Home Design In Harmony with Nature ($29.95; Hardcover; Gibbs Smith, Publisher, October 2007) by Vastu sacred space design consultant Sherri Silverman. Vastu is a beautifully illustrated and detailed guide to harnessing the tremendous power of this ancient tradition to create tranquil, attractive living spaces that bring the home-and everyone in it-back to center by enhancing inner peace, joy, prosperity, and relationships through attention to the structure and design of living and work areas. Vastu actually enables one to not just leave a light footprint on the earth, but to also improve the environment while living in a home that supports, nourishes, and protects health, happiness, and fulfillment. Vastu covers all rooms in the home, as well as directions (north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, center), the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space), the importance of beauty and natural materials, clearing of clutter, and air quality. Vastu also provides tips that teach how to use the power of meditation, love, grace and gratitude, sacred archetypal energies, mantras, and yantras to bless a house, and much more. With five sections explaining the fundamentals of this ancient Vedic system, Vastu clearly and simply tells homeowners and apartment dwellers how to apply its principles to create a truly tranquil home, whether building new, or improving an existing space. Learn what Vastu is, and how it creates home as sanctuary. Discover the detailed components one should consider when creating a Vastu home to gain greater support for relationships, health, finance, and career. Walk through the house and yard for tips on the arrangement and décor of each area, and discover related, complementary techniques that can be applied to bless and energize the house. Finally, Vastu offers resources for further study, a detailed glossary, bibliography, and index. Sherri Silverman, PhD has taught meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, and sacred text courses from the Vedic tradition since 1974. She holds a PhD in Creativity, the Arts, and the Sacred Application of Asian Concepts. Through her firm, Transcendence Design, she works with clients nationally and internationally, sharing the principles of Vastu for home, businesses, and community buildings. She lives in Santa Fe.
Finally, I had purchased a few Vastu books to enhance our home as well as to plan designs for a new home in the future. This book answers all the questions in a sensible, practical and logical format.
There are many resources as well. The photos are beautiful and it seems to put it all together.
Highly recommended.
Beautiful book, intereesting reading.
Very good reading. Helped me to understand the principles of establishing a Vastu home.
watching to future
The author did a great job in describing the guiding principles of Vastu. Her personal expertise shows thoughout the book. I highly recommend it!
This book was not very helpful for actually designing a vastu correct home. I was very disappointed.
Just okay.
This book is one of the better books published on the topic of Vastu/Vaastu. The majority of the books published are written by people who have no idea of what authentic Vaastu is about. Sherri Silverman has taken the time to go more deeply into the science to present a more accurate view of Vaastu Shastras. I teach Vaastu in the only authentic Vaastu educational institution in the western world (American University of Mayonic Science and Technology) so I speak with authority on what Dr. Silverman has attempted to do with her book. She has bridged the gap between authentic vaastu and modern notions of vaastu in a comprehensive way. From an artistic point of view, Dr. Silverman (a transcendental artist herself) has produced a beautifully designed and beautifully written book.

Some reader comments have focused on the fact that this book does not tell the reader how to build a vaastu house: the fact is, it takes years of study to have the skills to properly build a vaastu house. It is from a properly built vaastu house (from the ground up)that the life supporting energy that Dr. Silverman speaks of arises. It begins with the selection of a building site that has positive vaastu charecteristics for human habitation, then proper orientation of the building, proper measurement and execution of the foundation, the proper application of mathematical formulas and numerous elements of vaastu shastric building codes. A single book cannot teach an individual what over 32 shastras present. If a person wants to build a vaastu house or temple cottage they should hire a vaastu consultant (not many authentic ones are in the western world) and/ or study in an instituion that has the authority granted by a shilpi Guru (a specific designation granted by the Indian gov't to a traditional Indian architect who then is authorized to teach and give that authority- Dr. silverman has directed the reader to such an organization in her book). Studying this ancient art brings more than knowledge to a person - it takes an individual to the source of all life.

This book is a beautiful monument to this architectural form. Vastu/vaastu is beginning to be recognized as much more than the Indian version of feng sui - We have Dr. Silverman to thank for helping to bring the light of this beautiful science to the world.
This book is stunningly beautiful! I want to move right into the rooms, homes, and gardens featured in this book. The photographs alone would make this book worth owning. But on top of the great beauty, the book is filled with helpful information on how to improve our homes so we can feel more grounded, serene, and joyful. I have used some feng shui techniques in the past, which is why I was interested in this title. I made a few changes recommended in the book and have experienced an enhanced feeling of well being. The biggest change has been in our bedroom. My husband, who has historically been a poor sleeper, and I changed the direction of our bed. He is now sleeping much better and sometimes even sleeps through the night, rather than waking up 3 or 4 times as he used to. I also moved the extra books out of our bedside table, which makes the bedroom feel more peaceful even though the books could not be seen where they were. Next, I plan to investigate "yantras," which the author recommends for making our homes more sacred and correcting problems that we cannot correct because of the limitations of our homes or budgets. In summary, I highly recommend this book and recommend that you use some of the Vatsu principles. You will definitely feel the benefits!
Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature ebook
Sherri Silverman
Home Improvement & Design
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Gibbs Smith (October 10, 2007)
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